Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on my 3 reading challenges

I signed up for 3 separate reading challenges this year.  I think I'm doing pretty well, so far!  

First off, I'm doing a James Patterson Reading Challenge.  Most, if not all of the James Patterson books I'm "reading" are audio books.  I do a lot of driving, so I listen to the books in my car.  I've challenged myself to read 10+ James Patterson books.  The challenge ends on September 1, 2011.  I have 15 books on my list, as seen on this blog post .  I'm happy to report, as of this morning, I have 6 books under my belt!!

Another challenge I have signed for is the Nicholas Sparks book challenge.  I've never read any of Nicholas Sparks books and I've seen one or two of the movies! I have all of Nicholas Sparks listed here on this blog post.  There are 4 books crossed off this list so far.  This challenge ends at the end of the year.

The last challenge I'm doing is the Outdo Yourself reading challenge!  This one is cool because I can include my James Patterson books AND my Nicholas Sparks books I've read to the list!  I have those books listed here.  I'm happy to report that I have finished 17 books so far and have 3 in the works as I type!

If you click on the links to see the books I've read, there is also a link to the Challenges themselves!

My goal is to read 100 book in 2011.  I hope to read or listen to all he Nicholas Sparks books that are out there (he has a new one coming out soon too!)  I had a big head start on the James Patterson books!  I read quite a few of this books before this challenge even started, so all the books I have listed are his newest ones.  In my more general challenge, I'm including my very favorite authors, among them Sarah Pekkanen,  Jennifer Weiner, Janet Evanovich, Lisa Scottoline, Paul Levine, Stieg Larsson, Eleanor Brown, Elin Hilderbrand and many more!  If you're looking for some new authors to read, why not check out some of these fine authors!  My guess is you won't be sorry!


Curtis said...

Hi Joanie ; -) I am trying to make a tiny comeback to blogging.

If you have not read it yet, try and read Water for Elephants before the movie comes out. It was my favorite book last year.

Pseudo said...

That last comment was from me. Hubs forgot to sign out of his email...

Joanie said...

I'll put Water For Elephants on my wish list. I probably have 70 books to read at this point!

slommler said...

Love Janet's book and Stieg too! Really enjoy them.
You are doing well girl!!

Gaston Studio said...

A great challenge you've given yourself Joanie, no matter what author you read... although I'd ditto Pseudo's recommendation on Water for Elephants.

Anonymous said...

One horrible result of writing a manuscript is that I will never read another book without going into editing mode. I'm so surprised that my once favorite authors sound so juvenile to my ears.

I finally found an author who I can read without being upset by the writing skills (or lack thereof). Hopefully my next try will be a Patterson book and I will enjoy it.

My latest was by KARIN SLAUGHTER and I MUST have another book on hand before I finish one or I get so sad!

Joanie said...

I just put in a request for Water For Elephants in the audio version from my library.

Corinne said...

100 books. I wish you luck. I challenged myself to read 50.

I love James Patterson. I've read so many of his books, sometimes I pick one up from the library, start reading it, only to realize I've already read this one. LOL

lisleman said...

audio books are good for road trips but I enjoy some music too.
Hey I have two question related to the 5th Dimension on my blog. C'mon over and help these youngsters reading my blog. thanks

Tracey said...

i love reading, i'm currently reading my 19th book of the year.. I don't sleep well so read all night in bed.. Also i bought myself a kindle and for some reason i read quicker using it!! weird eh? hehe.

For some good book reviews etc have you looked at theres a link on my blog click it and it'll take you there..add me too and we can compare books xx

Kathy said...

I think I am the only peron in the world that was not impressed by "Water for Elelphants". I do want to see the movie though. I did not like the book "Cold Mountain" but loved the movie... so we'll see. I have just started my 24th book of the year. Aren't they a wonderful adventure in far away places?

linlah said...

The only book I've read of Nicholas Sparks was Three Weeks with My Brother but enjoyed it enough to finish it.

Good luck with your reading challenges.

Anonymous said...

Joanie....oh JOANIE....stop reading and write a post!!