Thursday, November 13, 2008

Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news....

Well, this seems to be doctor appointment week for John. Yesterday he had an appointment with his primary physician. Dr. F wants him to see an endocrinologist about his diabetes. He thinks John has gone from being a type 2 diabetic to a type 1 diabetic, which means his pancreas is longer making insulin. So all those damned pills he's been taking are doing no good whatsoever, and he's probably not getting enough insulin from his injections. Then he got 2 inoculations (1 for pneumonia and 1 for meningitis) This is in preparation for John getting his spleen removed. Which brings us to today's appointment with his oncologist.

This afternoon, John has an appointment with Dr. S, his oncologist. As I think I said in the previous post, his PET scan and CT scan showed 2 spots on John's spleen. We expected this appointment to be all about "Congrats!!! You are still in remission!" But that is not the case. The radiologist who read the scans is fairly sure this is cancer returning and hopefully, it's caught early (since his scans 6 months ago were all negative). Dr. S wants to do a biopsy first, just in case it isn't cancer. So today we find out about all that info.

John was kind of down last week after he got the phone call from Dr. S and went off all his meds for a few days. It's a good thing he keeps his meds in a day/night box so I can easily tell if he skips. He's done this before and I know it's immature of him. But he seems to be getting his fighting spirit back and is back on his meds after only a couple of days. Actually, he could see that his mood was bringing me down as well, and that really bothered him. I'm just glad he's snapped out of it! He needs to be positive and I need to be positive for him.

I just hope if he does need to have the surgery to remove his spleen, the recovery won't be too bad. As John has gotten older, he doesn't handle pain well at all. It's hard to believe this was a career soldier, a self-described "macho man", who saw combat and went infantry when so many others opted for easier duty! LOL !


Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about the bad news. I think both of you need to stay positive and look for humor. Maybe find a local comedy club? Perhaps rent a video of stand up comedy?

Joanie said...

We do try to stay positive! John handle d his chemo very well last year and we were just really hopeful that the scans would show up negative. He just got so down when his doctor said it might be cancer again, but John's fighting spirit is back and he's ready to fight again and get rid of whatever this is!
A comedy club for John?? OH NO!!!! He's the kid of guy who like to heckle the comedian. no no, no!!! I keep him far away from comedy clubs!