Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm getting too old for this

After this past weekend, I have, sadly, come to the realization that I am getting too old to stay up all night, drinking... with my kids... or anyone else for that matter.

On Saturday night, 2 of my 3 kids were at home, along with my daughter's boyfriend.  It was a bit late.  My daughter and her boyfriend had just come home from a crazy overnight camping trip to Chincoteague, VA and back.  This was after the boyfriend made a 7 hour train ride from one side of the state to the other.  Poor guy spent more time traveling than he did visiting.  But he's young... he can take it.

My son had just come home from work and was planning to stay in. 

I happened to have 1/2 a bottle of Captain Morgan on hand and the kids had more than 1/2 a case of Coors light.  There were also 2 bottles of Landshark lager and 3 bottles of Miller High Life in the fridge.

Over the course of several hours, we (son and I) killed the rum, finished the bottles of beer (daughter and bf), then dove into the Coors Light cans (all of us).

My daughter kept saying she needed to go to bed, but cracked open 2 more beers.  They finally caved and headed up to bed around 3 am.

My son and I then proceeded to finish off the remainder of the Coors Light and finally went to bed around 5 am.  I think because we were out of beer.

Did you know that after a while, Coors Light tastes like water?  

We had a family BBQ to attend on Sunday and we planned to leave at noon.  For the record, we left the house at 12:05!!  

I woke up at 10.  I was smart enough to get the coffee ready to brew on Saturday night, so all I had to do was flip the switch on Sunday morning.  Needless to say, coffee was mandatory.

My daughter and boyfriend woke at 11 and stumbled downstairs.  She woke my son at 11:30.  He declared as he entered the kitchen, "I am NEVER drinking with you again, Mom."   Lightweight.

We had fun at the BBQ.  My son was crazy enough to try drinking a beer.  Took him an hour and a half.  The other kids had another long drive that evening, so they stuck to non-alcoholic beverages.  My sister made me something called a Pimm's Cup.  I had a bit of it, but in the long run, decided maybe alcohol wasn't a good idea that day.  

The hour plus drive home that evening wasn't easy.  I was whooped!

The kids had a 5 or 6 hour drive that night, going back to the western side of our state.  They did have the advantage of getting 3 more hours of sleep than I had the night before, so I wasn't feeling too sorry for them.

Except for being tired from not a lot of sleep, I was in pretty good shape on Sunday.  Monday, Tuesday and today is an entirely different story!   I woke up each morning, feeling like I needed another few hours of sleep, even though I was getting 7 hours or more each night.  I came home from work, and dozed a bit in the recliner on Monday and Tuesday.  

This morning, I woke up hung over.  I don't get it.  

I think I need to not do any more drinking any time soon.  

I'm getting too old for this. 


For the record, I was NOT compensated for mentioning Captain Morgan, Landshark, Miller High Life or Coors Light or Chincoteague, VA camping in this blog post.  Too bad... I could always use the extra money.


slommler said...

Either that, or drink more often and get used to is!! Ha!!
I hear you though about staying up all night. I just can't do it anymore either. Add drinks to it and my next two days are shot. Too much to do to waste two days so I pretty much stay away from drinking! And definitely get to bed at a reasonable hour!!
Feel better soon!

WeaselMomma said...

I love this post. What a great to bond with your adult kids.

Pseudo said...

Me too Joanie. I cannot drink like me old self in any way, shape, or form.

Pearl said...

Oh, Joanie, Joanie, Joanie.


A woman after my own heart.

And this phrase? "Did you know that after a while, Coors Light tastes like water?" Yes. Yes, I did.


Anonymous said...

The beer I can take but not the Morgan....although the Captain is kind of sexy.

Good thing you did all that at home.

Gaston Studio said...

OMG, I remember those days when I could drink buckets and, hang over and all, still want to do it again!

Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog especially since I've been AWOL for so long!


Joanna Jenkins said...

I could never drink-- seriously, not even when I was young. BUt staying up all night-- I used to always be able to do that..... 30 years ago.

Glad you lived to tell the story. Sorry about the 3 day late hangover.

xo jj

linlah said...

Having grown up in Colorado at a time when Coors couldn't be bought in any other state than Colorado I can tell you it's always tasted like water. Sounds like you can hold your own with the kids.

Martha in PA said...

You are my hero Joanie. I would LOVE to sit down and tie on a good one... it's been such a long time, but I FEAR the hangover.

Maybe you should keep some "Hangover Chaser" on hand for the next time. Walgreens sells it LOL!

(I was not compensated for this comment by either Hangover Chaser or Walgreens...."

Rose said...

sounds like a fun time with family and the bottle. give me 3 drinks and can't walk and constantly in the bathroom. Rose

Captain Dumbass said...

Captain Morgan? Now you're talking. Forget getting sponsors like BlogHer, etc, bring on the booze!

Eva Gallant said...

You are a braver woman than I. These days I get a buzz from one pina colada! Thanks for following my blog!

Heather said...

Ohhhh, thank goodness I don't drink anymore! LOL! It does seem the older we get the harder it is to shrug off the side affects!

The disclaimer..LOL!! I'm not sure they would want this type of advertizing. LOL!

Debbie said...

Darn those companies for not compensating you! Where's the good swag when you need it!
I have turned into such a lightweight. I can't even have my much beloved one glass of white wine without feeling yucky the next day. Where is the fun?

Amy said...

Ha ha! You can't be too old for the Captain. He's an old guy himself, isn't he?