Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OCMD Vacation Day 3

**Note: The events of my vacation took place last week, including celebrating my birthday.
 I didn't want anyone to think I was posting these in real time. Thanks. PSA is over. **

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Sunny, 83 degrees  breezy

This was the only day we had to set the alarm.  This was my 55th birthday and we were planning to spend the day in Cape May, NJ.

We woke bright and early.  I made coffee to take along on the ride.  John had birthday cards strategically placed around the house for me, which of course, I missed because I was so not awake!  It was a fun surprise!

Now, if you drive from Ocean City, MD to Cape May, NJ, it would take 4.5 hours and you'd travel over 300 miles.  We didn't do this, of course.  We drove about an hour to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in Lewes, DE instead.  Once there, it's a 16 mile journey across the Delaware Bay and it take 80 minutes. 

We left our car parked in Delaware and went over as foot passengers. Mucho expensive to take the car over.  If we were going for several days it would be worth it, but this was a day trip.

 I was surprised how breezy it was on the ferry!  We had a little breakfast on the ferry ride to Cape May.  It turned out to be a beautful sunny day!  I was so happy!!

As we were leaving Lewes, DE, I saw this tall ship.  I thought it was cool!  

 Once in New Jersey, we took a  shuttle bus into town.  It dropped us off at the Washington Street Mall, a quaint outdoor mall that was closed to traffic and all cobblestones.  Lots of neat little shops and places to eat.

We took a Cape May Trolley Tour  (the Welcome to Cape May Tour), but it was a little bit disappointing.  It mostly showed us where to shop (drug store, supermarket, liquor store, etc), but also neat old hotels, Victorian houses, historic sites etc.  They had other tours that might have suited our needs better, but that was OK.  I still enjoyed the ride around town!

Here are some of the things we saw on our tour:

This is the wreckage of the SS Atlantus.  It was an experimental concrete ship.  There was a placard that tells all about it, so you can read that.

We saw really cool  Victorian houses that were actually Bed and Breakfast Inns.

Before we took the trolley tour, we had some time to kill, so we had an early lunch at The Ugly Mug.  They had tables and chairs outside, so it was nice to sit outside and enjoy our lunch!

We started off with a half pound of peel and eat shrimp.  They were yummy!!

 I had a crabcake with fries and applesauce.  I love crabcakes and this one was good!  Not a lot of filler like so many restaurants have.  

John had the half a lobster with shrimp salad and cole slaw.  He LOVES lobster!!!  

We took a quick walk down to the beach, but we had to head back to the shuttle terminal to catch the bus back to the ferry terminal.  

The ferry ride back to Lewes was REALLY breezy!!!  We took the last ferry back, so we were on board for sunset, and yes, I got a few pictures!  I was glad I bought a sweatshirt in Cape May!!  I needed it for the ride home! It was so windy, my hair was standing on end, but I was a happy lady!   We bought John a zip-up hoodie at the Cape May-Lewes Ferry Gift Shop!

It was a long, fun day!  We arrived back in Lewes around 7:30 pm.  We drove home, watched a little TV and hit the sack!  We were bushed!!!

Tomorrow's post?  My favorite place for breakfast in Ocean City, getting over my fear of heights with parasailing and an Irish pub for dinner with a real Irish waitress!


slommler said...

Wow! You had such a good time!! What a neat adventure...and great photos! Those sunset pics are fabulous!!
I love lobster I am totally digging John's choices! Ha!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Sunset pics = awesome! I love boat rides.

Martha in PA said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday. I have never been on the ferry. That will have to go on the "list" for next summer!!! Now I want crab cakes....

Pearl said...

LOVE those houses -- and the shrimp.


Happy birthday!


kden said...

I found your blog by clicking on 'next blog'. I love to do that sometimes. Enjoyed your pictures of your trip very much. Our favorite place is also the beach but since we live in Wa state, we head to Cannon Beach, Oregon. My daughter loved seeing the ponies, she learned about Assateague Island a few years ago. I laughed when I saw your favorite saying. I have that same one on my blog. I think I'm going to pout your blog on my blogroll and be back often.

Heather said...

How sweet of John to put b-day cards all around.
Those photos of the boat and houses were really neat, love the sunset! I was really intruiged with the concrete boat, very interesting.