Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear So and So: Royally duped!

Dear Whoever Posted the comparison photos of Prince William and his lovely bride,

OK, you got me and a lot of other folks across America.

You see, yesterday, someone posted these photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton and compared them to the Disney pictures of Cinderella and Prince Charming at their wedding.  Also in the picture are comparison photos of the Ugly Stepsisters and The Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.  The similarities was astounding!  Look for yourself! (sorry the photo isn't real clear.  It's the best I could do)

We all laughed at the similarities.  C'mon, you know you did!  You might even have put them on your own Facebook page and shared them with your friends.  I know I did!  

Then this evening, I read an article online about how someone photo-shopped the Disney pictures to match the ones taken at the Royal Wedding.  Surely they were kidding!!!  So I googled Disney Cinderella wedding images and this is what I found.

They aren't even close!  We were duped!!!  Someone just pointed another flaw out to me.  In the fake photo, Cinderella is a brunette.  In the real photo, she's a blonde!  I didn't even notice that!

I feel cheated, especially with the Ugly Stepsister/ Real Princesses photos!  I thought that was brilliant!

Dear Friends,
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Mellodee said...

We can never trust a photo ever again! Photoshop has made it so!!

However,it was still a fairy tale kind of wedding, even if the clothes didn't really match Cinderella.

And either way, Beatrice and Eugenie may be "royal" but that doesn't automatically make them stylish!! (Where DID she get that hat???) :)

That Janie Girl said...

Well, dang, I thought that was too close to be true!

slommler said...

Well darn!! I thought it was hilarious how well they matched!! Who knew!?!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I was duped too.

Jillsy Girl said...

When I first saw it, the detective part of me went looking and I found the originals, but I still think it's close enough and TOTALLY HILARIOUS! :-)

Amy said...

You know, I wondered that. I kept thinking that there was no way Disney would have done a beige dress, even for an ugly stepsister. Thanks for setting it straight.

lisleman said...

I didn't know but I'm not surprised. But those stupid hats or whatever the things in the hair are were there.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Dang! I got that fake photo email about 7 times! Who knew. I never noticed the hair color which should have tipped me off. Thanks for setting us straight.

Happy Sunday, xo jj

Matty said...

Never believe half of what you read or see online, or in the media.