Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update on the job front, and a surprise visitor!

Okay, so it's been a few weeks since the shit hit the fan the new company took over, and people are dropping like flies quite a few employees have decided to move on to other jobs.

I'm pissed at the ones who just walked out.  A few of the crew kids thought it would be fun to walk out in the middle of their shift, on a  busy Friday night, hoping to cause chaos.  Didn't happen.  Fortunately, we had managers and trainers from other stores in to help with proper training and they took over hosting and bussing duties.

Our general manager discovered via a cook that there were want ads on our website, for a GM position and a kitchen manager position.  When he asked if his job was in jeopardy, the response from our new District Manager was, "Well, are you doing your job?" (he wasn't... he is why so any are jumping ship).  He packed his stuff and left.  Rumor has it that he went back to his former store and tried to get his kitchen manager job back, but was turned down when they found out he walked out of this job.  If he had waited until he got fired, he could have collected unemployment.  Now he's screwed.

As of now, about 20 employees that I can recall have left.  We are in the process of hiring and training new servers and hosts, as well as cooks and dishwashers.  Soon we will have an entirely new staff working here! And they will all be trained properly!  Our former General Manager was filling the place with bodies, didn't matter if they had any kind of training whatsoever.  

The thing is, with leaving a job like serving, when you go to a new restaurant, no matter how much experience you have, you are still the new kid on the block.  You need to earn the right to get good hours, good sections and make decent money.  You WILL be one of the first ones out every night.  You WILL get the crappy stations to work in.  You WILL get smaller sections until you prove you can handle more tables.  

I did learn when I validate someone I get a higher hourly wage AND I keep their tips!! Woo hoo!!!  I made an extra $50 on Monday night!  So I'll work extra hours when they need me if that's going to happen!  Validation is when a server in training takes tables and I follow them around to make sure they are doing everything correctly.

We have managers and trainers from a few of our other stores to help out, mostly from New York.  We have a temporary General Manager until they can hire someone permanently.  I want her to stay forever!  I HEART HER A LOT!!!  She's fun.  She's energetic.  She doesn't take shit from anyone, but is quick to bestow praise when she sees it.  I've seen her sit down and have quite a few little "chats" with disgruntled employees.  Our place of employment is supposed to be energetic and fun.  These folks are bringing fun back to our jobs!  She gave me $5 the other night for answering a question correctly!!

There are two in particular that I will be happy to see leave this place and I hope it's soon.  They are both disrespectful and rude to fellow workers, me included.  They both had chats with management and I'm guessing their days are numbered.  Good riddance to them.  I don't need negative rude people around me. I like my job and I want to have fun when I'm there.  This is a new company.  If you don't like the rules, there's the door.  See ya later.  Bye.  There are so many people willing to take your job and play by the rules.  We don't need you.

We are cleaning (literally, with soap and water and Windex and degreaser, etc.) our place up, really good.  They are getting us tons of new equipment.  Everyone is getting proper training. We are going to be awesome!!  

And in other news.....

While I was at work yesterday I had a visitor!  It was none other than Matty from Matty Thoughts!!  Matty stopped by to say hello!  We've been reading each others blog for a couple of years now, and we live not far from each other.  Matty's been telling me he was going to drop by one of these days and yesterday he did!  He happened to be in the mall where I work and dropped in to see if I was working.  We didn't have much time to chat, since I had tables to take care of, but we did get to chat for a minute.  It was a pleasure meeting you, Matty!  You look just like your picture!

And a great big WAY TO GO and an OO-RAH for our Navy Seal Team who took out Osama Bin Laden!  Even if the photo going around Facebook is a fake, I still think it's a good look for him!  And we can handle anything those extremists throw at us!  Maybe now, some of the 3,000+ families can have some peace and closure.  God Bless America!


lisleman said...

Good to hear you like the job changes - attitude plays a big role. Would you be up for management yourself? I know the extra stress and hours is often not worth the little bit of increased money.
Cool that you got a face-to-face with Matty.

Joanie said...

You need a degree to become a manager, which I don't have.

dana said...

I hope the rude ones get the boot. Too often, they are the ones who know how to kiss up and get promoted.

Back home, there was a particular waitress we were crazy about and we always tipped $10 just for her. This is even if we just got coffee and a danish. If we ate more, we tipped more.

There was always a young waitress leaning against an empty table and looking invisible.

We found out that the tips were totaled and split every day.

After that, I would call Ann over and give her the ten and say "this is not a tip". I hope it worked.

Martha in PA said...

Sounds like good news on the job front. It is funny how, things change over time. A few months ago, while I liked my job, I felt like just a body filling a position, but due to several other personnel changes, I now feel like I can make a difference in how things are done, and that my suggestions and ideas are listened too and appreciated. It does take a few months sometimes to prove ones self!

Ha, Matty sure gets around!!!! We need to get together again. I'm working the next few Wednesdays.

Jillsy Girl said...

you have the right attitude and you WILL be rewarded for it! Yeah...for meeting Matty!

Matty said...

Actually, I was hesitant to even stop in because I was concerned about interfering with your job. Even though you were busy, I was glad you were able to take a minute to chat. You did surprise me a bit when you recognized me right off the bat. Good eye.

I do like your attitude about the job. Your approach to everything is something more people should emulate. The younger generation should take their cue from hard working employees like you.

It was nice to finally meet you. One of these days, I'll get in as a customer and give you some business.

Thanks for the shout out Joanie.

Joanie said...

Dana, if that waitress is smart, she tucks that money n her pocket and keeps her mouth shut! I know I would!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sounds like a lot of positive change at work. Woo-hoo. I worked in restaurants for a lot of years and what a difference a good manager and proper training makes. I hope things keep betting better right along with your tips!

And I am so jealous you got to meet Matty. He's one of the good guys.

xo jj

slommler said...

Sounds like you are now working for a company that wants and loves what they do...serve food! So cool!
Glad things are going well for you!!
Training and praise...definitely a recipe for success!!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I miss the cheesy bacon cheeseburger thingy. ;-(

♥ Braja said...

I'm just lovin' the banner photo!!! Hey Joanie!!! xoxo

Cherie said...

What wonderful news. I am so happy that you seem to be finally working for people who appreciate their employees.Wishing you the best of the best!

Amy said...

Sounds like you are in a good spot. And how fun to have a surprise meeting w/another blogger!