Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fox Channel, You Rock!

Last night, the Fox Channel did something no other network channel had the nerve to do. They chose not to air the press conference Obama was giving on his first 100 days. They basically scrolled across the bottom of the screen:

If you want to see the press conference, tune in to the Fox News Channel or the Fox Business News Channel.

Instead, Fox showed the TV series "Lie To Me". Now, it's a funny, weird coincidence (to me) that Lie To Me is on Wednesdays at 8 PM, but still, I think the network has one hell of a sense of humor! The show was good! I'd watch it again!

Ok, I'm ducking behind the Fox sign now so the bashers can't get me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

cats, swine and other things

I'm actually starting to type this on Tuesday, so I'm counting it.

I've decided my 8 month old kitty, Java the Slut is just like a college student. He disappears for days on end (that would be months in human time), and shows up periodically for food and to annoy his 2 older brothers. While he's gone, he's off partying and having unprotected sex with every female cat in the neighborhood. Well, he should enjoy it while he can because as soon as I have the dough, he's getting snip snip!

Is it wrong that I'm secretly smiling that my ex-husband and his future ex-wife are vacationing in Mexico, even AFTER our government warned everyone of the dangers of travelling to that country, the originator the Swine flu?

I've come to the conclusion that I am, indeed a carbohydrate addict. This is not good since I also happen to be a newly diagnosed diabetic. I know I'm supposed to watch my carbs. I start out each day really good.... none or a few carbs. By evening, my cravings are so bad, I can hardly stand it! I'm good about avoiding sugar, but those carbs. Ah, those lovely yummy starchy carbs get me every time!

The saying that it takes 30 days to kill a craving or form a good habit is bullshit!! I could work out every day for 3 months, then have to take a few days off and that good habit is GONE! The same for foods that aren't good for me. I'll stay away from ice cream or crunchy salty carby foods for weeks and weeks. All I need is one good bout of PMS to ruin it for me.

warning! this one might be considered TMI!

And whoever said menopause starts around 50 and Auntie Flo goes away! LIARS!!! All of them! I am 53 years old and I am as regular as a clock! Every 28 days, the 4th Friday of the month, BINGO!! My weekend is completely ruined! I have never been so regular in my life!

Ok, safe to come back, guys.

We servers at TGI Fridays aren't terribly happy with the newest special they are running, although I'm sure all you folks will love it. It seems every sandwich and salad entree is $5 for a limited time. I ran my ass off today. We were busy. It's good to be busy. My sales should have been about $550, but they were $327 because so many folks ordered the $5 meals. And my tips relfected it. Instead of the $100+ in tips I should have gotten, I went home with $61. Of course, it's very possible that we could have been slower and I could have made even less in tips. So I guess I should be happy that I made $61 and not $35. sigh.

My daughter is going to the prom this weekend. She's going solo because no one asked her to go and she refused to ask anyone to go with her. I'll try to post a picture.

Ok, it's officially Wednesday so I'm going to stop now. Good night!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Peace Valley

Yesterday (Sunday) was such an absolutely glorious day that John and I took a ride to our favorite park. It's in Bucks County, PA, in the town of Chalfont. It's called Peace Valley Park. The lake in the park is called Lake Galena. I just love it there. Of course, I took my camera from it's hiding place in my car into the house the other night. So I had no camera to take any pictures! I hope I remember it for the next time. I found these pictures via google.

The plan was to go to the park and walk the path around the reservoir. But once we got there, we both felt a little lazy and decided to stake out a picnic table and do some people watching. It was a great plan!

I was amazed how many people were in the water doing various things! Granted, it was about 90 degrees outside but that water had to be COLD! I had my heat on just 3 or 4 days ago!

There is a fairly large lake at the park. No motor craft is allowed on the water but sailboats, kayaks, canoes, row boats are allowed.

There was a fellow on a windsurfer and he was zipping up and down the lake! It was a great breezy day for sailboats and windsurfers. We saw a sunfish sailboat, but we don't think the folks in it were very proficient at sailing. We also saw 14 foot sailboat and that man looked like he was enjoying himself!

I was surprised how many kayakers there were in the water! If you flip a kayak, you're UNDER the boat until you flip it back! I don't think I'm brave enough to paddle a kayak. We also saw a pair of canoers.

There were lots of families at the park, having picnics. Some of the kids were even splashing in the water, along with a few dogs. I don't think you'll see me in the water until July. I hate swimming in cold cold water.

I like this park because you can bring your bike and ride the trails or walk. You can bring you pet and walk him (bring a pooper scooper and bags!)

John and I have decided that we need to start packing a picnic and leaving our chairs, blanket, cooler, etc. in my car so it's always ready for when we want to spend the day at the park.
Two summers ago, John and I rented a sailboat for 1/2 a day. It was a nice warm day in July, with a gentle breeze. We got the sail up, John gave me some quick instruction and off we went! Just as we got to the center of the lake, the wind died! And there we sat, turning this way and that, trying to catch a breeze to get us moving again. I bet we spent the better part of an hour, trying to get moving again. We finally got the sailboat to the beach! Next time, we'll make sure there's a good breeze blowing and I'll make sure I bring a t-shirt or something to cover up, in case we get stranded again!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My AHA moment

I received an email from my cousin, Michelle today. The first part of it , which I will have below, is what has absolutely hit me right between the eyes.

'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.'
When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better.

Four+ years ago, when I discovered my husband was cheating and planned to leave me for this much younger woman, I was completely devestated. I prayed and prayed to God to help me to save my marriage. Of course, my marriage was to end. Greg had no interest in staying with me. And I was very very angry with God, because I couldn't understand why he would allow a marriage, that was blessed in His Church, to fail. I was so angry that I haven't been back to church since.

I've been told that God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is no. I didn't understand that saying but I thought okay, maybe someday I'll understand why He allowed that to happen.

Then today, I got the email from Michelle, and those simple words hit me right between the eyes! When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. WOW!!

NOW I GET IT!!! He allowed Greg to leave so I could meet John, who treats me with more love and respect that anyone ever has! You have no idea the profound effect this has had on me!

I might... I said MIGHT, be almost at the point where I can forgive Greg for this. I'm still a bit angry that I have to struggle to make ends meet, and he gets to take vacations every year to places like Mexico and go golfing several times a week and buy a new car every few years. I'm working on that. Jealousy and resentment are not good things to feel, and I'm trying get rid of them, but it ain't easy.

Now if I can just win the Lottery...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How pretty!!!!

My very good friend, Heather Kathleen at a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! makes jewelry and she sent me these lovely silver earrings! Boy, am I glad I picked her for the Peeps giveaway! :) I found them in my mailbox yesterday! I'm wearing the earrings to work today. I'll see about taking pictures of them later on, because my camera is in my car. (I have to keep it there so my bratty teenager doesn't take it. She wrecks everything she puts her hands on and she's NOT getting my camera!) So check back later to see my new earrings!

I was trying to get a clear shot of the earrings because at the bottom of each earring is a silver oval with "LIVE" etched on one and "LOVE" etched on the other. I'm kind of an amateur with my camera.

Here is a side view of one of the earrings. I didn't realize what a double chin a have!! I'm getting JOWLS!!! SHIT! I'm turning into my mother!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spin Cycle: Manners: Say Please!

Teaching a toddler manners is an interesting part of parenting. I have a couple of stories about teaching kids manners.

When my oldest, Gina was a toddler, I was trying to ram please and thank you down her throat teach her to say please and thank you. One day, she asked, Mommy, I want some juice." I replied, "I want some juice, what?" Her answer? "I want some juice NOW." sigh. This is going to take a while. I am happy to report that Gina grew up to have lovely manners and I'm never embarrassed to be with her in public. hehehehe.

I work as a waitress at TGI Fridays (actually where I work isn't important because I'm sure this happens everywhere.) I'll approach a table of say 3 people, 2 kids and mom. I do my spiel and ask if they want to start out with drinks. This is, more often than not, the way the conversation will go.

Mom: OK, kids. Tell Miss Joan what you want to drink.

Kid 1: I'll have a sprite.

Mom: Say please!

Kid1: I'll have a sprite please.

Kid2: I'll have a coke.

Mom: Say please!

Kid2: May I please have a coke?

Mom: I'll have an iced tea.

Uh, Mom? Why do you think your kids don't say please when they tell me what they want to drink? Kids learn from their parents. Parents expect their kids to use their manners, but don't bother to use them when it's their turn. They don't even realize that they aren't using THEIR manners! I am so tempted to say, Say please!

OOPS! Pardon my manners! I completely forgot to link this back to the one, the only Jen! At Sprite's Keeper! Spin Cycle is all her idea and it's lots of fun! Why not go on over and check out the other spins? Each week she gives us a topic to write a cool, funny, serious story. That link will give you the rules! Go on! It's fun!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do!!

Those crazy dancers who invaded Liverpool Street Station in London are at it again! This time they were in Central Station, Antwerp, Belgium! These videos are so fun!

I didn't realize some haven't seen these before. So here is another one! This one took place in London's Liverpool Street Train Station. This one is actually a T-Mobile commercial. Enjoy SHOUT!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom Meeting

Oh joy! Oh Rapture! In one short hour, I get to attend the "Mandatory Prom Meeting" at Danielle's high school (stop laughing Gina!)

This is probably the 4th or 5th (and thankfully the LAST) prom meeting I've attended in the past 8 years. I could run this meeting.

Each year at prom time, all students attending the Junior/Senior prom must attend this meeting with a parent or guardian.

It's the same thing every year.

There's a cop in attendance to scare the crap out of these kids, so they don't drink and drive before, during or after the prom.

There is the principal trying to scare the kids with expulsion, just weeks before graduation if they get caught drinking before, during or after the prom.

There is a nun or priest (Catholic school) talking to the kids about not having sex before, during or after the prom.

And what is it with these kids thinking prom night is a good night to lose your virginity? A rite of passage? How stupid is that??

I think the principal or some personin authority is telling the kids if they are dressed inappropriately (too revealing) they won't be allowed in. Uh... don't you think THAT part of the meeting should have happened a few months ago, when the girls were spending hundreds of dollars on their dresses?

OK, this part is a rant.

I went to school this morning and paid the last 2 payments ($972) on Dani's tuition, then wrote a check for $90 for her prom ticket (she's going solo). Of course, I can't pay any more bills for the next several weeks now. My ex and I split the tuition book at the beginning of the year, each taking every other month. He also paid the activity fee, graduation fee, yearbook and class ring. I paid for senior protraits. I was told I had a balance of $990! WHAT???? These are the last 2 coupons I have! We're paid in full! Aparently I didn't put enough money in the collection basket at church this past year (ok, I didn't even go to church last year and didn't put any money in the collection basket) But I don't recall ever getting a notice that my tuition would be $1000 higher this year! Had I known that, I'd have been trying to send extra money all throughout the year! So, tomorrow I have to call the finance secretary and hope she let's Dani go to the prom and allow me to pay that extra money over the course of the next 6 weeks (OH SHIT! 6 WEEKS), so she can graduate
. I'm screwed.

UPDATE: No cop this year but this morning, at school, there was an assembly with a 22 year old guy from Bryn Mawr (brin maur) Rehab Center to talk to the kids. He was a pedestrian and had been hit by a drunk driver who was travelling 60 MPH and threw him 75 feet. He's all kinds of messed up!

Tonight, in lieu of the cop, there was a woman from the District Attorney's Office to tell the kids just what the fines and jail sentences were for getting caught drinking, with drugs, drug paraphinalia (sp?), DUI, if anyone got hurt or killed while you were DUI. No pun intended but it was very sobering. I hope some of it got through to the kids.

8 Meme

I got tagged by the meme of eight by Pseudo over at Pseudonymous High School Teacher. She's really cool and posts the most amazing pictures of Hawaii! You should definitely check her out!
So here it is!

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To

1. My daughter, Dani leaving for college.
2. Being able to spend more time with John
3. Vacation at Ocean City, MD this July.
4. Getting my blood sugar under control
5. Selling my house and moving to a smaller, less expensive place.
6. Warm weather
7. Losing some weight now that I'm not eating so many carbs
8. Maybe retiring some day

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Worked
2. Drove to John's.
3. Went out for dinner
4. Watched The Secret of Roan Innish.
5. Hehehehehe
6. Saw my kid for a few minutes!!
7. Read some blogs before work.
8. Slept.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Visit Ireland and Hawaii and Greece and Alaska and the Caribbean Islands
2. Sing
3. Buy a smaller house
4. Get a decent amount of money for my house.
5. Get Dani and John to at least tolerate each other.
6. Retire.
7. Have money left over after the bills are paid.
8. Meet some of these terrific blog friends!

8 Shows I Watch

1. Lost!
2. Num3ers
3. Ghost Whisperer
4. The Biggest Loser
5. Dancing With The Stars
6. CSI
7. Harper's Island
8. Cold Case

8 People I Tag

1. Gina at My Inner Monoblog
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Java, the Gigolo

So, my 7 month old kitten, Java has been missing for 6 days. I was convinced he had been run over by a car, because, well, as nice and friendly as he is, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He jumped on the hood of my car as my daughter was backing out of the driveway. She stopped quickly, thinking he'd hop off. Uh, nope! I had to go out and get him off the car and carry him into the house. Stupid cat.

So, Java had been missing and I was really worried. Every time I went near the door, I'd call for him, over and over. Yesterday, Dani's friend, Jon was walking down the street and I asked him if he'd seen Java. "Oh yeah! He's been hanging around my house.". So I asked Jon if he sees him to bring him home and just toss him in the front door. But in the meantime, I took a walk up the street. I only walk a short way, and there he is! Stalking another cat! "Java! Where have you been?" Java trots right up to me and then tries to scoot past me but I'm too quick for him and I pick him up. And that ungrateful brat scratched and bit me all the way home!

We get in the house and he's wandering around. I often will hold their tails and let it run through my hand. I don't pull or anything and the cats never seem to mind.... until yesterday. Java tried to bite me when I did it! I thought perhaps someone had hurt him, to I turn him over and move his tail and he's pissed!!! Then I see it. His teeny little red penis sticking out! No wonder he scratched and bit me all the way home! He was just about to try to get laid and I brought him home! Hell, I'd be pissed too!

I spent some time in the "office" where my computer is, and when I went into the family room, I smelled it right away.... cat pee. GRRR!!!!!!! Java peed on something and I had to find it. And I did. He peed on the french door window! I got Java and threw him back outside! Thirty minutes later, here comes Jon's brother, Chris, with Java in his car, bringing him home again! So I let him go again and told Chris not to worry. He'll come home when he's good and ready.

Apparently Jon and Chris have a female cat that never goes out but I guess Java can smell her. Java came in this morning with my other black cat, Mason, so I don't worry too much about him any more.

A little while ago, I checked in my daughter's room to see if she was home because her car wasn't outside (she left it at school overnight.... their musical is this weekend, but that's a post for another day). As soon as I opened her door, I smelled cat pee again. But that's Dani's problem. If she didn't hang up all her clothes on the floor, he would have anything to pee on.

I do believe that Java is going to have an appointment with the friendly neighborhood vet to get snipped. I don't like having him piss on everything to mark his territory and stick it to the other 2 cats who are already neutered. That's just mean.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spin Cycle:Celebrity: Namedropping, big time!

I actually talked about some of this when I did my 100th blog post.

My ex-husband and I owned a restaurant in Kutztown, PA for 6 years. Kutztown is a college town, home to Kutztown University. From time to time,persons of celebrity status come in to town to give speeches. And they have to eat. And once upon a time, we had "THE" place to go if you wanted to celebrate a special occasion or take a dignitary or celebrity to dinner before the speech.

The oddest person to come in was Rita Moreno. She played the nun on OZ (an HBO show), the next door neighbor to the Golden Girls, and her most famous role, Anita in West Side Story. So Rita Moreno was giving a speech at KU and someone brought her into the restaurant to eat. They pull up in a limo and come in. She's very polite and I admit to be VERY star-struck! I swear to God, not one regular customer came into the restaurant to eat until after she left. She looks over the menu and says, "You know what I could really go for? A peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread and a glass of milk." HUH???? Are you serious? And she is... deadly serious. So that's what she had. I'm still embarrassed by the frozen, plastic smile on my face the entire time she was there.

Another person who came in before a speech was Ted Kennedy Jr. He came in with a tableful of college students. He was very nice, shook my hand, entertained his hosts. I can't remember what he ate... but it was a regular meal. No special orders. Right after he left, someone said, "that guy looks like Ted Kennedy Jr." Yes, it was! For those of you old enough to remember, Ted is the son of the notorious senator from Massachusetts who lost part of his leg to cancer at the age of 15. He went on to become the Poster Boy for handicapped kids and Special Olympics.

Probably my favorite celebrity customer who came in regularly was Michael Constantine. He was Gus from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. He was also the principal, Mr. Kauffman from Room 222. He left his credit card behind one night and the manager put it in the safe. So I got it out and looked at the name"Michael Constantine". Hmmmmm.... wouldn't it be cool if he was THAT Michael Constantine? Then he called to see if we found his credit card. I told him we had it and it was in our safe. A little while later, in he strolls and it's HIM!!! I hope I was cool. I told him I was a fan, loved the movie. One night he was there while I was working. I told him my daughter was in college and studying theatre but she was thinking of going back to school to teach (or something... I forget) just in case this acting thing didn't pan out. He told me to tell Gina that she needed to say "I'm going to be an actor or I'm going to be a bum." That if you have a back-up plan, that's what you'll end up doing. This fellow doesn't live in Hollywood. When he's not filming a movie, he lives in Reading, PA with his sister, where they grew up (I don't think he ever married)

Some of Gina's college friends are working actors in LA and NYC. Her college roommate, Marnie Schulenburg is Allison on As The World Turns. (although I knew Marnie as a blonde, they made her a brunette for the show) She also has a few friends who are/were working on 30 Rock, 24, Ugly Betty, Law and Order. I'm sure there are other people and other shows that I have forgotten.

Want to join in the fun? Hop on over to Jen's place at Sprite's Keeper, grab the spin cycle button, check out the topic for the week and give us your spin! All the rules are right there!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Harry Kalas 1936-2009

Rest in Peace Harry Kalas. We, in the greater Philadelphia area will miss you terribly. The Phillies won't be the same without you.

Harry was preparing for the game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals in Washington DC. He collapsed in the booth before game time and passed away at the hospital. The Phillies were asked if they wanted to postpone the game but they chose, instead to honor him by playing because that's what Harry would have wanted. The Phils won that game, 9-8. Harry died doing what he loved to do... working for the Philies.

Harry was the announcer for the 2 times the Phillies won the World Series. He was there when Mike Schmidt hit his 500th home run in April 1987. He was there when Tug McGraw threw the last strike to win the World Series Championship in 1980. He was there when the Phils won the World series again in 2008. (Ironically, his son, Todd was the announcer for the Rays). Harry Kalas announced games for the Phillies for 38 years, since 1971. His distinctive "IT'S OUTTA HERE!" will be missed by all who heard him and loved him.

This is Jason Stark from, talking about the late great Harry Kalas, the voice of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Friday, April 10, 2009

So long, Farewell, Aufwiederzehn, Adieu

Breyers Cherry Vanilla ice cream, Breyers Butter Almond ice cream, Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, Cold Stone Creamery.

Potato chips, pretzels, tortilla chips, nachos.

BK Whoppers, french fries, cheeseburgers, hotdogs with mustard;

Steak, mashed potatoes, homefries, spare ribs.

White bread, cheetohs, cheezits, steak rolls, other kinds of rolls.

Hoagies, cheesesteaks, pizza, stromboli.

Chicken fingers with honey mustard.

Margaritas, Yellowtail Merlot, Captain Morgan Spiced rum, Tropical Berry Mojitos, Ultimate Tropical Berry Daiquiris.

Raisins, grapes, pineapple.

Cake, pies, donuts, brownies, muffins, bagels, English muffins, cupcakes.

Tastycakes, Easter candy, Halloween candy, Christmas goodies.

Pasta, lasagna, baked ziti, garlic bread, Texas Toast.

This is a wake, a viewing. I am saying goodbye to all the foods I love and can no longer have, except, perhaps, in very small quantities, and on rare occasions.

I better lose some fucking weight.

** Note: This list of forbidden foods is not because I'm on a diet, although I hope that some weight loss will occur as a result of my not indulging in these foods any more. Last week I was diagnosed with diabetes and these foods can raise my blood sugar levels. So, I have to say goodbye to quite a few of them and enjoy some sparingly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spin Re-Cycle: water problems

I'm re-cycling a post from last year when I was first starting my blog. I thought it was funny enough to share again.

I got this email from a friend and it was too funny not to share! There is a video link after the story! Enjoy!

Jennifer and Jim kept getting huge water bills. They knew beyond a doubt that the bills weren't representative of their actual usage, and no matter how they tried to conserve, the high bills continued. Although they could see nothing wrong, they had everything checked for leaks or problems: the water meter, outdoor pipes, indoor pipes, underground pipes, faucets, toilets, washer, ice maker, etc., all to no avail. One day Jim was sick and stayed home in bed, but kept hearing water running downstairs. He finally got out of his sick bed to investigate, and stumbled onto the cause of the bills.

Apparently this was happening all day long when they were not at home. Knowing that few would believe him, he recorded a video of the 'problem' for posterity:

Because I'm weird like that, I counted 10 flushes in that 2:47 time frame! The comments by the videographer are funny too! Mystery solved!
** Is the video visible to everyone? I think the Captain said it was gone. I can see it just fine. I'm wondering if anyone else can't see it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh boy

Well, I had my doctor's appointment. I was in there for a while! She had a lot to talk about to me.

First of all, I do, indeed have diabetes. I am now on Metformin. I have to check my blood 3X a day (morning, 2 hours after my main meal and bedtime).

My cholesterol is high (216 but it's lower than it was 4 years ago). So now I'm on Lipitor, but I'm going to have her change that because it's $40 a month and I can get a different one for $4.

My blood pressure was 140-something /100. So guess what? I'll be taking Lisinopril.

Fortunately, I can get the metformin, lisinopril and once she changes it, pravastatin for $4 each. Here is the link for Walmart's $4 Rx program.

Apparently, when I had the blood and urine work done, they discovered I had a UTI but that's going away because of the antibiotic I'm on for the bronchitis. I can usually tell when I have a UTI but not this time.

The one thing that scares me is my white blood cell count is low. Could be because I've been sick with bronchitis (and the UTI). I hope that's what it is. If not, I have to see a hematologist. I don't even want to THINK about the C word.

She wants me to get a colonoscopy (I'm over 50 and my dad had colon rectal cancer) and an echo-cardiogram (apparently I also have a heart murmur) And in my spare time, get a gyn appointment and a mammogram. Oh! And get my eyes checked by an opthamologist too.

I guess I'm going to see just how much my insurance will cover. Hell, I might have to marry John just for his health insurance! Actually, the only reason we aren't getting married is because I'll most likely lose my spousal support.

I saw a post here recently about a girl who had a website for people to help pay for her wedding. I was thinking about throwing a beef and beer to cover all these damned tests!!! Whatya think??

Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodbye Cruel World

The world of carbohydrates, that is.

Yup. I see my life taking a whole new turn.

I have a doctor appointment tomorrow (Tuesday at 1 PM ). For a complete physical. I haven't had one in years. The closest I've gotten to a complete physical is seeing the OB-GYN and he'd order different kinds of tests.

When I went to the doctor the first time for my bronchitis, she said I needed to have a physical and a complete blood work-up. So I went to Quest Diagnostics and they drew 4 tubes of blood and I also left them a urine sample. They're testing my blood for diabetes (I know I have it... I just need to have it confirmed), my A1C, cholesterol, thyroid and also testing for anemia.

I was tested about 6 years ago and my blood glucose level was 125. They used to say that 70 to 120 is normal, 121 to 160 was high blood sugar and anything over that was considered diabetes. Well, they have since lowered those numbers. Now anything under 100 is normal, 101 to 125 is high blood sugar and 126 and above is considered diabetes. I was able to keep my levels down to the low 100s (102, 110) with diet and exercise, but in the past 4 years, I haven't done so well.

I've been keeping track of my numbers with a glucose monitor and slowly, over the past few years, the numbers have inched up. It seems that in the past few months, they're really taken a jump. I've been hovering between 160 and 200 lately. I'm realizing if I eat any decent amount of carbs, my sugar levels will soar.

So, tomorrow, I think Dr. Z will be reading me the riot act. I've already said goodbye to sugar a long time ago, but I've been known to sneak a candybar or some ice cream. I think I need to say goodbye to that as well. But I'm a carb addict! I love bread and pretzels and tortilla chips and mashed potatoes and corn! Did I mention that I love bread? I'd rather eat bread and rolls than almost any other kind of food in the world. Do I get points for not eating white bread any more? No! Goodbye to pasta, cake, pies, cookies. No more pizza or croutons or hoagies (this hurts me DEEPLY) and steak sandwiches on those lovely Italian rolls.

I have to start reading labels and making sure my carb intake is low. I'm hoping if I need to take medication, it will be pills and not insulin injections. John is an insulin diabetic. He needs to use an injector to get his insulin, He absolutely cannot jab himself with the needles. His hands have been shaky and have gotten shakier since his chemo, so it's even more difficult for him to do it. There may come a time when I'll have to give him his injections. The thought of that makes me want to throw up!

I knew this day would come. My sister and my brother are both diabetic. My grandmother lost a leg and her life to diabetes back in 1942. My mother most likely had it but was never diagnosed.

The good news is, this might make me lose some weight!

I'm just glad I'm not a pastry chef. That just might kill me.

Oh damn! Now I'll have to shave my legs!

What can happen if you piss me off...

Did I ever tell you that, when I caught my husband cheating, I started to clean the toilet with his tooth brush... every day? Did my heart good to keep that toilet so nice and clean. I even continued after he left because he came to see the kids every other weekend and slept on my sofa (he was SUPPOSEDLY living with his brother at the time...liar). But the toilet was clean! And everything had to be clean all the time!

My daughter told me not too long ago that she wasn't really very surprised when we got divorced. She said she was surprised it didn't happen sooner, because I was so miserable with him. ME? Unhappy? I didn't know I was unhappy or miserable! Then, I got to thinking about things over the years. Things he did and said that really pissed me off. I know, I know. You all think I'm terrible.

Like when we first got married and decided we were going to wait for a year before starting a family. When we were married for 10 months we bought our first house. Right about that time, we were at a company picnic (for the company he worked for). I heard him tell someone we were going to wait another year before trying to have a baby. Well, I saw RED! This was never discussed between us and I was always so afraid of confrontation that I never said anything. But when I got home, I threw away the spermicide I was using and punched about a dozen holes in my diaphram with a pin. I removed the diaphram right after having sex (it was easy.. he fell asleep about 2 minutes later anyway). I did everything I could to get pregnant, but damn it if I never got pregnant until he FINALLY decided it was time to start THINKING about having a baby (If I waited for him to ready, we'd never had any kids). First time I didn't use the diaphram, I got knocked up. Yup. That bastard had luck on his side all the time.

I really shouldn't be telling you this stuff because some of this is gross... like the next story. I can't remember what he did, but I was sick and he did or said something to piss me off. I had strep throat. I put some strep right in his cup of tea, stirred it up and with a smile on my face, handed him the cup. Did he get strep? NO!

I don't think I did anything else to him over the years though. Except maybe pay the mortgage late on purpose for a few months to damage his credit a little because the mortgage was in his name only (I refused to be put on it after we re-financed after we split up). And if he should happen to croak before we sell the house, I'll stop paying it altogether because then it will be the bitch's repsonsibility. (it'll never happen because only the good die young.. Billy Joel is right)

I did tell John about these things I did. I'd never do anything like that to him. He treats me like a queen. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bronchitis, The Sequel

So yesterday I said that I started coughing again. I woke up with my chest feeling really tight and when I coughed, well. ugh! icky-tasting stuff and I'll leave it at that. Moving around a bit, the shit mucus in my chest loosened up and I was able to get some of this stuff up. As my day progressed, I took the Mucinex like a good little girl but the Mucus family was still partying hearty inside of me.

I got my laundry together and drove to the laundromat near John's (because feeling crappy or not, I still needed to see him). Plus my gas tank was low and he fills my tank for me. As I'm finishing up my laundry I'm feeling worse and worse. So we get gas, get dinner, get dayquil/nyquil and head back to John's for hot tea and Lost! I took a nyquil going to bed and slept like a rock!!

While we were waiting for Lost to come on, I decide that maybe I need a day off to see the doctor and get more medicine. But I'm hesitant because we only have 4 servers working day shift right now and 1 girl got her ass suspended for 3 days for not coming to work on Monday and our manager, Kim is a bitch and was feeling pissy. Then I decided screw it! I don't feel well, she'll bitch me out for coughing all over everyone again anyway. So I called out and asked the night manager, Tom if he could get someone to work my shift. He said don't worry about it. So I didn't worry about it.

This morning I got an appointment to see Dr. Z. She discovers that my bronchitis hasn't quite cleared up and is coming back good and strong (oh that Mucus Family likes it inside my body). So she writes 2 Rx for a stronger antibiotic (Levaquin) and a steroid. So I take my 2 little Rx to CVS and my not-so-good insurance card. Fifteen minutes later I pick up my Rx. Steroid is $15. Levaquin is $77.69!!!!!!! I asked the girl if anything was covered on my insurance. She told me if I didn't have insurance, it would have been $162!! And I only got 10 pills!!! Good thing my credit card isn't maxed out any more!

I am sooo tired of coughing! The muscles in my belly are sore from all the coughing.
I hope this kills it once and for all. I think I'm going to count all this coughing as exercise!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Joke

On Monday, I was feeling great! By the time I went to bed on Monday night, my cough was back. When I woke up Tuesday moring, my chest was tight and I've been coughing ever since. So my coughing is back with a vengeance and that's no joke. My doctor is off today and the one I don't like it on duty, so I'm waiting for Dr. Z. I'm back on Mucinex, using the Netipot and possibly getting a nice strong cough syrup. I hate this.

The good news is, I discovered this morning via Facebook that I am related to Barack Obama! We are 4th cousins once removed! I knew my day would be looking up!