Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Mother Nature,
I hate your guts.  75 days.  You make an appearance after 75 days!  It explains the 2 day headache earlier this week.


Dear Shabby Blogs Creator,
I love my new blog look!  And you made it so easy to do!  I'm thrilled!


Dear 1997 Chevy Blazer,
Thanks so much for only needing transmission fluid and not a whole new transmission!  You saved me a trip to Indiana, PA the day before my son graduates in East Stroudsburg.  And my daughter was happy to have wheels again for her last few weeks of school.  You'll be retired in a month or so.  Hang in there!!

Hoping she never has to drive that truck ever again,

Dear Metabolism,
I'm not too happy that you decided to retire about 10 years ago.  I could use you right now.  I wish you'd switch places with Diabetes and hang out with me for a while. 


I love love love you!!!  Billy Mays (may he rest in peace) was right!  You work like a charm, especially when I listen to my audio books in the car.  Well worth the $10 I spent for you, unlike the piece of crap I spent $30+ for and it never worked.

Enjoying her books on long drives,

Dear New Bed Frame,
I really like that I now have my mattresses off the floor and I have a real bed again.  Just don't break, ok?

Giggles every time it happens,

Dear Maleficent,
So you want to go to my son's graduation.  I guess your future ex-husband didn't tell you that I demanded that you never show your face at any of MY family functions.  I did promise to behave myself, but I hope you're so nervous that day that you need to stop at every rest stop on the way.  You and your abnormally fat ass just needs to stay out of my way and you might be okay.  Remember this.... it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind.  Be careful you don't trip.


Dear Readers,
Why not pop over the pond to Kat's Place in the UK, grab the button and get some stuff off your chest?  Trust me, it feels good to release it all!  Don't forget to Link your Dear So and So and lots of others will be able to read them too!  Go on!  You know you want to!

Spin Cycle: My many hats... or all the roles I play in the story of my life

There are many hats I wear in my life, so many of them inter-changable.  

First off,  I am a daughter (although orphaned now), the 4th child and 3rd daughter of my parents.  I'm right smack in the middle of 8 siblings, so I was always kind of anonymous and that was okay with me!  Flew under my parents' radar all my life!  As a result of all those siblings, I am a sister-in-law and an aunt.  A cousin to about 40 people (and that's just the first generation!)  What can I say... we're Irish Catholic.

For 23 years, I was a wife and maybe someday I will be again.  No hurry there.

I am a mom to 3 great kids... I mean adults.  It doesn't seem all that long ago, I was changing diapers and driving to class trips.  Now 2 are out of college (well, one next week) and the baby in college. It happened in a blink of an eye.

While my kids were in high school, I was a Drama Mama! (not to be confused with a Stage Mother... I supported, but kept my mouth shut)  

I was the proverbial taxi driver... taking kids to dance lessons, voice lessons, field hockey and softball games, drama practice and stage crew, to first jobs, to school when they missed the bus.  To and from college sometimes!  When they became teenagers, I was a driving instructor... sometimes with my heart in my throat and a scream on my lips!

I am a friend to many, I hope.  I have a few friends who have been my friend since first grade and all through grade school and high school.  We have known each other for 48 years and counting!  I have neighborhood friends and blog friends and Facebook friends.  I have friends at work  I have a good friend who helped me through my divorce, the toughest time in my life.  We can not see each other for months and then pick up right where we left off!  She's the only person who can make me wet my pants laughing!  

I am a lover and friend to John for the past 4 years.  He'd like to change that to wife, but I'm in no hurry to do that right now... maybe someday.    I was also John's caregiver as he battled Lymphoma for 2 years.  Hopefully, that role has been retired.  But if not, I'll put that hat back on again and do what needs to be done.

I am a waitress and a shift leader and a trainer at work.  I like my job (most of the time  hahaha) and I like the people I work with.  I'm in no hurry to change jobs at this point.  I get 3 weeks vacation and I don't want to give that up!.   I used to be a hair stylist and a restaurant manager.  

I did wear the hat of an empty nester, but my son graduates from college on May 8, and he's moving home!  My youngest, Dani will be home for the summer.  So I guess I have to hang up my empty nester hat for a while.  And dammit!  I really liked that hat!  :)

So, I counted them all up and it seems like I have or had  14 or more hats.  I"m sure I'd find more if I thought long and hard.  One hat I haven't had the pleasure of wearing yet, but hope to some day ... Grandmom (but I'd need a cooler name than that )  There's no hurry though.  It will happen when the time is right.  

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A New Look

So, I got bored yesterday morning, before work.  This is what happens when I get up early.  I don't get up and vacuum or clean a toilet, I play with my blog.  I decided I needed a new look.  I want to have a 3 column blog, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet.  What I did do is use the same website  ( that Liz at Eternal Lizdom used for her blog.  I think it looks like of cute!  

If anyone knows a site for changing this blog into a 3 column blog, I sure could use a little help!!

** I tried the 3 column blog and didn't like the way it looked, so I went back to the 2 column one.

Monday, April 26, 2010

On the road again.....

Last week, when Dani came home for the weekend with her friend from Holland, her Chevy Blazer began to act up. They went to Philly for the day and on the way home, it was a struggle to get the truck home.  She said it seemed like her car couldn't change gears to speed up.  Damn.... probably the transmission.  So I had to cut my weekend time short and drive her and Lisa back to Indiana University of Pennsylvania (4.5 hours each way... 520 miles round trip) on Sunday morning. 

Before we left, we got her car to my mechanic, who's shop is right down the road.  I figured he was going to say it's the transmission, $1300 to fix it or I'll give you $100 for the car.  Daddy Dearest was planning to get Dani a better, more fuel efficient car at some point this summer.  We figured the timetable was moved up by about 6 weeks. 

So I drive them back to school and head straight home.  Man, was I tired!!!  I think you get more tired when you're driving alone.  The upside is I got to listen to an entire audio book on the drive home. 

Monday rolls around and the mechanic tells me all the car needed was transmission fluid and it's running great.  $75 and dummy me tells Daddy Dearest that I'll pay for it (slapping myself on the forehead).

So I pick up the truck, and of course, the fuel gauge is on empty.  I drive to the gas station and fill it up.  First of all, this old Blazer drives like a tank!!!  It was a little scary, driving it!  Then, this monster takes $45 to fill it!!!  WTF!!!

I have 2 choices to make.  
First choice, I can leave the truck here until Dani comes home from school in 3 weeks.  But that means I have to take a day off from work on May 7 to collect her (luckily, she brought most of her crap home when she and Lisa came home).  The next day, May 8, her brother is graduating from another college that's 1.5 hours away.    
Second choice, I can drive the car out to her on Sunday and have John follow me in my car and we can drive home together.  So I choose the 2nd option.  Better to spread these trips out if I can. 

I had planned to drive the truck this past week, to get used to it, but when I put $45 into the tank, I decided, screw this! and parked that bad boy in my driveway until the weekend!  When I told Dani that I put $45 into the tank, she had the audacity to laugh!!!  I told her, "Be nice!  Or I WILL return the car with an empty tank."  She quickly apologized and thanked me.  Smart girl.  I also told Daddy Dearest that getting rid of this gas guzzler was worth junking it and getting her a small car (like a Kia Rio or something like that).  He agreed, whole-heartedly.

I picked up John at his place on Friday, after work and headed back to my house.  We had planned to go straight to John's from the college.  So John had my car on Saturday and I have the tank.  I needed a day to get used to driving it.  I wanted the truck to be in the lead and John to follow.  I wanted to make sure he was behind me in case I had a problem.  Besides, I know the way. 

The trip out to IUP was fairly uneventful. I had no trouble with the truck, although it doesn't like going over those mountains! I stayed in the right lane with my flashers on whenever we had any kind of steep climb.  I topped off the tank when we got off the turnpike (I delivered it 3/4 full to Dani... what a nice mom I am!).  When we got there, Dani and I headed out to Ruby Tuesdays for a meal (she's about had it with cafeteria food for the year!) and John went to the Jimmy Stewart Museum (did you know that Jimmy Stewart as born and raised in Indiana, PA?).  So back to the dorms we go for a few minutes and then Dani dropped me off in front of the Museum, so I can hook up with John and drive back to Pottstown.

I had the misfortune to wake up with a bad headache, and it came and went throughout the day.  It just wouldn't let up.  Caffeine helped somewhat.  Then, about halfway home, in Ebensburg, PA, it started to rain.  The temperatures dropped from about 75 degrees to 50 very quickly.  I had just said I was hoping we'd miss most of the rain when I realized it was hailing.  Then the skies just opened up with hail coming down do hard, we had to shout to be heard!  I pulled into a closed gas station and took refuge under the overhangs.  The hail left as quickly as it arrived, but the cooler temps stayed with us.  It looked like it had been snowing... the entire ground was covered in white!  Then, just as quickly, it was all gone!

A few blocks down the road I stopped to fill my tank with gas (for a record, I spent $78 on gas on Sunday alone... and that doesn't count filling the tank originally the other day!!)  We ran into some bikers who pulled into the gas station seconds before the hail storm hit!  They were really lucky!!  

The last 2 hours of the trip, we dove through fairly heavy rain.  I hate driving in rain, in the dark.  Was I glad to get home and get out of that car!!!  We left the house at 9am and arrived home (at John's apartment actually) at 9:20 pm.  I really could have used a drink or two, but no booze in his place.  Maybe I need to leave a bottle or two there... for emergencies.

So hopefully, that will be the last trip I have to make to IUP until August when Dani goes back to school.  I know she's going to need help.  She won't have her truck any more... she'll have a teeny little 35 MPG Kia Rio or comparable car with her.  

I'll be shocked if Daddy Dearest goes instead.  Our scorecard for trips to Dani's school?  Mom 8 / Daddy Dearest 2.  Even if you just count from when she moved to school... Mom 6 / Daddy Dearest 1.  And that's just this year alone.  I win, hands down.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Remembering CJ Twomey

Those of us in the blogging world and the Facebook world who know and love Hallie Twomey were asked to do a memorial blog post about her beloved son, CJ.  Now, I never met Hallie or her husband or 2 sons in the "real world".  I only know  them via Hallie here in Blogiland.  From what I have learned of CJ and indeed, the rest of the Twomey Family is that CJ, like his mom, he had a great sense of humor, always laughing.  You can see it in all of the pictures Hallie has on her Facebook page. I'm proud to say CJ served our great country in the US Air Force and served in Afghanistan.  I wish I could have met CJ before he left his family way too soon.  I think I really would have liked him... a lot. 

A couple of Hallie's friends, Dayna and Kimmey, wrote a lovely blog post last Sunday.  I'd like to copy it here for you all to see, in case you don't read Hallie's blog.  And, if you have a minute or two, please say a prayer or send a few good thoughts to the Twomeys.  They sure can use them right now.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Written in Loving Memory of

Christopher John “C.J.Twomey

on behalf of Hallie, John and Connor Twomey

by Dayna and Kimmy.

Words are at times, inadequate, and often hard to come by. This is the hardest thing we have ever had to write. It is with deep sadness that we tell you that on April 15th, Christopher John “C.J.Twomey, the beloved son of Hallie and John, big brother to Connor, passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind his heart-broken family and friends.

Please take a moment to read C.J.'s obituary. In the middle of all their saddness, Hallie and John were able to find the strength to write a beautiful and loving tribute to their amazing son.

Those who loved C.J. are left to miss his infectious smile, to wish to hold him again, to have him saunter into a room and make us all laugh. We wish we could talk to him, to watch him love the way that he did, with his whole heart. In short, those who loved C.J. are longing for the future we were all supposed to have with him. Hallie and John are heart-broken, are struggling to understand the events of the past week and are focusing on making sure their son Connor, who has shown grace and maturity well beyond his 16 years, knows and feels the love of his parents at this very difficult time.

Hallie, John and Connor have received an overwhelming amount of support over the last week from friends nearby who have stood with them through horrific circumstances, to the calls of support and the messages sent through text, email, Facebook and many other mediums. They know that so many of you are hurting as well.

Even in the mist of incomprehensible pain, Hallie and John continue to think of others. Despite their own pain, they remembered the pain of Hallie’s dad as he was waiting for a heart and became a recipient himself. In C.J.'s final hours, Hallie and John made the heroic decision to donate his organs. This week, 56 families felt the joy of hope for their family, even in the darkest moments for C.J.’s family.

Many have asked what they can do for the family and we have thought of a few suggestions:

Pray for comfort. Hallie, John, Connor and their extended family have pain that is indescribable; please offer up prayers that comfort can come to them.

2. Continue to send messages of support. The messages of support they have received mean more than they can express right now. Messages sent through Facebook, her Blog, or for those who have the ability, text messages of support are appreciated. While they are not able to respond, they are reading them, and it does lift them in support when one more step or one more breath seems like it’s just too much to take.

3. Make a donation. Kimmy and I have set up a fund called the "Twomey Family Benefit” for the family to use as they see fit – for funeral expenses, for a memorial for C.J. or maybe even to just be able to get away as a family and spend time grieving the loss of their beloved son. Many of us felt the need to do SOMETHING, and being far away, and knowing that we can't take away the emotional burden, this felt like something we could do to help.

If you are inclined to make a donation, you can simply walk it into any TD Bank and ask to make a donation to the "Twomey Family Benefit" (these exact words must be used). If, however, you do not have a TD Bank near you (as they are only located on the East Coast) you can simply mail a check to:

TD Bank

200 US Route 1

Falmouth, ME


The checks should be made payable to the: “Twomey Family Benefit” and should also include those exact words in the memo line of the check.

Any questions can be directed to Kimmy at:

We know that this time, for all of us, is shocking and difficult to comprehend a life cut so short. We hope and pray that you can take a moment to hold those you love tight, tell them you love them and cherish every moment.

Love like C.J. did, with his whole heart, and give to others freely.

May we all find comfort...

Dayna & Kimmy

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

um... yeah... I'm here.... sort of

Sorry, folks, but I seem to have major writer's block, and I haven't been home in front of my computer lately either.

I am, however, going to miss my empty nest syndrome (I was handling it so well!) in a few weeks when my son moves home after graduation, without gainful employment, and my teenage daughter (who IS gainfully employed) also moves home for the summer.

I'll be back soon, if nothing else than to bitch about that!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Goodbye Edition

 Tomorrow is the Memorial Service for John's brother, Paul who passed away TWO MONTHS ago!  What a mess when you die without a will!  It's taken nearly this long to get everything straightened out.  Thank goodness Paul was cremated.

So tomorrow I get to meet more of the family.  I've become friends with the Maine part of the family via Facebook.  Weird that you can be sad and happy excited at the same time.  Leave it to Paul to bring the family together, in his own, weird little way. 

I'm FINALLY getting my hair cut and colored after work today.  It's tough... my hairdresser and I work the same days and are off the same days.  The only time I can get in to see her is Tuesday nights.  So I switched hours with another server so I could get out of work early to get this accomplished.  

It's important I have my hair looking good.  I'm not sure if any of John's ex-wives will show up at the service.  It could be interesting if any of them do!  If any, the last one ( and the most dramatic, but that's a blog for another day) will show.  She's the one the police called when Paul's body was found, because her number was on his wall by the phone from when John was married to her.  And now she's Facebook friends with some of the family members.  sigh.  So I have to look good... I do have the advantage of being 10 years younger than her!  OH!  And she met Paul, one time, for 10 seconds, coming off an elevator at a hospital.

Got my bed fixed!!  I was able to buy the bed frame last week, and last weekend, John and I put the bed back together.   I'm happy I didn't fall out of bed too.  The mattresses have been on the floor for a month or more.  I was afraid I'd get out of bed in the middle of the night and forget they weren't on the floor any more.

Now I have to work on replacing the dishwasher.  Then get rid of the birds and squirrels who come into my attic at night.  Next is replacing the carpet on the stairs and hall, then the one in Dani's bedroom.  I also need to replace the drywall in my basement, or tear it down completely.  Lots of mold down there from all the rain we had in the last year and a lousy sump pump not working properly (I replaced that a few months ago and it works like a charm!)

I really need to win the lottery, since I hooked up with a fellow who's as broke as I am.

I'm absolutely hooked on a Facebook game called Mahjongg Dimensions.  I'm trying to beat a few of my friends but they are slipping away from me.  I need Spring Bonus games people!!!!  

And it's Lost night!  And The Biggest Loser night!  And Glee night!  glad I invested in that DVR!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

I Wanna Be a Ross Sister When I Grow Up!

Check out this old video called Solid Potato Salad from Broadway Rhythm, 1944.  It's of the Ross sisters doing a song, dance and well... you'll see.  Get through the the first 60 seconds and see what these chicks can do!  Holy Moley!!!  I wish I was this flexible!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My son graduates Summa Cum Laude!

Oh my God!  I was so excited when I opened the mail yesterday and saw the notice from Tim's college that he'll be graduating Summa Cum Laude because his GPA is higher than 3.8!  I knew this kid was smart, but he was always so laid back about school and grades.  If he got Honors in grade school or high school that was cool, but if he didn't... no big deal!  He once told me, when he was in 5th grade, and he came home with a 100 on his Science test, "Ya know, Mom?  If you study before a test, you get better grades!"  DUH!!!  I didn't know whether to hug him or smack him!  

I suppose making your kids pay their own way through college does something to them (at least to my kids).  They all did so much better in college than they ever did in high school!

Gina graduated Cum Laude and also earned an award for highest GPA in her Department!   Dani also is doing very well!  Her first semester in college, she earned a 3.82 GPA.  These kids are blowing my mind!!!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear So and So: Stuff In And Around My House Edition

Dear Dell Computer,
Why or why won't you recognize when I have my Blackberry plugged in so I can transfer my newest audio book onto it?  You have always recognized it before!  Don't you know that I only have the book for a week before the library deletes it from my computer?


Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for the lovely weather this week!  I've really enjoyed the warm days, and with a few windows open, sleeping has been lovely!  The sun is shining brightly this morning, but boy, that rainstorm last night brought some cool weather with it! Still, it's very nice outside!

Slipping on a sweater,

Dear Harleysville Mattress Company,
Thanks for giving me such a good price on that new bed frame I needed for my bed that I broke a few weeks ago!  Also thanks for getting it to the store so quickly so I can get my bed put back together!

tired of sleeping like a hippy,

Dear John,
Guess what we're doing when you get here tonight?    Well.. before that...

Light bulbs!

Dear grass,
Why can't you just stay the length you are right now?  You're prefect just like that!  Soon (this week) I need to find someone who will mow you on a regular basis for me. 

Regrets selling her lawn mower 3 years ago,

Dear Stupid Dishwasher,
You're next!  I'm hoping to replace you with a friendlier model that actually gets dishes clean in one try very soon.    I'm tired of washing dishes BEFORE I out them in the dishwasher.

getting her house in shape a little at a time,

Dear Stairs and Hall Carpet,
You're going on my shit list too.  I'm not sure how you lasted 21 years anyway.

wishing she'd win the lottery so she can actually afford all this stuff,

Dear Readers,
Why not pop over the pond to Kat's Place in the UK, grab the button and get some stuff off your chest?  Trust me, it feels good to release it all!  Don't forget to Link your Dear So and So and lots of others will be able to read them too!  Go on!  You know you want to!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok, so I'm a thief... but I'm giving the fellow credit

Okay, so I totally swiped this idea from my good friend, Irish Gumbo, and by the way, if you don't read his blog, you really should.  The man can write... he should be published.  Really. 

Anyway, when Irish had this music video on his blog on April 2, I listened to the song... really listened to the words.  It's an old song.  I've heard it for years, but that day, it was like I had heard it for the first time.  And I realized that THIS was our song, mine and John's.  This song describes our life together.  I got chills when I heard it.  If I ever marry this man, this is the song I want to dance to.

I know, I sound all mushy and hokey and y'all probably want to barf, but we really do get all mushy and hokey.  What can I say?  I feel like I'm in love for the first time in my life.

So, listen to the song.  REALLY listen to the words, and maybe you'll understand.

And speaking of John, he saw his oncologist today.  He's still her star patient!  His PET scan was definitely clear and he goes back in July for another one!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spin Cycle: Appearances

This week's Spin Cycle is all about appearance.  I'm going with hair.  

Once upon a time, my hair was black.  Not brown.. black.  Then, at about 16 years of age, I saw.... a white hair!  What's this???  White hair (not gray, mind you, WHITE!)  This can't be!!  I'm too young to turn into my mother!  But, sadly, it was true.  Little by little, over the years, the white hairs replaced the black ones.

When I was 34, we had just moved to the house I'm in now and we decided that I'd go back to work part-time as a hair dresser.  I landed a job with no trouble.  All of the other stylists were 20, 21... young, hip chicks.  They wanted to know if the boss (at the ripe old age of 24) was going to hire "the older woman".

While I worked there, I let one of the girls color my hair and get rid of those pesky white ones.  Then, 2 months into my new job, I got pregnant.  Those girls were HORRIFIED that a woman of my great age was still having sex (GASP!!!), and got pregnant!!!! **I saw one of those 21 year old girls a couple of years ago... she was in her 40s by then.  I told her the story and she laughed her ass off!

 Sea Isle city, NJ  July 1991
Gina, 6, Dani 7 months, Me, 35 and Tim 3
See how OLD and decrepit I am!

I colored my hair on my own for years after that, until I had knee surgery and couldn't kneel in the bath tub to wash it out.  So I let the color grow out again.  And there was quite a bit more white hair!!!  

 Me, 46, Gina 17, Dani 12
Gina's High School Graduation
June 2002
I had that natural hair until 2003, when I needed to find a job because we closed our restaurant.  It wasn't like I was trying to look younger.  I didn't want to look older!  So I started coloring it again, and landed the job at TGI Fridays. 
Sometime in 2009
Ashley and me (and Melissa's back) at TGI Fridays
When the economy took a turn I had to make some changes... concessions, if you will.  Some of those concessions were no more massages, and no more letting the hair stylist color and highlight my hair.  So I started to do it at home again.   Every time I would get ready to color my hair, I'd wonder what my natural hair looked like now.  Was it all white?  How much of my beautiful black hair was left? 

Finally about 6 months ago, I made the decision to stop coloring it again and see what I had.  Because I wear my hair short,  it only took about 3 or 4 haircuts to get rid of the brown colored hair.  John and I would joke that we could get Senior rates at the movie theater now!   I discovered that quite a bit of my hair was white now and I had a black streak or two running through it.

 Me, 54 at mini class reunion
a few months ago

One day, about 6 weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and wondered who was that old woman staring back at me???  I quickly called my stylist and yelled UNCLE!! and she squeezed me in before I could change my mind.  (she's no dummy.. higher check average, bigger tip) 
 at a get together a few weeks ago
Patty, Margie, Me and Denise

So, now I'm back to having darkish brown hair and some blonde highlights in the front.  My stylist says I look 15 years younger, and I feel a whole lot better about myself!

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A Glorious Day!

Today was scheduled to be a short day of work for me.  Some days, I'm at work until night shift arrives.  Other times, I get cut when the business slows down, after any kind of lunch rush.  Optimally, it's good if you can stay on the floor until 2 pm or later.  More than likely, around 1:30 the shift leader tells you that you're finished and get your side work done and go home.

I arrived just before 11, clocked in, and checked out my side work for the day.  Set up the one soda station, fill desserts, fill ice and fill the To Go containers.  Desserts took the longest, replacing the trays they sat on, getting cakes from the walk-in fridge, putting them on the trays for the servers to be able to get them easily.  I managed to kill about 30 minutes of time doing all that. 

By just before noon, I still hadn't gotten a table yet, so I asked the shift leader if she wanted to cut me so I could go home.  Two things can happen if she lets me go home.  One, the other 3 servers might actually make some money, and two, I get to enjoy this lovely weather!

So that's exactly what I did!  I high-tailed it out of there, opened my car windows, and the sun roof (best option I ever agreed on for my car!) and drove home.  

I actually had to open windows to warm my house up a bit.  It was still rather cool inside the house.  I have the back door open so the kitties can come and go as they please.  Tucker (Tim's cat who is living here, temporarily... at last I think it's temporarily) is having the time of his life, going outside!  He's mostly an indoor cat, but he just loves being outside, lying on the deck, enjoying the warmth and the breeze!

I'm going to have to scrub my chairs down (I must remember to put them in the garage for the winter next year)  For now, I think I'll put a sheet on the chair, and sit outside, and read my Kindle and enjoy this lovely, warm day .  For the record, I'm reading Best Friends Forever: a Novel by Jennifer Weiner and it's a glorious 86 degrees and breezy at 3:45 pm!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Six Word Saturday

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

A beautiful day, indeed, a beautiful weekend!  We are supposed to be in the mid 70s all weekend with warm sun, no clouds and light breezes.  I'll take it!  Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Sanatoga Appliance Corporation,
Thank you so much for the good deal you gave me on my dryer.  Not only did you listen when when I told you I didn't need a fancy shmancy dryer because it was just me at home now, you immediately took me downstairs to see the clearance items!  That allowed me to get a good $35 off the dryer that I was going to buy upstairs!  AND you threw in free delivery AND free haul away!

You rock and I'll be back to buy my dishwasher soon,
because Garret asked so nicely, here is a picture of my new dryer!

Dear Delivery Guys,
Boy, when you said between 2 and 4 pm for delivery of my new dryer, you weren't kidding!  You knocked on my door at precisely 4 pm.  I'd have been happier with 2 pm because I could have gotten a load of wash done before going to John's.   But you were very nice and polite and you hooked the dryer up in no time!

Happy with her new dryer,

Dear Fridays Guests,
Thanks so much for the great tips today!  I haven't made that much money in one shift in a while.  I hope tomorrow and Saturday are just as good.  If this keeps up, I'll have my new bed frame and new dishwasher in no time!

Very appreciative,
Server Joan

Dear John,
I'm sorry I couldn't come back out to your house tonight, but I really needed to play with my new dryer get a few loads of laundry done tonight.  Bring some laundry over to my house this weekend and I'll even do a load or two of yours.  It will save you some money so you can take me out for dinner from using your coin-operated machine at your place.

Light bulbs,
Maureen Joanie

Dear Dani,
I gave Karie your Easter candy to bring to you this weekend.  I sure hope it makes it there.  You should have seen her eyes light up when she looked in the bag!  And yes, I opened the boxes of Peeps so they'll be stale when they arrive at your school.


Dear Tim,
Your cat, Tucker is doing just fine.  He still has all his limbs and hasn't hissed at his cousins too much.  I think they might actually be getting along.  He's turning into a very friendly cat.   

Glad he's not biting her any more,

Dear Gina,
It was fun listening to you and Gene on the air on Saturday!  I'm sorry I didn't remember to tune in earlier.  I meant to put a note on my computer to remind me, but I didn't.  I hope you get a chance to do that again soon!

Love, your biggest fan,

Dear Readers,
Why not pop over the pond to Kat's Place in the UK, grab the button and get some stuff off your chest?  Trust me, it feels good to release it all!  Don't forget to Link your Dear So and So and lots of others will be able to read them too!  Go on!  You know you want to!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spin Cycle: One of my Favorites!

For this week's Spin Cycle, we were supposed to go back over our older posts and put one up that was a favorite.  Ok, this post if from January 6, 2009.  It's short but very funny!!  I hope you all enjoy it... again!

Poison ivy and boys

OK, Vodka Mom's latest entry brought a funny memory the surface and I thought I'd share.

Back in 1997 or 1998, when my then-husband and I had had a restaurant, he was never home for dinner. So one night, the kids (Gina 13, Tim 9 and Dani 6) and I are eating dinner. Tim proceeds to tell us that one of his school buddies got poison ivy all over his body, a really bad case. And Tim says, "Yeah, Mom! He even had it you-know-where." And he is pointing to his crotch. Just then, Dani pipes up with, "Yeah Mom! He even had it on his DICK!" Tim and Gina are sitting there in shocked silence because they aren't sure what I'm going to do about this. I'm not sure how I did it, but I kept my composure, got up, walked out of the house to the front steps and completely lost it! I probably laughed for 5 minutes straight, tears pouring down my face! It had to be one of the funniest things I've ever heard come out of a 6 year old's mouth!
It should have been a sign for things to come, because that kid now curses like a truck driver (with apologies to truck drivers!)

Now, go visit Jen at Sprite's Keeper and see who else posted an old-time favorite!  You can join in and post one of yours as well!