Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In a blink of an eye

My good friend, Amy at The 4th Frog Blog wrote a blog post yesterday about how quickly her kids are growing and I thought I'd totally steal her idea and write about my experience.

When we moved here to Pottstown, PA in 1989, Gina was just 5 years old and Tim was all of 1 1/2 years old. Dani wasn't even a twinkle in her father's eye. Gina had just started Kindergarten the week after we moved here. I remember thinking, "Oh my God! I'll be 54 when Timmy gets out of college!! That's ancient!" The following March I got pregnant again (SURPRISE!!!) It felt like I was never going to get these kids grown and on their own!

Now here it is, 21 years later. Gina has been out of college (she has her degree in theater) and living on her own for 4 years now. She's even a homeowner! She has a great guy, a good job, her own radio show and does voice-overs for local commercials at the radio station. Tim will be graduating in May (business marketing and economics), and going out on his own (there's a small possibility that he might move home for a bit, but so far I haven't heard anything) I think he's looking in Philadelphia and New York for a job. Hopefully he'll get with a company that will pay for him to go to grad school. Dani is finishing up her freshman year of college and is reconsidering quitting and will probably stay in college.

I'm telling you, those 21 years have flown by so quickly! The kids were in their grade school for 16 years total (Catholic school goes from Kindergarten to 8th grade) and they were at the high school for 11 years. I sure don't miss those tuition payments!! You know your kids have been in a certain school for too long when all the teachers start calling you by your first name!

But it really does seem like yesterday that I was putting Gina on the school bus for the first time and I was trying so hard (and failing) not to cry. As far as I know, she wasn't one bit scared! Then taking her to her first job (I think I filled up that day too), teaching her how to drive, taking her to college (Oh I cried and cried that day!!!)

It didn't really get any easier as I did the same milestones with the other 2 kids. I cried when I put them on the bus for the first time, when I dropped them off for their first day of work, as I taught them how to drive and dropped them off at their respective colleges. Tim's first job, he worked with me at Fridays. I remember telling him, "when we're at work, I'm not your mom. If you screw up, you're on your own." He did fine. :)

Tim was funny when I took him to college. We unloaded the car, set up his room, bought his books. Then I asked him if he wanted to get something to eat nearby. He said, "No, Mom. I want you to leave. I'm going to make some friends." I was really surprised!!! "Well, will you at least walk me to my car?" And without one backward look, my son entered the world of adults and college and will graduate in less than 2 months Summa Cum Laude!

When I took Dani to school, I really tried not to cry, but I failed. When I was getting ready to leave, I started to fill up with tears. She ruffled my hair like I was a little kid (she's 5 inches taller than me) and said, "Oh Mom! You're so silly!" And sent me off to be on my own for the first time in 29 years! Like her sister, Dani is pursuing a degree in theater. Her grades are excellent (3.82 GPA at mid-term) and if this keeps up, she'll also graduate Summa Cum Laude!

Funny, just writing this, I filled up a few times, remembering. I'm such a softie.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: alimony, ex-wives and other fun stuff

My new dryer is being delivered on Wednesday!  Woo hoo!!  No more lugging baskets of laundry to the laundromat or to John's apartment!  No more making sure I have enough quarters!  No more making sure the soap, spot cleaner and dryer sheets are in my car!  Life is good!!  Keep your fingers crossed that my washing machine doesn't get jealous and kick the bucket.  I still have to buy a new dishwasher and a new bed frame for my bed.

Yes, we broke my bed... AGAIN!!  I swear all I was doing was getting into the bed...nothing else... this time!  But this time the hook that goes into the headboard is broken in 2 pieces.  It looks like someone cut it!  But it's iron!  I discovered I can get a new frame for less than $100, so that was good!  And well, there was the airbed that John had when he was getting divorced.  We sorta broke that one too. 

Speaking of  divorce and stuff...(what a segue!) three of John's four ex-wives (yes, I said FOUR EX-WIVES) are now friends of his sister's on Facebook. I'm finding this quite comical.  It's like an ex-wives club.  I consider myself the Un-wife.  This is actually the longest John has been in a relationship with someone and NOT married them!

What can I say?  The man loves to be married.  He just can't manage to stay married. If John had his way, we'd be married right now.  And we might be, if it wasn't for my alimony.  I can't go getting married and let my ex off the hook for the alimony 4 years earlier than he has to!!!  Besides, if I wait until after I turn 60, I'll get the ex's social security too!  I can wait.  Hell, I might never get married again! 

That alimony (it's called Spousal Support in PA) is like a paycheck!  A paycheck that I earned every penny!  Just the six years I worked for him for NO MONEY when he had the restaurant doesn't even cover it!

I told John I was going to marry him for his health insurance.  He has really good health insurance!  He doesn't think so because he was told if he stayed in the Army for 20 years, he'd have free medical care for life.  Now he has to pay for his prescriptions, he has co-pays with doctors and hospitals, but it's minimal compared to what a lot of other folks pay. 

So my kid is leaning towards staying in college after all.  Yippee!!!  Hooray!!!  She can always go to Cosmetology School after college if she wants.   She went to see the school with her Dad on Saturday and really liked it though.  So we'll see.  I'm just happy she's thinking seriously of staying put.

I lost a follower overnight.  Boo.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I have an unexpected day off!!!

I usually work on Saturdays.  Today we were supposed to have the memorial service for John's brother, Paul, but for reasons I don't care to get into (Italian families are sooo intense!), it was moved back to April 14.  Poor fellow died a month ago and we still have not bid him a proper farewell.  The schedule for this week was already finished, so I chose to take the day anyway.  At least Paul has been cremated. 

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Spin Cycle: Finally! It's all about me!

I haven't done a Spin Cycle in a while.  This one I like, because this one is all about me!  Okay, I did cheat a bit and most of this is a re-cycle from my 100th blog post.  I did have to make a few updated changes though, to keep it current.  So, without further ado, a whole bunch of crap about me!

I'm the 4th child out of 8 kids and 3rd daughter of Marty and Regina.

I was raised Catholic, but I'm more of a lapsed Catholic now.

Even though I don't go to church any more, my Catholicism is still very strong in me.

If I stopped coloring my hair, it would probably be snow white (or close to it). ** I did let my color grow out.  I saw this old lady in the mirror and flew to my hairstylist who fixed me.

I have 4 brothers and 3 sisters. (Irish Catholic, can you tell?)

My oldest sibling is a nun.

Three of us have gotten divorced.

I have 3 children, a girl, a boy and a female Dennis the Menace.

I was married for 23 years.

I'm very happily divorced now.

My baby is in her first year of college!

I'm REALLY enjoying Empty Nest Syndrome.

In August, it was the first time in 29 years that I  lived by myself.

I'm completely left-handed.

I used to be a hairdresser.

I've travelled to Germany, Austria, Mexico, changed planes in England (does that count?) and visited 5 islands in the Caribbean.

I've never driven further west than Pittsburgh, PA.

I've only driven as far north as Springfield, MA and as far south as Ft. Bragg, NC.

I need to see more of this great country.

I quit smoking on December 31, 1991.

I haven't  touched a cigarette since.

I got my driver's license the day before my 28th birthday.

I love junk food.

It shows.

Three of my 4 brothers were Marines, one of them for 20 years.

My family REALLY identifies with our Irish heritage, even though we've been in the US since before the Civil War.

I was very nearly a coal miner's daughter.

I'm REALLY glad my dad came to Philly when he married my mom after WWII.

I've worked for TGI Fridays for 7 years.

I still like my job.

I LOVE John Wayne movies.

I'm a closet Charmed fan.

I secretly like Elvis Presley movies too (don't tell anyone)

I like to go to NYC to see musicals.

I've seen 9 shows on Broadway.

I've only seen 4 shows in Philadelphia and 1 in Wilmington, DE.

I love LOST!

I was never a pet lover.

I have 2 cats now, Cameron and Mason and my son's cat, Tucker is staying with us for a while, until Tim gets settled after he graduates.

Am I turning into a cat lady???

I think I'm addicted to the Internet.

I like to play games on

I've cooked, actually cooked, only about 10 times last year.

I thought I'd be sad when my oldest child didn't move home after college, but I'm not.

I hope her brother and sister follow suit. :)

I do the New York Times Sunday Crossword in ink and once did the entire puzzle with no help from a dictionary.

I can't whistle any more but I used to be able to. (I think it quit when I quit smoking)

I wish I could go on a cruise with my friend, Tina every year.

I went to my first concert when I was 34 years old and pregnant with my last baby. We saw Paul McCartney at Philly's Vet Stadium.

I don't miss my ex-in-laws at all!

Margaritas are my favorite drink.

Captain Morgan and Diet Coke with lime is a real close 2nd!

Green is my favorite color with red a close second.

I met Rita Moreno when she came into my restaurant in 2002

I used to own a restaurant called Whispering Springs and it was in Kutztown, PA.

We had a ghost named Suzannah Levan Kemp.

I may have seen her, fleetingly, a few times.

The restaurant closed on January 1, 2003.

I don't miss that place one little bit.

I have a friend, Margie who has been my friend for 48 years.

We've been friends since first grade!

I like finding new followers on Blogger.

I wish I could retire.

I think I'll have to work until I'm dead.

Unless John wins the Powerball lottery.

I think I want to move to a warmer climate in a few years.

I'm really beginning to hate snow and cold weather!

My favorite movie of all time is The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara.

My favorite suspense movie is The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

My favorite chick flick is Just Like Heaven with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

My favorite silly movie is Drop Dead Fred with Phoebe Cates and Rik Mayall. LOL!!!

When I was a senior in high school, I nearly joined the Army.

I went to hairdressing school instead.

I never went to college.

Have I mentioned that I really love John Russo.. a lot?

I'm excited to become a grandmother some day... but I can wait, GINA!! LOL

I may or may not get married again.

That revelation surprised me, because all I wanted 6 years ago was to get married again.

If I had joined the Army after high school, John and I would have gone through basic training at the same time.

I wish I had met him 30+ years ago.

I  have diabetes.

I love driving my Pontiac Vibe.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday!  To me, Tuesday is RTT Day, Lost Day, Payday, First day of my work week Day, One more day until I can see John Day, The Biggest Loser Day, Chat with Jerry on Yahoo Messenger Day.  Whew!  It's only 10 am, and I'm already tired!

Tucker, the cat seems to be settling in nicely.  He still hisses at the other 2 cats when he sees them, and they hiss back, but so far as I know, no battles.  Poor Tucker would lose because he doesn't have claws and my cats do.  At least he isn't hiding in my closet any more.

It's a good thing Tucker IS de-clawed because the way he tries to scratch at my kitchen cabinets and the door to the garage, if he had claws, he'd be living outside by now.  I think he's jealous of Cameron and Mason because they are allowed to go outside, but Tucker is an indoor cat.

So I learned last night that The Ex wants to bring Maleficent to my son's college graduation.  He wanted to know if I was going to be alright with that.  I told him in a perfect world that would never happen, but this isn't a perfect world.  Guess I need to meet her at some point (the plan was to meet her at the ex's funeral and spit on her, but he doesn't seem to be accommodating me in this endeavor) . I did promise to behave myself and not throw, spill anything or hit.  Sometimes it really sucks being an adult.

Gina, aren't you sad that you'll miss the show?

My girls night out with my school friends was mega-fun!

I just took a peek at my son's grades.  I think he'll be graduating Summa Cum Laude!  This was a kid who coasted through the first 12 years of school.  If he got honors, that was cool, if not, no big deal.  As of now, his cumulative GPA is 3.809.  Something about quality points was 3.799.  So if he doesn't graduate Summa Cum Laude, he'll graduate Magna Cum Laude.  There might be something to making your kids pay their own way through college!

I bought a new dryer today!  Woo hoo!!  I've been without one for about a year now.  Lugging laundry to the laundromat or to John's apartment and using the coin-operated machines was getting to be a real drag!  The only upside was I got a decent amount of reading done, waiting for the laundry to be finished.   When I went to the laundromat, I got all the laundry done at one time.  It'll be nice to do the curtains and comforters again.   The new machine arrives next Wednesday (tomorrow was booked up, and I'm not taking a day off from work to wait for it to arrive.

Now I have to decide if I need a new bed frame or a new dishwasher more.  The dishwasher works, but the latch is broken.  The machine doesn't lock.  It also doesn't stop when you open the door.  If you open the door, it keeps going, so you can get really wet.  I definitely need to replace it (with a basic model) before I move, if that ever happens.

The advantage of not having a bed frame is, if I fall out of bed, I won't have far to fall.  My bed was pretty high off the floor.  And I feel like a teenager with my mattresses on the floor!

Well, I think that's it for my randomness!  Go see Keely at The Un Mom, read some of the randomness from other folks.  You can even give it a try yourself!  Go over, grab the button, link your random stuff to Keely's blog and you might even find some new friends!

Monday, March 22, 2010

We haven't changed a bit ... yeah, right

Front: Patty and Denise    Back: Margie and Joanie

Saturday night, I got together with a few friends from school... grade school, that is!  The 4 of us were in school together from first grade, all the way through high school!!   I've been able to get together with Margie every few years, despite our promises not to let years go by.  We do keep in touch via phone calls and email, and now Facebook. What usually prompts a girls night out is finding out someone we knew had passed on.

I probably saw Denise on a fairly regular basis up until the time I got married, in 1981.  I don't think I've seen Patty since right after graduation in 1973  (I know, Garret... you were about 7.  no need to rub it in)

Facebook is a wonderful thing!  Over the past year, I've slowly reconnected with friends and classmates.  These small get togethers are so much more fun than a big class reunion! (we had nearly 1,000 kids in our high school graduating class.  Catholic baby boomers, what can I say?)

Patty suggested we all meet at her house rather than go to a restaurant or bar.  Patty and Margie still live in the area where we all grew up.  Denise lives about 100 miles away and I live about 40 miles from "home".  Denise and I spent the night, but Margie chose to go home, since she only lives about 15 minutes away.

The minute we all arrived, it was like no time had passed!!  We were laughing and talking like we had seen each other yesterday.  Of course, we had to pull out pictures and show off our kids (no grandkids for any of us yet), and catch up on our lives (Denise's moves, my divorce, Patty's daycare business).

Patty pulled out the yearbook and we put Facebook on the computer and compared before and after pictures of "kids" we knew in school who are now Facebook friends.  So many people look VERY different than their 17 year old photos, some for the better!!  

We laughed and talked and laughed some more and before we knew it, it was past 11 and Margie went home.  The next thing we knew, it was 3 am!  So caught some sleep and started all over again in the morning.  Denise left around 10:30 to visit her sister and I finally got off my ass and left around noon.   

I hope we do this again some time soon!  You forget how many good friend you had in high school until you see them again after many years and can pick up right where you left off!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Sleepover party with grade school friends!

(pictures in a day or so)

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Riddle Me This! 2 clues added !! Try again!

Do you know how you can tell when I can't come up with anything interesting to write?  When a riddle shows up on my blog!  Yep!  It's that time again folks!  If no one guess by tomorrow night, I'll add clues.  Y'all are getting good at this.  I've only had to add clues one time.  So here goes nuttin', honey!


One behind, and one between,
One stands on a hill.
Three on three, and three around,
A test of strength and skill.

OK, so I have no winners so far.  Here are some clues:
1. How many people do you count?
2. It's a game.
3. Alix Hice can't guess because I told her the answer via Facebook on Friday morning.

As always, credit goes to Tower of the Riddle master.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts:

Am I the only one having trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings Time?  I  never used to have a problem, but this year, I'm exhausted!  

My son's cat is living with me for a few months while his landlord (who didn't know he had a cat living there) is showing the house to prospective students for the next school year.  Tucker is finally getting over being completely freaked out, although he continues to hiss at his cousins.    The resident cats are not too happy about the deal but they mostly ignore him and hiss back when he makes noise.

Tucker has no claws but he does have a set of sharp teeth, which I learned the other night when he bit me!  He's lucky he's still in the house.

When I was a kid a tucker was a penis.  That makes me giggle sometimes.

I realized yesterday that I'll be working 8 days straight and won't have a day off until Sunday.  I have to work 4 or 5 hours tomorrow which is normally one of my days off because we're validating 3 new servers.  It's a lot more hourly pay for really easy work, so I don't really mind.  

I also have to work a double on Friday because one of our bartenders is marrying one of our servers on Friday night.  I think half of our staff will be in the wedding or attending the wedding, so everyone else has to work.  Plus we're really short-handed (which explains all the new server validations).  Friday could be very interesting!!

Jeanne the Love Psychic on Facebook told me that me or a close friend will be married within a year.  Uh... er... um.... 

My hesitation surprises me.  When I was learning how to be single again, all I wanted was to meet someone and get married. I was married for so long (23 years) that I didn't know how to be single!  I was worried I'd fall for the first guy who came along.  Thank goodness THAT didn't happen because I met some doozies!!!

The first time John told me he loved me I told him to SHUT UP AND NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN!!!
Smooth, Joan.  I guess I got over my desperation to be married!  Scared the crap out of John though!  LOL

My son, the 6' 2" leprechaun, turns 22 tomorrow!  Happy birthday Tim!!!

 Tim and Dani, Summer 2009

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I almost had no drama

Sigh. Dani was home, sort of, for spring break. I picked her up last Friday from school, and last Sunday, I drover her to Philly to catch a flight to Oregon to visit her friend (remember the drama with her friend with the baby and child services and the crazy ex-boyfriend's mama? you can check out that story here) who moved there 2 years ago. On Friday, I picked her up from the airport and brought her home.

I chose not to go to John's after work yesterday so I could be home to spend some time with her before she left for school. HA! I did see her. As she flew into and out of the house from time to time last night.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. It was 1am/2am (depending on whether or not you changed your clocks ahead before going to sleep) I do remember seeing the clock on my phone move from 2 am to 3 am when Daylight Savings Time began.

This morning, as I slept, I hear feet pounding down the steps, then back up the steps and my bedroom door flew open and there was Dani, screaming at me that I was supposed to wake her up at 8:30 because she's supposed to be meeting Sarah right now (9:30... hey! if it wasn't DST, we'd be right on time!) in Morgantown to go back to school.

I slowly put on some pants and shoes to help her get her shit into her car. She grabbed her purse and keys and stalked out of the house without a thank you or good bye and left for school. I was going to offer to take her friend home who stayed over last night but Dani was being such a bitch, I thought screw you.

So I have my life back again, at least until May.  can't wait.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Six Word Saturday

I think I need an ark.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Dear So and So... Just Sayin' Edition

Dear Tim,
Yes, I'll be happy to take your cat, Tucker for the summer while you look for a place to live after you graduate.  I do not, however, take any responsibility to any damage inflicted on him by the 2 resident cats, Cameron and Mason, who have claws and know how to use them.   Not my problem that he was de-clawed and has no way to protect himself. 

Love you, but I'm just sayin'

Dear Tim,
I'm curious if you asked Daddy Dearest if he would take the cat, since he has one too.  Either you didn't because you knew I'd do it for you, or he said no.

Just wonderin'

Dear Gina,
Congrats on getting your passport in such a timely fashion for your trip to Ireland in May.  You know what would be a LOVELY Mother's Day gift?  If I could go with you to Ireland.  I love Colleen too, ya know!  AND I have a passport! 

Afraid you might get lost on your way,
Your loving Mother

Dear Paul,
Well it seems that you have left this life as oddly as you lived it.  You were an odd duck and you sure knew how to entertain people.  Your imitation of your father was uncanny by all accounts.  I did enjoy your music and your company when we saw you.  I'm glad I was able to spend Christmas with you.  You surely will be missed.

Rest in peace,

Dear Dani,
I'm glad you had such a great time with Lauryn in Oregon on your Spring Break.  Do you realize you were able to visit her three times in the past year?  It won't be long before Lauryn and Lillian will be visiting us this summer!  It sucks that your plane leaving Denver was delayed and now you'll be landing in Philly at the height of rush hour.  I am very happy, however, that you now have wheels and I won't have to drive you back to school on Sunday!


Dear Winter,
Good riddance!!!  I'm glad you're gone and don't show your ugly face around here again!  At least not until 2011 and feel free to skip the Northeast next year.

Had enough,

Dear VodkaMom,
I do believe I have hit the maximum times I'm allowed to vote for you on Babble's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers.  I tested my theory on a blog far below yours and I was able to vote for that one.  That really sucks because reading the goody goody, my baby is perfect and aren't I a wonderful mother blogs make me gag.  7th Place is surely a great place to be, but I was hoping we could get you closer to the top.  I'll still try to remember to keep the plug for Babble on my posts. 

One of your biggest fans and fellow uh... Oregonian,

Dear Readers,
Why not pop over the pond to Kat's Place in the UK, grab the button and get some stuff off your chest?  Trust me, it feels good to release it all!  Don't forget to Link your Dear So and So and lots of others will be able to read them too!  Go on!  You know you want to!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I'm feeling kind of lazy today.  Could be because I'm tired.  I woke up in the middle of the night (3am), got dressed and headed to Redner's Market (open 24/7) for some pharmaceuticals.  Okay, I have a hemorrhoid, the real kind... not the male kind and I just couldn't wait until morning to get something for it.  It took me about 2 hours to get back to sleep.  Then I was wide awake at 8:30.  Sigh.  Now I feel like I need a nap.

I should be cleaning, but frankly, I just don't feel like it.  My kid will be back from Oregon in 2 days and will be home for 2 days before heading back to school.  At least now she has a car, thanks to Daddy Dearest and Maleficent, and I don't have to make that trip again.  Anyway, she'll most likely trash the place and I thought, why bother until she's gone?

My good friend, Matty at Matty's Thoughts has a really good little video clip that y'all should check out.  It's about moms.  And if my kids are lurking, yeah, that's how it is and that's how I feel. <3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I was supposed to meet my next door neighbor for breakfast this morning and I totally forgot!  I'm so glad she called me to cancel until next week!  

John got the results of his PET scan and it shows no sign of returning cancer!  YAY!!!

I am loving this weather with temps in the mid to high 50s!  Bring on temps in the 70s Mother Nature!

I've learned if I drive 4.5 hours to Indiana, PA, load up a car with 2 teens and some luggage, then immediately drive 4.5 hours home (totalling 550 miles), I will sleep really well, like I haven't slept in years.

Fortunately I don't have to make that drive very often.

Although I have made it 6 times since December 2008.

Dani told me I really have to watch Glee.  I was able to get the last 5 episodes on my computer last night and watched all 5, finishing up at 2 am.  Now I'm hooked!

I just realized it's Lost night and The Biggest Loser night!  

Lost is starting to piss John off.  He says they're supposed to be answering questions but all they're doing is giving him more questions.  I think they are answering questions... just not as clearly as he'd like them answered.

I'm still mega behind on my blog reading.  It's all your fault!  If so many of you didn't have such great blogs, I wouldn't be following so many! 

John and I saw Alice In Wonderland on Saturday night.  The more I think about it, the less I liked it.  Anyone else see it? 

I think that's it for Random!  Now go visit Keely, grab the RTT button , link up to her blog and do some randomness too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Clear!!

John had his PET scan last week to check for Lymphoma.  He gets them every 3 months now because he had the kind of cancer that likes to keep coming back.   Last summer, he had a stem cell transplant to try to kill the cancer once and for all.  March is 6 months since his release from the hospital and his PET scan is showing  NO SIGNS OF CANCER!!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Cause for celebration!!!!!

For those of you who may be new to my blog, you can read about John's 2+ year battle with Lymphoma, and how he came back from Stage 4 cancer. You can read a fairly complete story here.

This is such great news!  John's never gone 6 months without the Lymphoma showing up!!  I'm really starting to believe that maybe, just maybe the cancer is gone for good!!!  Another PET scan is scheduled for June 2010.  I'm not sure how long they'll watch him every 3 months or when they'll start lengthening the time between scans.  All I know is I'm as happy as a pig in shit right now!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday


Spring is trying to spring!  YAY!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts


This is me, being random.  OK, normally you need to go to Keely's blog, The Un-Mom, but apparently she's taking the day off.  So, for today, you have to jump over the pond to Merry Olde England and visit Amy's blog at The Bitchin' Wives Club and grab the button there to do some randomness of your own!   Be sure to leave your link there, so others can see how random you truly can be!

Yay!!!  The Biggest Loser is back tonight!  I can't wait to see what drama they can stir up.

It's also LOST! night!  I sure hope they answer all the questions that I have or I'm gonna be pissed when this is over!

I have to drive (maybe for the last time) to Indiana, PA to get my kid for Spring Break.  sigh.  Nine hours (4.5 hours each way) in the car.  If I don't pick up a 24 oz coffee at Wawa, I might make it in 4 hours.  

The good news is, she now has a car waiting here, so I don't have to drive her back to school!  

Here's the deal.  The ex gave my son a used Blazer for his 21st birthday, last year. Maleficent (the trophy wife with the abnormally fat ass) got a new car a week or so ago, so, for Son's college graduation, Ex and Maleficent gave Son her 4 year old Honda.  So the Blazer now gets passed on to Youngest Daughter.  And supposedly, when Youngest Daughter trashes the Blazer, Daddy Dearest is going to buy her a NEW CAR!  

That's probably the one thing I miss about being married.  I got a new car every 3 or  4 years, and I didn't have to think twice if I wanted to go shopping.  I don't miss him, just the perks.

I broke my bed again... this time for good.  And we weren't even doing anything this time!  So now I have to get a new frame.  For the time being, my box spring and mattress are on the floor.  I feel like a hippy!

The list of crap I need to replace is growing... dryer is top on the list, dishwasher, now bed frame.  

I did spring for new work shoes. My feets are happy again.

I think we might be getting some snow tonight but it might miss us.  Sorry, Gina... looks like Delaware is on the hit list again.  But it should be small this time.

I really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year!  Canada threw a pretty good party!   That hockey game was great!  Too bad USA lost, but Silver ain't so bad!  

Congrats to the USA and to our Northern Cousins, Canada for all the great medal wins.  Since the USSR has been broken up, we actually have decent chances to win medals! 

OK, I think I ran out of random!  Now, go on.  Get random too!!!