Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Snow and Losers (and I've added more stuff)

So I put up the Random Tuesday Thoughts button and went completely blank!   This could take all day.

So we had our first snowfall of the year this past weekend.  We didn't get much (about an inch), just enough to wreak havoc on the side roads.  

I hate snow, unless I'm all snug in my house.

The South is looking better (read warmer) all the time!  

A year ago this past weekend, Dani and I were in Indiana, PA (not to be confused with the state of Indiana) and Pittsburgh, PA for her college auditions (she's a theater major).  We had to drive from Pittsburgh to Pottstown in a snowstorm, the first snow of the year.  That 5 hour drive turned into an 8 hour drive and I needed major alcohol when I finally got home!

I might get my Christmas shopping done before Christmas.  I have started at least!  

I just saw a preview of The Biggest Loser finale and I KNOW I'm going to cry like a baby through most of the show.

I hope Danny wins The Biggest Loser ($250,000) and I hope Abby wins for the contestants who were sent home ($100,000).

I now have chapped lips because my nose is stuffed and I'm breathing out of my mouth.  I hate chapped lips. 

I am so far behind on reading all the blogs I follow!  I need a week's vacation just to catch up! 

I keep finding more stuff to add to my RTT!  I'm sad.  I just found out that As The World Turns is being canceled and their last show will air in September.  I've really haven't watched the show too often, but I have watched it more in the past couple of years because my daughter's college roommate is a character on that show.  Marnie Schulenburg plays Alison Stewart on ATWT.  I hope she can find work soon, maybe on a prime time TV show!   Break a leg, Marnie!

OK, this lame RTT is OVER!

Oops!  I nearly forgot to give props to Keely at The Unmom for doing RTT! 
Check out her site and if you do RTT, link yourself so others can read your stuff!  And check out more RTTs!


Martha in PA said...

LOL, I always have good stuff for Random Thoughts and Friday Fragments, but I forget them by the time I'm ready to post!

Biggest Loser Finale was great - only watched the last hour. I could not get into it this season for some reason. Danny did awesome! Proposal was cool, and I read that Rebecca is loving her some Danny (the other one).

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

My whole blog always seems random.

Heather said...

I thought about joining in on some of these daily things like Random Teusdays, Spread the Word Thursdays and Spin Cycle. I just can't seem to go with forced thinking. It's hard enought to remember the shopping list.

Not bad for having drawn a blank.

Heather said...

I heard about ATWT, I had to call my bf so we could cry together. Too cool You knowing one of the actors. I hope all the actors from ATWT and GL can find work.