Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear So and So

Dear Kat,
Happy 30th Birthday, my friend!  I hope it was wonderful!



Dear Chachi (my car),
I'm sorry I haven't taken really good care of you this year.  I promise to do better, especially since the 2 new tires, replacing the bent wheel (damned potholes) and the long overdue oil change cost me $375 the other day.  Getting the other bent wheel replaced and the rear brakes today (ka-ching! another $260) should make you happier, even though my wallet is crying.  Can you please be kind in July when I need to get you  inspected and pass the emissions and inspection tests??  I know you're not as young as you used to be (Chachi was 8 on New Year's Eve) and you have 131,000+ miles on you, but I know we can have many more happy years together.  I really do love you a lot, even though I don't always show it.

Promising to show you more love in the future,


Dear Mother Nature,
Flood warnings and high wind alerts for this weekend?  Really?   Haven't you punished us enough this year?
I just have one small request.  If you must knock down one of my trees, can you make sure that it hits the roof?  I need a new one and the insurance will cover it if you do this.  A $500 roof  I can afford... a $6,000 one?  Not so much.

Tired of all this "weather",


Dear Greg from work,
Thank you SO MUCH for giving me your "old" Droid!  I really do love it!  I still can't believe you just gave it to me!  I know you love your newer Droid X.  It is so much faster than the Blackberry!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Friends,
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lisleman said...

one of those that name cars - do you do the cha cha with it?

I recall you had some names for the ex's new mate. I was listening to a song called "Joy" by Lucinda Williams. Part of the lyrics "You got no right to take my joy... I want it back..."
check it out you might like it.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I hope your car gets the message!

linlah said...

I like the tree idea, hope it works out in a good way.