Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts: so not ready for grandkids edition

I'm so glad Stacy took over Random Tuesday Thoughts.  I enjoy reading what others have to say and sometimes it's fun to just put down lots of randomness on "paper" (so to speak).

My daughter's friend is visiting from Oregon (the real Oregon, not Vodkamom's Oregon).  With her 2 year old daughter.  It's been interesting, to say the least.  My house is not baby-proofed.  I haven't had to worry about that stuff for quite a few years now.  I guess it's good practice for when I have grandchildren of my own.  But this kid is driving me up the friggin' wall!  I think God makes kids really cute so you don't strangle them.

Three times I caught Lillian scooping all the dry cat food into the cats' water bowl.  The last time I threatened to make her eat it.  She was making cereal for the cats.  

She keeps taking my Longaberger baskets and trying to stand in them. If she breaks them, Mommy will be replacing them.   

She keeps finding Sharpie markers.  That alone scares the crap out of me!  I have no idea where she's finding them.  

She has eaten all of my yogurt. Tell Mommy to buy your own yogurt. 

I retaliated.  I ate her Apple Jacks.

Oh.  She did give me something, quite unselfishly, I might add.  She gave me her friggin' cold!  Mommy brought her here with full-blown bronchitis and a fever.  I've been hacking up lungs since Thursday and missed 2 days of work, so far.  And Mommy keeps taking my Dayquil/Nyquil because she's sick too.

I have no idea when they are leaving.  She hasn't made her reservations yet.  I hope it's soon.  

Hack, hack.  Ah-choo!  


Ann said...

Joanie that just stinks!
(The way you write about it makes me laugh though ;-> )

Hide those sharpies!!!

Mellodee said...

Oh man, that's just flat out rude! Mommy should be riding herd on the little darling, even if both of them are sick. How long have they been there? Somebody very clever (Mark Twain, Will Rogers, Donald Duck???) said "Fish and houseguests stink after 3 days." Sounds like their 3 days are long gone!!

That Janie Girl said...

I know it's not funny for you, but you do have quite a way of telling a story, you know! I'm laughing my bobo off!

Kristine said...

I agree with Mellodee. It is very rude and to overstay your welcome at that!

Feel better soon!

Joanie said...

They are leaving this weekend.

Yaya' s Home said...

Sorry; I'm still kinda' enjoying the mental image of cereal for the cat. Now, why din't I think of that?

~ Yaya

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Be sure to "deliver" them to the airport to ensure arrival on time and most importantly, departure on time!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Um, why are they staying with you? Your daughter's friend, right? Yes, kids are adorable, but only when they're your own. :-)

Ice Queen said...

That is the single reason children are adorable! If they weren't they would never make it to adulthood! It's Darwinism at it's finest!

Hope you feel better darling! I know firsthand that a cold from a kid is worse on the adult!

Vodka Mom said...

(If you need help with the "removal", let me know!)


Captain Dumbass said...

Get her some little boxing gloves then tape them to her hands. And find out where she's getting those Sharpies!

SuziCate said...

I feel your little friends just shared their summer cold with me, not enjoying the scratchy throat, sneezing, or the fever!