Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Geez!  I haven't done a Random Tuesday in ages!  I guess since Keely decided to go on Random Tuesday Sabbatical!  Happy to see Stacy has taken up the banner and is running with it!

The countdown to the wedding has begun!  Twenty-five more days!  I have my dress, my shoes, my bag, a cute new do.  Now if only I could lose 50 lbs in a hurry.  

My youngest child graduates from hairdressing school this Thursday.  I don't think there is any kind of real big ceremony.   She'll be coming home on Friday and will go to the beach with her friend's family on Saturday for a week, but then she heads back to Pittsburgh to get ready for her State Board exam and to find a JOB!

Things are settling down a bit at work.  Lots of new faces.  One VERY annoying new server who is pushy and is a liar (no way in hell did you make $115 last Saturday when your sales were about the same as mine and we stood around with nothing to do for a good portion of the shift).  His days are numbered.  I just wish that number would come up soon.

I still haven't mailed a postcard to Captain Dumbass.  I will, though!  I promise!

I was informed last night that Gina and her future mother-in-law are coming up to my house on June 15 for my dress fitting. (Jane is doing the alterations on my dress)  I thought I was driving to Delaware for the fitting.  Shit.  Now I have to clean my house.

The weather keeps jumping around.  First it's hot, then it's pleasant and warm, then the nights are chilly, now it's going to get hot again.  And with it comes the severe thunderstorms and chances of tornadoes (yep!  even in Pennsylvania!)  I used to worry that the high winds on these storms would knock over a tree onto my house.  But I need a new roof and now I keep hoping it WILL fall on my house!  I can pay the deductible!

I think I'm randomed out.  Now go visit Stacy @ Stacy Uncorked and leave your random link with her!


Kristine said...

Hope you have a wonderful time at the wedding!!!!

Happy RTT!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Yay for weddings. Is John going? Is he tuxed up and ready to go?

darsden said...


Joanie said...

Garret, no, John is not going to the wedding. Boyfriend FAIL!! He's acting like he's 10 when it concerns Dani. I'm not sweating it. He's going to miss a good time. And no one is wearing tuxedos.... all the groomsmen bought identical new suits. Only a bit more than a rental and they have a nice suit to wear in the future!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I love weddings! Post pictures! (And what's up with John not going? Mother of the Bride needs her date!)

lisleman said...

all the best with the wedding - can be a stress builder. Have a fun one.