Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear So and So... Let It Snow Edition


Dear Jack Frost,
I understand you're about to pay us another visit tonight.  I DO like that you seem to have flip flopped on how you arrive from years past.  This year you seem to be slamming the coastal areas, and giving those of us north and west of the city (Philadelphia) a bit of a break by giving us less snow.  Thanks for that!  Can you please delay your arrival until I can get home from work and John can get here? 
Warmly ('cause I have a full tank of oil),


Dear Me,
It was so fortunate that I decided to give up my Saturday shift, since I was working so many nights (and my day off on Wednesday) doing server validations.  Now I'm off and I don't have to try to get into work  in the middle of a snowstorm that plans to dump a foot in  my area!  Go me!!  AND I made sure my boss OK'ed it in case D decides not to show up!  It's on him and not me!

Dear Grocery Store,
Please have some groceries left on the shelf.  Now that I'll be home this weekend and most likely stuck inside with John (gee!  what a hardship!), I need to be able to prepare meals.  Never mind about bread, milk and eggs... I have those.  I need meat, sandwich fixins and snacks.
With cupboards bare,
Mother Hubbard


Dear Ex-husband,
Thanks SO MUCH for NOT buying me that snow blower I wanted for my birthday 10 years ago!  Now the kids are away at school, you aren't here (not that you ever helped with the shoveling anyway, you jerk), I have to get rid of a foot of snow on a long driveway.  If you had gotten the snow blower like I wanted (you cheap bastard), this note would sound much different!  Bitter?  You bet!

Your Ex

Dear Daughter,
I'm really sorry you aren't coming home this weekend.  I thought it would be important to let you know how much snow we were supposed to get.  You basically would have been stuck at home all weekend and not been able to drive to Philly like you planned.  Weather permitting, you can come home next weekend instead and you can have the car all weekend.  Sorry about that!  Too bad too, because it would have been nice to only have to drive to Reading (40 minutes) to get you instead of Harrisburg (2 hours).  Still better than the drive to Indiana, PA (4.5 hours)!

Dear Kids In The Neighborhood,
Who wants to make $20 shoveling my driveway and walkway?

Mrs. P

 Dear Readers,
Want to get stuff off your chest?  Dear So and So is a great way to do it!  Pop on over the pond to Kat's place, grab the button, write your own Dear So and So and link up to her blog!  There are a bunch more to read over there!  Go ahead!  You'll feel better for it!


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Gaston Studio said...

Your Dear So and Sos are great, especially the one to the ex!

Brian Miller said...

nice. bet you can find a kid to showel...snowing here already...going to be a nasty one...have a great weekend!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Great notes- what I really love is how upbeat you are, Joanie!!

I hope you all arrive home dry and warm with no headaches and then get SNOWED IN and enjoy the heck out of each other!!

The Retired One said...

I love your so and so's....

Loved the one about the snowblower!

Captain Dumbass said...

If you're not using that snow I know of a few Olympic venues that will take it off your hands.

Mellodee said...

So sorry about your snow! I lived in Chicago for more than 30 years of my life. ENORMOUS amounts of snow, ice, sleet, wind, blizzards, and cold. So now I live in Texas.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Aw, I hope you have a nice cozy weekend snowed in with John!!

linlah said...

I hope Jack and the Grocery are kind enough to listen and that you have a taosty weekend.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm just watching a news report on all the snow hitting your side of the country. OMG! Hang in there and be careful driving.


Alix said...

I'll shovel, Joanie. I need the exercise.

But how negotiable is that $20?

Great So And So's as usual. I tried to write some this week and didn't like them. I'm in a royal funk right now. So the blahs have even made it as far south as Florida.

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

I'm a little to your west in York, PA, and we are getting pummeled with the white stuff! Hope you're staying cozy and comfy (and well-fed!), and that one of those nice neighbor boys was able to help you out with the shoveling!

Love your post, glad I found you!

Amy said...

So much for the nice ex! LOL!

Ice Queen said...

I would shovel your driveway for $20.

ps...Who's this Vodka Mom woman. Never heard of her...=)