Friday, December 12, 2008

Could be worse... it could snowing

I try to be amusing as often as possible here, but today cannot possibly be that day.

It's been raining here in eastern PA for 3 days now, often torrential downpours. And that means flooding, lots and lots of flooding. I now have about 4 inches of water in my basement and if I didn't have a sump pump, I'd have a foot of water. There is nothing I can do until the rain stops. And the rain is not supposed to stop until tomorrow, I think. I know we're supposed to get more rain today and often heavy. Great. Then, once the water recedes, I can get in there with the wet dry vac and get the rest of the water up. It could be worse though. If this was snow, we've have gotten several feet of it.

I hate this house. I should have sold it 3 or 4 years ago, but I was stupid and thought the ex would "come to his senses and come home." I told you I wasn't sane then, I wasn't kidding. OH! And the roof is leaking over my son's room. There's a wet spot on his ceiling. Some years ago, we had the remnants of a hurricane come through and it tore about 6 shingles off the roof. Of course, we never did anything about it then. Now I can't get anyone up there to replace the shingles. Wimps! It's too high! I know I need a new roof but that's not happening. I don't have the thousands of dollars to replace the roof. Hell, I can barely keep up with the regular monthly bills. So a patch job it's going to have to be. Maybe my friend's dad can do it for me. He fixed my front steps for a nice low price.

We tried to sell the house last year but couldn't get a buyer. Now the bottom has dropped out of the market and the house is worth less than we owe on it. This is because we refinanced the mortgaged so many damn times there's no equity in it any more. The last time we did it, it was right after the ex left and he needed money because his entire paycheck was going to me to pay bills. He got an interest-only loan. Did I mention that I was insane back then?? So for the past 3+ years, we have been putting no principle into the payments and we owe the same as we did back then. The only thing I did was refuse to have my name on the mortgage this time. My name is still on the deed so I'm protected. And my divorce papers say I get 95% of the proceeds if and when we sell the house... Greg's idea. He wanted me to have a down payment on another house. Sometimes I actually know when to keep my mouth shut. Dontcha just love a guilty conscience?? LOL!

And to top it all off, I woke up with a migraine. I get these about once a month, and if I can catch it before it really kicks in, it will go away fairly quickly. But if I wake up with one, it could take 2 days to get rid of it. For some reason, my migraine headaches are in my sinuses. And the only thing that works, besides coffee, is Aleve Cold and Sinus. Of course, my Aleve was in my purse, in my car. And my car is parked outside, in the rain. And I'm in my jammies and too lazy to go upstairs yet and put clothes on. Got my pill , so hopefully, the headache will go away soon.

It's 2 weeks to Christmas and I haven't started my shopping yet. Thankfully I only have to get gifts for my 3 kids, Gina's boyfriend and John. When I was married, I had to buy for all the nieces and nephews on the ex's side, his aunt, a $75 Pollyanna with his siblings, my mother was still living so I bought for her and my sister the nun. And he and I spent hundreds on each other. Just insane. John is thrilled if I buy him a book for Christmas.

OMG!!! The SUN is shining in my window!! Maybe, just maybe this rain is over for now!!!
And as soon as my water recedes in my basement, I can wash all the clothes that were on the floor in front of the machines. Some were actually clean but weren't brought upstairs right away. I'll be doing laundry for a few days now because of course, my hamper if full.

My poor cats don't know what to do! Their litter box is in the basement. I moved it to the landing at the bottom of the stairs but they keep looking down and meowing.


Jim and Garret said...

Wow, glad to hear ya bitch though! Rain, rain go away, come back another day. Hopefully that worked for you!


Joanie6726 said...

The good news is, my headache went away in about 2 hours, the rain stopped, the sun came out, the sump pump has most of the water out of the basement and I had a busy day at work and made decent money! Things are looking up!