Thursday, December 18, 2008

Want some cheese with that whine?

Yes, this is definitely a bitch session.

I gathered my work uniforms to wash yesterday so I'd have clean clothes to wear to work this week (what a concept! a few of my younger co-workers should try this) I head down to the basement and see... 6 inches of water!!! Apparently, my sump pump moved a bit and the water was not receding from last week's flooding. Actually, it did go down then filled back up. (sigh) So I jiggle it around and it's now working. I nearly forgot to mention that I had to remove my shoes and nice warm socks and roll up my pants legs to wade through the very very cold water to get to the stalled sump pump! BRRR!!!! Did I mention that it's cold in eastern PA in December?? I took my basket of laundry to John's apartment and did it in his laundry. And used his quarters and his soap and stuff!

My just about 18 year old daughter is getting braces put on her teeth as I type. The dentist has been telling us for years that she needs braces, but so does her brother too. Dani has been having trouble with her jaw and the dentist told us if she had braces, they could fix that. So the ex says "then we'll get her braces." Ok, where were you 10 years ago when the dentist said this??? But the good news is, the ex said he's paying for it! Then I get the estimate....$5,000!!! LMAO!!! They were $3,000 when the dentist first suggested it. Dani is graduating from high school in June and heading off to college in August. But she should be out of braces by the summer before her sophomore year.
Now my son, Tim, who is nearly 21 says, "Well? What about me? Why can't I get braces? My teeth are worse than hers? Why do I get skipped over???" Well, your jaw isn't a problem. (sigh... I love my children, I love my children, I love my children...)

So I just get a text message from Dani telling me they want to know where I am! This child will be 18 years old in 8 days! Does she really need mommy with her to get her braces on?? I was there for the initial appointment, I was there for the money appointment, even though her father should have been there since he's the one paying for it! They tell her I need to sign another form. But it's an insurance form and Daddy is the carrier. They were supposed to mail this crap to him in OCTOBER!!!!! OH! And they ask, where is your check? HUH? Dani told them they were supposed to mail the bill to her Dad and he was going to send the check but they never did. So now they are calling him for a credit card number! LOL! Stupid ass receptionist!

Hey! This isn't as whiny as I thought! I'm loving this "Dad has to pay for all of it" stuff! Give me a minute, I'm sure I can get back to the whine and cheese party soon.

I had to get a lightbulb changed on my car and Dani's car. One of the headlights was out on each car. They charged $30 to change the lightbulb! Dani's car went to my regular mechanic and my car went to Sears (because I can drop it off on my way to work and pick it up on my way home) We also had oil changes done and tire rotated (free because I buy my tires at Sears) So each car was $75.. just what I need 10 days before Christmas! I was hoping for $35 or $40 each.

OK, last course on my whine and cheese party, mainly because I have to get ready for work and I really need to stop typing..... why can't I use the cool fonts and colors any more? That option seems to have disappeared from my blog! I can do BOLD, I can do italics, I can add links. What I can't do is change the color of my font, the size of my font or the style of my font any more! And this makes me sad!

**UPDATE: As you can see, my fonts are fixed! Thanks Garret !!


Lilly's Life said...

Oh took me five years to pay off my daughters braces. Seems like every kid needs them now. Hope your daughter is not in too much pain with them. Enjoyed your whine and cheese party - nice to know that we are all in the same boat one way or another, hey?? Um maybe you need a life jacket in your basement just in case.

Jim and Garret said...

When you're typing an entry, above "preview" it says "Edit Html" and "Compose". Switch to compose. Your editing bar will return with the missing options.


Vodka Mom said...

i had TWO girls with braces. I said to the receptionist, just send me a bill for what the insurance doesn't cover. She said, "are you kidding? It covers NOTHING!!!!"

yeah. $9,000 later.........I feel your pain. Except for the 6 inches of water, of course....

Joanie6726 said...

The good news is.... the water has receded in the basement, and the ex-husband has to pay for the braces!
And Garret? You are my hero!

Liz said...

Flooded basements SUCK!

Yay for avoiding the ortho bill!!

And did I hear there was wine and cheese? Where is it? I want some!

Joanie6726 said...

Shiraz or Merlot?