Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Joanie needs...

OK, I totally stole this from Temple's blog at Cookies Mean God Loves You! It's quite amusing (and I'll admit I am easily amused). Just google your name needs (in quotes) and see what pops up! I did "Joanie needs" and this is 10 of the hundreds of entries I found on my google search:

1. Joanie needs to keep taking her medication. (see #3 and #9, 'nuff said)

2. Joanie needs a little time to consider it. (consider what??)

3. Joanie needs to eliminate the mood swings. (well, I'm 53 and peri-menopausal and the peri- part of that is enough to cause moods swings!)

4. Joanie needs to lose some weight. (hey! hey! be nice!)

5. Joanie needs your number so she can call you all the time. (sounds kind of stalker-y, doesn't it!)

6. Joanie needs to find spookier friends.
(is creepy the same as spooky?)

7. Joanie needs to find a nude scene before she goes. (me? nude? in public? HA! only in my "naked in public" dreams!)

8. Joanie needs to go to sleep. (I blame this on the elephant couple and their yapping dog who live upstairs from John)

9. Joanie needs some psychiatric help. (well if I had kept taking my meds, I might not)

10. Joanie needs something to steam her up. (got that. his name is John. LOL)

So... what did YOU find on your search?


Liz said...


Here's mine:
Liz needs...

to get that one frame out of her old animated avatar.

a man.

to devise a budget and stick to it.

one more taste of her oozing pastry. (um... EW)

Christmas blocks.

to know. (I like that. Kinda deep.)


happy thoughts.

to toughen up.

to find a new hobby.

And had we gone on to number eleven, I apparently need to stop drinking. Ha!

RecoveringActor said...

...ok I did mine.. but it's dirty. So please, google "gina needs" and look at the listing from Amazon. It's, um, colorful.

Joanie6726 said...

Oh my, Gina!!! There was another naughty one on page 2 of the google search! Maybe you should have done Regina needs. LOL

Jim and Garret said...

Funny, indeed:

occasional nursing services – help eating and drinking

a Big Brother

To Jump

help with bladder catheterization and the suctioning of his tracheotomy tube.