Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Neighbors in the World! Also graduation and 20 years

I have, without a doubt, the best neighbors in the world!

You know all the weird little troubles I've been having here with the house. Well, yesterday, John (best boyfriend in the world!) bought me a new sump pump. Tonight, my next door neighbor, Steve came over and installed it for me. Tomorrow I can get down there and get rid of all the lovely mildew that is growing up all the walls in my basement and get the rest of the water out of there. My de-humifier is going like crazy. Soon I will have a dry, non-stinky basement!

His wife, Kris, came over earlier and tried to get my cable box hooked up properly, but we have had no luck. Steve tried his hand at it too, but with no luck. Damned Comcast! Tomorrow I have to call them to have someone come out and install my cable box for me. I down-graded from hi-def digital cable to regular digital cable. I also got rid of all my premium channels and my phone line. I unhooked the cable box and brought it back to the office and picked up the regular one. This was 2 weeks ago. No luck. So today I brought it back and got another one. Still no luck. I have so many wires behind the TV, I can't tell what goes where any more! Guess it's time to call in the professionals.

Now if I can just find someone who knows how to fix dryers for free.

Today, Dani came home from school as I was getting ready for work. She stopped on the walkway, looked up (I was in my bedroom) and said, "I am finished with high school!" And I looked down and proclaimed, "So am I!!" Halleluiah!

I have been sending my kids to Catholic school for 20 years! (Gina even went to a Catholic college, so she was 17 years in the system!) Twenty years of Catholic School tuition, 20 years of uniforms and shirts and ties. Twenty years of making sure books were always covered. Tweny years of servicable shoes. Twenty years of nuns and priests and permission slips and detention. Twenty years of having to hide piercings (Dani), wearing illegal pants (Gina), and having hair too long (Tim). We were in the grade school for 16 years. After 16 years, there are no secrets. They know EVERYTHING abut you. Sixteen years is way too long to have kids in one school. We were 11 years in the high school. That didn't seem so bad. Each kid was in grade school for 9 years, the high school only 4 years. But as of today, we're finished. FOREVER!!!!

All that's left to do is attend the Baccalaureate Mass on Monday evening and graduation on Tueday morning. Then I get to go to lunch with my newly graduated daughter, my son, my daughter's friend and my ex-husband. He asked me to find a place near the college where the graduation is to be held and make a reservation. So I did. I chose a 4 star restaurant! Ka-ching!!! I will not be paying the bill. :)

John had some tests done in preparation for his chemo treatments. The pulmonary test was good. Apparently he has really good lungs. On Tuesday he has a scan done and an ultrasound. Still waiting onther esults fo the MUGA, which is a heart scan. The ultrasound was to check his left testicle. Apparently he was having some pain there and they wanted to make sure there were no masses there. Fortunately they found nothing. The enlarged lymph nodes in his groin are causing the pain and for some reason he's feeling it in his testicle. He's scheduled for his bone marrow biopsy on Monday. I knew we were going to run into some conflicts with our schedules. I can't take him for the biopsy because it's the same day as Baccalaureate. Mass is at 7 pm, but I have to ready to go by 5:30 because Dani has to be there by 6:30. I can't take the chance that I can be back in time. So John is on his own for this. I sure hope they don't schedule one of his chemo treatments on the 15th of 16th of June. Those are the days I have to take Dani to the college for orientation and it's 5 hours from here.


Lilly said...

And I bet you have good neighbors because you are a great one yourself. Good on them.

Congrats for surviving the system adn now YOU ARE FREE!!!! Enjoy it is great! Congrats to your daughter on her graduation. An di hope your work up a huge appetite between now and the dinner. I hear lobster is a good at this time of year. And you so have to have French champagne too!

Glad John is ok and keep on keeping on the pair of you. Just bulldoze yourself through it all Joanie. You are a treasure!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Phew! You have a very full plate. But isn't it nice to be surrounded by so many terrific people who obviously love you?!?!

Congrats on graduation! And enjoy your fancy celebration diner. You deserve it!

Good luck with chemo. I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

mo.stoneskin said...

Glad there is some good news there.

If I was your neighbour I'd fix the dryer for a beer.

Amy said...

Congrats on finishing the long race! Prayers for John as he moves into treatment again.

lisa said...

What a long haul. You're doing a great job with handling everything that's come your way. And prayers to John as be begins new treatments.

Joanie M said...

Mo, if you could fix my dryer, I'd buy you a case of beer!

Michelle said...

Yay for being done with school tuition!!
Shawn and I tore our dryer apart more than a month ago and rebuilt it, it's still working!

Jan said...

Oi vey - I hope John has more good test results!

I will be joining you in your rejoicing. As of next Thursday, I will be finished with middle school; The Young One moves on to high school next fall. Between my three kids and Beloved's two, I have had a child in middle school for THIRTEEN STRAIGHT YEARS. I am sick to death of middle school.

darsden said...

Congrats on the kids...great for wonderful neighbors and prayers for continued healing for John. Have a great weekend

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

As a single mom I don't know what I'd do w/o my neighbors. It's like they become our family.
Good luck with your very full plate!

Joanie M said...

My next door neighbors come in to Fridays and I wait on them. I try to slip them free appetizer coupons for them to use. And I pretend it's someone's birthday and give them free dessert.

Jim and Garret said...

The best boyfriend bought you a sump pump. I bet you never thought you'd see the day when receiving a sump pump as a gift would be so well-received?

Joanie M said...

He's the best!