Monday, May 25, 2009

Things that make me cry

I'm reading blogs this morning before heading off to work (yes, I have to work on Memorial Day), and some folks are writing about or just putting pictures up to honor the men and women who fought and died for our country over the years. It's making tears well up in my eyes. So it got me thinking about all the things (some really silly) that make me cry and the surprising things that don't.

Comedy Goddess was writing about watching a parade and how she welled up seeing a WW II vet being honored for his service. I remembered that parades make me cry! I know! It's silly! Thanksgiving Day parades, New Year's parades, Memorial Day parades, 4th of July parades. The floats go by, the scout troops, the kids on decorated bikes.... and here I am with a huge lump in my throat! I don't know what it is!

Other things that make me cry.

Christmas Carols sung in church. The choir starts up and my throat closes up.

Seeing Relay For Life teams, all in the same shirt in honor or or in memory of a certain person. I was waiting for a table in a diner on Mother's Day and Philly had their Race For The Cure. There were several families also waiting for tables and everyone had identical shirts on, and I'm sitting there like a blubbering idiot, trying desperately not to cry.

Spending the day at the Relay For Life in our town last year, and listening to the speeches and watching the survivors, all wearing their purple shirts, doing their lap. Watching John walk by in his shirt, so proud to be counted with the other survivors. (It's the ONLY time I'll ever get that man to wear purple! LOL)

Hearing the recording of my daughter, Gina singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow in her clear 16 year old voice. I heard that kid rehearse that song over and over. I probably had to hear it 20 times before I could get through it without choking up. It's been 8 years since her high school did that play and if I put the video on, I get choked up all over again. God! That girl can sing and act like nobody's business!

Some movies make me cry. Of course, now I'm blank on which ones will. It's not the ones you'd think though. Not movies like Sleepless in Seattle and other sappy chick flicks. If I think of them, I'll add them, just for fun.

John, big tough soldier John cries at the drop of a hat at movies. He never used to though. but as he gets older, he's turning into an old softy and movies that don't affect me at all have him sitting there with tears streaming down his face. I think it's sweet and he's glad I don't make fun of him.

My youngest kid is graduating from high school next Tuesday. I'm not sure if I'll cry during that ceremony. We'll see.

Speaking of Memorial Day, I want to remember my Uncle Francie Curry who was a gunner and died when his plane went down in Italy during WW II. He's buried at Anzio, Italy.

So, what sets your waterworks starting? C'mon! You can tell me! I won't tell anyone. I swear!


Jim and Garret said...

I don't cry cause "big girls don't cry."


Joanie M said...

So, you're just a big girl, huh. OK, Frankie Valli.

The Retired One said...

Oh, cripes...I cry at everything. Every Xmas program my kids were in...when the kids in any of the classes all filed in to the bleachers in their shiny shoes and new clothes and belted out Xmas songs...I would cry. If any reunion shows where they reunite someone with their long lost adopted brother, I am bawling...if someone dies in any movie or show, I blubber..I even blubber at those old "reach out and touch someone" telephone ads...It runs in my family.. The older we are, the more sentimental we get. Weddings? Forget it. I am a lost cause. The Father and bride dance? I lose it.
It is pitiful!

me in the pink said...

Joanie - one of my best friends is Jose Cuervo too!

We'll have to do a shot "together" soon!

Mary Ellen said...

I cry over all kinds of things. Anything patriotic (men in uniforms, the National Anthem, people saluting the flag), sappy commercials, movies, signs that my kids are all grown up, weddings, funerals. Name it - I cry over it. I especially bawl over stories about people doing extraordinarily nice/brave/sweet things for each other. I'm a wimp.

Sally's World said...

Gosh, i cry at the drop of a hat...and the worst is when someone else cries, anyone! even if i dont know them, or dont know what they are crying about...its embarasssing sometimes!!!

Kat said...

I am not a cryer is general, but Susan Boyle's singing makes me cry. It is something about the sweetness of her voice and it just makes my throat close up and tears come to my eyes.

Lilly said...

Somewhere over the rainbow makes me cry too - everything Eva Cassidy sings makes me cry. She died at 31. Love to hear your daughter sing that song.

Joanie M said...

I'm not sure my daughter would give me permission to post it here.

Aside from Gina singing it, my favorite is Israel Kamakawiwo'ole singing it.

Joanie M said...

Oh Mary Ellen! I think we're sisters! I get choked up whenever I see men or women in uniform.

Hallmark commercials absolutely do me in!

Joanie M said...

Lilly, the song Somewhere Over The Rainbow doesn't make me cry. MY DAUGHTER singing it makes me cry!

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

reading posts like this make me rock my ugly cry face. hard.

xo joanie xo

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Well. I've been crying lately cos my dog died...

Joanie M said...

I know, Pseudo. I'm sorry. :(