Monday, May 11, 2009

Spin Cycle: Prom Night, Color My World 1973

Color My World (by Chicago aka Chicago Transit Authority) That was the theme of my prom. Oh, Good Lord! This picture is so so funny! This is a picture of my sister, Jeanne in blue and me in lavender, going to my prom in 1973. Jeanne is 15 and she borrowed the dress from our friend, Denise, who wore it in her sister's wedding a year or so before. I was in our brother, Michael's wedding the year before, so I wore that dress to the prom. I am 17 in this photo. Jeanne was dating Ed, who she later married (then divorced 5 years later) and I was dating Kevin (we never married. A few years later he dumped me for his boss's daughter. My mother was THRILLED!))

I don't have a lot of memories from the prom. I can't tell you the date or where the prom was held. Most likely, a local hotel ballroom because there were nearly 1000 kids in my class! I do remember that the prom was held on a MONDAY NIGHT! How stupid is that? It was the day after Easter and we had off the next day (Catholic school, you always have off the day after Easter). Oh duh! I just realized I can google it! The prom was on April 23, 1973. As you will see in the picture below, Kevin wore a lavender tuxedo to match my dress. I was dorky enough to wear the hat and gloves that I wore in the wedding!

As I said, Jeanne borrowed her dress from Denise. When we arrived at the prom, we discovered that Mr. Maguire's (English teacher- 20th Century Fiction) wife (they were chaperones) had on the same dress that Jeanne was wearing!!! OMG! Jeanne was MORTIFIED!! I thought it was hysterical and thanking the good Lord that it wasn't MY dress she had duplicated. I was happy that Terry (Michael's wife's sister, who was also in the wedding) didn't wear her dress to the prom. Although, years later, our niece was getting married and Terry and I were wearing the same exact dress! She bought hers in Boston and I bought mine in Pennsylvania! Well, we spent 12 years going to the same Catholic schools. I guess it was not unusual that were still dressing alike! LOL

It's funny to see these pictures. Ed is now extremely fat and bald. He has 2 divorces under his belt and has been living with the same woman for about 20 years now. Jeanne is not the skinny little bitch she was in high school, although she's smaller than me. I'll admit to a smile of satisfaction a few years ago, when I saw that my kid sister is now sporting a fat ass now! Kevin went on to marry the boss's daughter, had 2 sons and died at the ripe old age of 35. Me? I'm now fat and sassy, with a divorce under my own belt and a great fellow in my heart, and waiting to get my life back in August when my youngest leaves for college on the other side of the state!

Want to join in the Spin Cycle fun? The one, the only Jen! At Sprite's Keeper! Spin Cycle is all her idea and it's lots of fun! Why not go on over and check out the other spins? Each week she gives us a topic to write a cool, funny, serious story. That link will give you the rules! Go on! It's fun!


Ice Queen said...

You definitely have the better dress. I love that the boyfriend is a fat ass now! Haha

Queen Bee said...

I think I need to start one of these spin cycle things...I have a story or 2 about my prom.

Lilly said...

God you make me laugh. You look as adorable as you did then, fat ass or not (we all have those girl)but your taste in hats is much improved thank goodness!!!

The Retired One said...

I just LOVE your sense of humor and outlook on life and realness about the past. I am over 50 now, and my outlook has become easier and more fun about things that I used to be anxious about....I think it is good to be real and sincere and just ourselves. We find out that is what people always loved about you, anyway!

Alix said...

LOVE IT! Love the comment about being dorky enough to wear the hate and gloves you wore in the wedding. But weren't we ALL that dorky?

The bridesmaid dress I wore in my oldest sister's wedding is the very same I wore in the Miss TP Pagent (TP = Terry Parker High School). It must have been a lucky dress because I won! Had to do it without the benefit of the hat and gloves tho.

Rock on Joanie. Your posts always make me howl.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Joanie, I happen to LOVE your prom dress! It's so 70's! Put on a pair of roller skates and you would have been a brunette Kira out of Xanadu!
Love this story! Don't forget! On Friday, Stiletto Mom and Blissfully Caffeinated are doing a round up of prom pictures. You must get in on this! You're linked!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

You are from my time girl. I graduated in 75,and if I had gone to prom, everyone would have looked like these photos of you and your gang.

Sally's World said...

great photos, you're dress is actually quite good, the lace collar and knitted shawl doens't do it for me really!!!!

love old pictures, i avoid ones of me of course as the hair is so inexplicably large...but i love to see them of other people!!!

Jim and Garret said...

Wow, during your prom I was 3 years old. I'm just stating a fact... don't hate.


Ginger said...

I'm sure I had a shawl exactly like the one your sister is wearing. I graduated in 1975 ("We are sexy, we're alive, we're the class of seventy-five!") and we so all looked just like that! DO you remember "maxi dresses?"

Mary Ellen said...

Boy, does that bring me back. I love the photos - very chic for the time, but hysterical now! I shudder to think about my prom outfit.

I'm glad you got the cards. Sorry I was slow. I hope you didn't mind a homemade gift...the refuge of the unemployed, you know!

And thanks for the Star Trek review. I've seen every Trek thing there is - movies, series - and I can't wait to see the film.

Kat said...

A lilac tux. Even for the 70s that is tacky. ;)

CaJoh said...

Oh those ties… wow, the way-back machine is ticking now.

Never went to prom, but it's always nice to hear how others enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing.

Aaron said...

haha i thought for a second i was looking at all in the family or the bradys haha! awesome post!

♥ Braja said...

Damn, you are hot :)

Anonymous said...

While the fashions aren't my favorite I have to say that they look so much more lady like, age appropriate, and sweet than the stuff us young people wear to go out nowadays, even to formal outings such as proms or weddings.

I love seeing pictures like these.
Great Spin!