Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear So and So... healthcare edition

Dear BK free wifi,
WHY don't you have a back button on this service? It really sucks to have to close everything down and start all the f*** over to use this computer. And why does your free wifi shut down the one I'm using repeatedly. As soon as I pay my comcast bill, I'm divorcing you.
BK customer

Dear Tri-care Health Insurance,
WHY, now that John is ready to do this transplant, are you questioning the choice of hospital and doctor he is seeing? Why does he need to get a referral from his primary care physician when his oncologist sent him to that hospital because you wouldn't let him go to the one his doc wanted him to see? It was YOUR idea to him to go to HUP (an excellent hospital... we are not disputing that) If you hold up his care and he gets sicker, he will sue your ass. There's a good reason he calls you Try-to-get-Care Insurance.
Frustrated Caregiver

Dear US Army,
Why have you reneged on your promise of free healthcare for life when John agreed to give 20 years of his life to serving our country. Now you make him pay co-pays and premiums. YOU get to choose where he goes for care and what doctors he sees. If he tried to go to the VA hospital, it takes months to get an appointment, and the care is frightening at best. Don't you want your veterans who served honorably to live to a ripe old age?
Frustrated Caregiver

Dear Corporate Bosses where I work,
I agreed to use your health insurance and cancelled the exhorbitant insurance I had that sucked anyway. Now you're telling us open enrollment is only in January. If I need to see a doctor before then, expect to get the bills sent to your office for payment. Or maybe I'll marry my boyfriend for his health insurance... it's still cheaper than what I have and it covers more.
Uninsured Employee

Dear Dr with the unpronouncable Russian name,
$180?? Really? For bronchitis? Sorry... didn't realize I was paying off your student loans. Stand in line lady, if you expect to get paid for what my lousy insurance didn't cover.
Former Patient who's looking for a new doc

Dear Max and Irma's,
Brace yourself. We're coming over after our movie tonight and I think I have a big-ass margarita with my name on it!
Thirsty Customer


Mary Ellen said...

I love dear so-and-so! What a great way to get it off your chest!

Health care companies make me nuts, too.

Nikki said...

Tri-Care is really the worst insurance out there. Think of how bad it will be when the gov takes over all of our insurance needs!

Jim and Garret said...

I too, love so and so.

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

OH, man, insurance is the biggest pain in the ass!
But it's good you're at HUP. EXCELLENT hospital!

Kat said...

Warning: I am about to use foul language..

I fucking hate Tricare. Eff them seriously.

Signed, A Disgruntled Tricare holder.

mo.stoneskin said...

I'm with you on the damn wifi. A lot of the services time-out, or suddenly stop meaning if you really NEED (of course we all do) you have to drink your coffee quick and move on!

Just_because_today said...

don't you wish you could send those emails to the appropriate people? I wish that when I write them in my head

Ice Queen said...

Personally, I think the Margarita will make you feel better. I know it always works for me. Mmmm