Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's Tuesday and if I was at my own computer, I'd put up the cool graphic that goes with this blog entry, but I'm not. Anyway, here's some random stuff I thought about on this Tuesday.

Today is July 7. Twenty-five years ago today, I was due to have my first child. I waited, excitedly, nervously, for the contractions to begin. Did they? NO!!!! She liked it inside my ever expanding body and didn't show up for another TWENTY DAYS!!! Yes, my darling (I love you, Gina!) daughter made her grand entrance on July 27. On that date this year, she will be a quarter of a century old!

The Michael Jackson Circus is nearly over (I hope!) He was a singer! He was NOT a god or a saint! It's sad that he died, but the man was on a collision course with disaster. What?? This is my blog and I'll write what I damn well please! If this bothers you, move along please.

This not being able to get on my own computer is getting old. I've been at Burger King so much this week, some old man thought I worked here! I helped him look something up on the computer. With luck a support check will show up this weekend and not next.

I'll be glad when the rest of John's hair either falls out or stops falling out. I'm getting itchy sleeping next to him and waking up with hair all over me. I pulled a golf ball-sized hairball out of the bathtub drain on Sunday. I know. TMI. Ah, c'mon! If I didn't toss some humor around every now and then, I'd be bawling my eyes out and wringing my hands together. This keeps me somewhat sane.

I'm dodging the cops this week. My inspection was due in June and I haven't been able to get the car inspected until the stupid support check shows up because I have a check engine light on. Now that I've said that, I'll get stopped 3 times this week... you watch!

I'm sure I have other random stuff to add but my time is running out. I have to go to work. but, rest assured, I'll be back tonight and will add other stuff to this very random post!


Peggy said...

Keep seeing the lighter side, laughter through tears is a great stress reliever!

PS...not knowing a lot about shaved heads so forgive me if I'm being silly, would he mind if you shaved his head? It's summer and I know several bald very sexy men!
Take care.

RecoveringActor said...

Gene just discovered that his inspection was due IN APRIL!!! We never got a notice about it! And we didn't get pulled over about it.

Jim and Garret said...

Excuse me ma'am, the dispenser is out of napkins.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I agree with you 100% on the MJ circus. Have people really forgotten that he was a child molestor and pretty much a freak! He was a HUGE talen backin the day, but that was WAY back in the day!

Ice Queen said...

I think we're the same person. No internet, overdue inspection, check engine lights...when will this stop?

That reminds me that I need to find a friend to hide my car in a driveway for a week or two. Haha

a mouthy irish woman? ridiculous! said...

can you tell me where the bathroom is? and the mayo?

the ass of my car is STILL ripped halfway off.

Joanie M said...

and would you like fries with that?

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Oh Joanie, You're funny even when you are going through so much.

Alix said...

LOL Garret, I was thinking the same thing. Joanie is such a consummate waitress, her services are in demand no matter which restaurant she's in.

Regarding John's hairloss.... Roger that. I relate! But at least HE has a reason why his hair is falling out. Hope the chemo is doing its job. It will be worth all the inconvenience.

Love ya!

Alix said...

Oh yeah... I share your feelings about MJ. Watching the memorial service yesterday did make me forget for a moment that he had another side. It was appropriate to honor his life in that way, but that doesn't negate other realities. We may never know the whole truth about Michael, but at the very least, he was human just like the rest of us.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Oh God are wearing so many hats this week, hair collector, BK employee, Outlaw...

Agreed about the MJ I the only one who did not tune in?

I wasn't invited either!

Peace -Rene

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

It's good to hear you're keeping your spirits up!

Thinking of you and John all the time!

Just_because_today said...

It always blows my mind that the world practically stops when a celebrity passes and then at that moment, they are greatest, not before although MJ was indeed a great performer but how about Ann Nicole? what DID SHE DO?
Anyway, when my hair was falling out it took a long time because I have soooo much hair. It is traumatic to say the least but we have to keep in mind that it is the medicine and not the disease that makes it fall out.
What state are you in?

Joanie M said...

Oh, we know it's the chemo tha't smaking the hair fall out, This is John's second round with chemo. As soon as it starting falling out in clumps he went to th barber and had it clipped as short as possible. Last night, I lathered him up and shaved it smooth. Now he's my Charlie Brown! (although he thinks he looks like the Six Flags guy! LOL)
We live in PA.

Nikki said...

The Michael Jackson circus is getting very old. Keep smiling!