Friday, July 17, 2009

Dear So and So...

Dear HUP*,
I'm not real happy that it took you nearly 2 full days to get a bed for John, even though his appointment had been scheduled for a month! On the positive side, you all are very nice people and do a terrific job when you aren't making patients wait hours to get settled in!

Caregiver who needs more sleep

Dear Comcast,
Thanks for turning my internet back on as soon as I paid the bill! I missed you! Now can you please fix my On Demand?

Happy Customer

Dear GM,
Please let me get my catalytic converter fixed for free even though I'm 20,000 miles over warranty. If the dealer had fixed it last year when it WAS under warranty instead of saying it was a compuer issue, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Loves Her Pontiac Vibe

Dear GM,
Why or why are you dropping the entire Pontiac line from your company? Pontiacs are my favorite make of car! Now if I want to get another Vibe (Which I love love love by the way), I'll have to go to Toyota and buy Japanese. And I don't want to hear one word of complaining about me buying foreign!

Loves Her Pontiac Vibe

Dear Mark at Thompson Automotive,
You are the best! You drive my car to the Pontiac dealership twice and didn't tell me to pound sand when I asked you to take it back there for me since I wasn't in town. You never try to rip me off when you do repairs to our cars and you automatically call my ex for payment when the kids' cars need service! If I could still have children, I'd name the next one after you!

A Happy Happy Customer

Dear Jerry,
Thanks for calling me when I was driving home from the hospital last night! It was great to finally hear your voice, after 3 years and the hour-long drive home went so quickly! Besides, it's really hard to text while driving on the Schuykill (pronounced skoo-kill for you non-Philly people) Expressway.

Your Online Buddy

Dear Readers,
Want to get stuff off your chest? Want to just have some fun, bitching about this and that? Go visit Kat, my friend from across the pond, grab a button and tell Dear So and So just what you think! Go on! It's fun! You know you want to! You'll feel so much better later!
Oh! And thanks for reading my blog!

Joanie M

*HUP is Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania

Oh! I posted those pictures of John at the post right below this one!


mo.stoneskin said...

So many little letters, and all so polite!

RecoveringActor said...

Oh, you're no fun putting the pronunciation in there. It's always my favorite seeing out of state people scrunch their face as Bala Cynwyd, Schuylkill, Conshohocken, Wilkes Barre, Punxsutawney, Roxborough, Manayunk, Knoebels, and I'm sure there are more wacky PA towns.

Ice Queen said...

They're dropping all Pontiacs?!?! i always wanted one. I guess I'll move along to Chevy.

Maureen said...

too funny Joanie

Eternal Lizdom said...

Our Comcast On Demand has been screwed up for months. We call and call and they have been out several times. Got a new cable box. They are stumped, apparently. It REALLY sux.