Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Proposal and other stuff

No, I didn't get proposed to. (at least not lately) I went to see The Proposal with my friend, Kathy the other night. It is laugh out loud funny funny funny!!! If I was on my own computer, I'd add a picture or two or the trailer, but I'm still doing the BK thing (I'm gonna need cholesterol meds soon if I keep coming here!) As a bonus, you get to see Ryan Reynolds naked (but no willy shots). For the male readers here, you also get to see Sandra Bullock naked. (sorry, guys, her boobies are strategically covered) I wish I looked like that when I was forty. Hell, I wish I looked like that now but, sadly, it is not to be!

For the record, I will be getting my
internet back on Tuesday because my support check arrived in the mail on Saturday, but too late to deposit it in the bank. So I'll take it tomorrow and I'll have funds available on Tuesday! Woo hoo!!!!

I have a rant... a big rant. I decided to change my health insurance to the one we have a work. It's not very good, but it's probably no worse that what I've had for the past 4 years. My payments were
astronomical (Approx $450 a month for just me), with a $2000 deductible. So I signed up for the one at work. Payment are $20 a week, that can be taken out of my paycheck, so I never have to worry about coming up with the money every month. I mentioned to my boss the other day that our corporate office hasn't started taking the payments out of my pay check yet. He told me they informed him the other day that open enrollment is in JANUARY!!!!! He said what about the memo about trying to increase enrollment and they were waiving the January only enrollment. They told him he was mistaken. He's fighting for me to get it. I told Dave if i need to go to the doctor before they start covering me, I will be sending my medical bills to the corporate office for payment. I cancelled my insurance with the knowledge that I was covered immediately. So as of now, I have no medical insurance! I can't get my meds renewed because the doctor wants to see me before she'll do a renewal. That bitch charged me $180 a visit! I need to find a doctor who doesn't charge an arm and a leg for a simple visit. In the meantime, Dr. Russian lady can hold her breath waiting for me to send her the money she keeps billing me for. If she wants to sue me for the money, get in line, lady.

OK, I'm done bitching.

My kid is hitting the beach this week. She leaves tomorrow, so I get a break from her, and don't have to hear her.

John's next chemo treatment is this Wednesday to Friday. We're hoping he feels well enough to see Harry Potter on Saturday night. By Sunday, he'll be as weak as a newborn kitten for 2 days. I'm on vacation this week (Tuesday to Monday), so I'll be able to spend more time with him, and not worry about having to drive to Philly after working all day. I've also scheduled the week he goes in for his transplants (Aug 11-17) and the week he gets home after the transplant (sometime in mid-September). I get 3 weeks vacation and it's use it or lose it before February. It occurred to me if John needs to be on a very strict diet to avoid bacteria and stuff, the beach is probably NOT a good place for him to go shortly after getting out of the hospital. Chances are he'll have to wear a mask if he goes out in public for a few weeks at least!

I meant to mention last week when John and I were at Penn last week for his check-up, we met a man who had just gotten out of the hospital after undergoing a stem cell transplant and frankly, he looked pretty good! It was very encouraging to see!

OK, I think that's it for now. I"ll be able to post pictures on Tuesday of John's bald head. The folks at work think he looks like Uncle Fester! We're looking for a trick
light bulb to use in a pic! If I find one, I'll DEFINITELY post that one!


darsden said...

I know what ya mean about the's a joke...My doctor know I have no coverage either. I was charge over 200 for the office visit then she wrote me a presciption I had to have for 362.00...helllooooo I don't have that kind of money...F**king Crazy! Yep, told the pharmacy just restock it thanks!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Well, just keep blogging about it and maybe they will avoid the bad public exposure.

Glad you enjoyed the movie and got a good laugh. Healthy stuff.

Daria said...

Uncle Fester ... that is funny ... can hardly wait for the pics.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Hope you get that insurance stuff resolved!

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

That sucks big time! I don't get how stuff like that can happen.
Enjoy the break from the kid, lucky you.

Kat said...

RE Insurance Comp- You just sounded like Steve Carell in "Dan in Real Life" "Put it on my tab"

Mary Ellen said...

Having no insurance coverage sucks. When I lost my job, I lost my insurance, and I've had to be very careful not to need much in the way of medical stuff. Luckily my doc is pretty understanding. I guess that's the one good thing about living in an impoverished state - all the doctors understand it!

Good luck with everything. I hope you continue to find things to do that will help keep your spirits up! Sending positive thoughts...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

EVERYTHING related to medical insurance sucks donkey balls.


Jim and Garret said...

I have no insurance. I can relate.

Ice Queen said...

I'm so happy to hear that you and Burger King are almost sounded like a very unhealthy relationship. haha

Sally's World said...

oh, how i've miised you, once i finally get this swine flu out of my house, i'll be back to my faithful commenting self, promise!

Sally's World said...

oh, how i've miised you, once i finally get this swine flu out of my house, i'll be back to my faithful commenting self, promise!