Saturday, September 5, 2009

John Update

So far, so good on the recovery front! It's been 15 days since John was admitted for transplant and 8 days since the actual transplant.

John blood count number continued to drop for several days after the transplant took place. He was told he would most likely spike fevers (his highest so far has been 99.5), he could have nausea and vomiting (he barfed 1 morning and has had teeny bouts of nausea but the Zofran is taking care of that) .

Things that HAVE happened so far are: he needed a blood transfusion on Thursday (got 2 bags) and he received platelets on Friday. This was expected. Because John's numbers are low (but slowly beginning to rise) he needs some help there. I know yesterday his platelets were 6 (150 to 300 is normal) , his white cell count was 0.1 (hey! not zero any more! should be 4-10). I forget his hemoglobin numbers. They are definitely moving up!

The blood transfusion went fine but he had a reaction to the platelets. John was itchy all over! And they gave him benadryl before they started. So he had to have some steroids to help with that, but hen everything was fine. I'm not sure what today will bring. I haven't heard from him yet.

Another good thing we found out from one of his doctors is when he leaves the hospital, he'll no longer by neutropenic! He can eat salad when he goes home! He's been craving salad for weeks now. I have a feeling we'll be stopping somewhere on he way home for him to eat!

Another bit of good news is his glucose levels have dropped to normal numbers too! Of course, this is with insulin injections, but John hasn't seen numbers under the high 100s in years! I think they are finally figuring out a good formula for taking insulin. Hopefully, his diabetes will stay under control after he leaves the hospital. The hardest part is keeping him away from carbs. He loves loves loves carbs! (the man's Italian! He's gotta have his carbs!)


Peggy said...


It's just wonderful news, I am so happy for you both! Thank you for keeping us updated. Great job both of you!

WeaselMomma said...

That is great news. I hope things continue without major complications and he makes a full recovery.

Alix said...

Thanks so much for the update, Joanie. John's experience certainly leans toward the fortunate in so many ways - except having to go through it in the first place, of course.

We continue to keep you both in our thoughts and prayers. Love you guys!

Eternal Lizdom said...

A wonderful update, Joanie!

My friend (Christy) donates platelets very regularly. I've been trying to donate blood along with her but my iron is always 1 point too low. But John's situation is exactly why she is so passionate about platelet and whole blood donation!! So everyone reading this update... I'd encourage you to go to your local blood center and donate if you can!

Joanne said...

Thank you for keeping us updated. I read all the reports and its all so similar (but different) with everything my mom has gone through with her lymphoma.

I hope John enjoys a fabulous salad!! Nothing better in my opinion (although my body looks like I feel different LOL)

dizzblnd said...

That is wonderful news!! Angels are definitely with you all ;)

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Joanie, this is really excellent news! You guys deserve this luck (knock on wood)!

Joanna Jenkins said...

GREAT UPDATE! Thanks Joanie. Glad things are going so well for John.

How are YOU doing?

Amy said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm glad he seems to be having a rather easy go of it this time around.