Thursday, September 3, 2009

That's A Lotta Dough!

I discovered something on my way home from visiting John last night that has me shaking my head. I was crossing the bridge from the hospital to the parking garage when I saw this piece of paper that looked like a paycheck. So, curious me picked it up and looked at it... and looked at it... and looked at it.

It was the pay stub of a doctor who works at the hospital! Now I'm not telling his name. I'm not even going to mention his specialty. But this man makes more in 1 month than I do all year waiting tables! If I add in my alimony for the year, that would be about 6 weeks pay for him.

His paycheck for the month is $38,000+. The federal government take $11,000 out each month. When it's all said and done, he gets over $16,000 taken out of his pay for taxes, insurance and other fun stuff. He clears just shy of $22,000 a month.

Damn!! If I could get my hands on 1 of his paychecks, I'd could clear up my debts but good and still have enough for a nice cruise!

Now I'm not begrudging this doctor his salary. He went to school for a lot of years and by the look of his picture (I googled him), he's been in practice for many years.
He earns every penny he makes. By the look of his profile page, he's a busy man, working in a teaching hospital, and he helps a lot of people! But damn!!!

I think I need to buy another Powerball ticket. Saturday could be my lucky day.


darsden said...

wow, I feel ya on this one too. I could totally get out of debt with what he cleared.

I once saw a F-16 pilots "bounus ride" check...he had 6 of them laying around..and it was exactly what the doctor had hanging around. They were all over his table the whole check...not even in the bank. He said he didn't have time... OMG!!!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wow.....I too could pay off debt with just one of those paychecks!!!

linlah said...

Wouldn't it be nice if you could rub that pay stub 3 times and it would turn into real money?

Eternal Lizdom said...

What a find!!

My dad is a doc and I have no clue what his paystubs look like- I'm pretty certain they aren't that high, though! He worked for one hospital for 25 years but never as their employee- they kept all docs as contractors. So he had to pay for the family's medical insurance out of that paycheck on a private policy because he wasn't offered benefits. He also had to pay his own malpractice insurance, life insurance, continuing education costs, and so on.

But if I had a 22K a month paycheck and had to pay all those expenses on my own, I'm thinking I'd still have a decent amount of cush in my budget!

What did you do with the stub? Turn it in to the hospital or contact him? He may need it for his records.

Peggy said...


I had no idea how much Dr's make , I only knew that's it's a lot!
Guess they are able to pay off their college debt faster the we are!

Alix said...

Jeepers that's a lot of dinero. But since Doc Hollywood is responsible for people's lives, it kind of seems fitting that he would be raking it in. For now anyway. Wait 'til Obama gets a hold of him.

I think your Powerball idea is much smarter. No strings. You can live in the lap of luxury and not have to sew people up every day.

Matty said...

Mama Mia and Aye chi wha wha....that paycheck has me talking gibberish.

otin said...

I still do not know that I would want to be a Doctor???

Joanie M said...

I thought about mailing it to him, but I thought his secretary might open his mail for him. So I decided to just toss it.

Lilly said...

Wow, its interesting isnt it? I hope he is a great doctor and deserves it. I wouldnt do their job even for that much but I cannot even imagine what that must be like. I guess its all relative. Love your header photo Joanie. Just gorgeous.

Joanna Jenkins said...

And people wonder how/why they get their identity stolen. Who leaves a pay stub blowing in the wind! Yikes.

Pastor Sharon said...

Do you ever wonder if he's lonely? I mean all those hours taking care of people, on call 24/7?
His home life has to be dishoveled as is with the docs I know.

Just saying. . . can't keep us warm at night

Pastor Sharon said...

Now excuse me while I go back to school to become a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL