Sunday, March 14, 2010

I almost had no drama

Sigh. Dani was home, sort of, for spring break. I picked her up last Friday from school, and last Sunday, I drover her to Philly to catch a flight to Oregon to visit her friend (remember the drama with her friend with the baby and child services and the crazy ex-boyfriend's mama? you can check out that story here) who moved there 2 years ago. On Friday, I picked her up from the airport and brought her home.

I chose not to go to John's after work yesterday so I could be home to spend some time with her before she left for school. HA! I did see her. As she flew into and out of the house from time to time last night.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. It was 1am/2am (depending on whether or not you changed your clocks ahead before going to sleep) I do remember seeing the clock on my phone move from 2 am to 3 am when Daylight Savings Time began.

This morning, as I slept, I hear feet pounding down the steps, then back up the steps and my bedroom door flew open and there was Dani, screaming at me that I was supposed to wake her up at 8:30 because she's supposed to be meeting Sarah right now (9:30... hey! if it wasn't DST, we'd be right on time!) in Morgantown to go back to school.

I slowly put on some pants and shoes to help her get her shit into her car. She grabbed her purse and keys and stalked out of the house without a thank you or good bye and left for school. I was going to offer to take her friend home who stayed over last night but Dani was being such a bitch, I thought screw you.

So I have my life back again, at least until May.  can't wait.


Garret of Jim and Garret said...

It's a shame that your daughter hasn't grown up enough not to pass responsibility (you have to wake her up) on to you and then blame you when it goes awry. It's the real world honey. Try that shit in life or at work and you're gonna fail.

Boss: Why are you late?

Dani: My mom didn't wake me up.


slommler said...

Kids!!! Ha!! And they have no clue! What a person to do!?! Well enjoy your home again..that's what!

Peggy said...


I remember thoses days of witing to see them on break and then never really seeing them on break!
Life is all about them still, what a rude awakening she's in for.
have a good week and enjoy the peace.

The Retired One said...

Hang in there....she will grow up some day......and hopefully will gift you with wonderful, adorable grandchildren!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course it's your could you forget that. But, actually, I'm with Garrett on this one.

Set the damn alarm and get your butt out of bed. Her, not you. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...


Alix said...

Ditto Garret and Liz!

Buy Dani a watch for her birthday. One with an alarm on it.

linlah said...

In the end they figure it out and it's a wonderful treat when they do.

Joanie M said...

Oh, it's only my fault when she oversleeps. This kid's been getting herself up and out to school on her own since she was a freshman in high school.

Heather said...

But still, to put the blame on you is just wrong.