Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I was supposed to meet my next door neighbor for breakfast this morning and I totally forgot!  I'm so glad she called me to cancel until next week!  

John got the results of his PET scan and it shows no sign of returning cancer!  YAY!!!

I am loving this weather with temps in the mid to high 50s!  Bring on temps in the 70s Mother Nature!

I've learned if I drive 4.5 hours to Indiana, PA, load up a car with 2 teens and some luggage, then immediately drive 4.5 hours home (totalling 550 miles), I will sleep really well, like I haven't slept in years.

Fortunately I don't have to make that drive very often.

Although I have made it 6 times since December 2008.

Dani told me I really have to watch Glee.  I was able to get the last 5 episodes on my computer last night and watched all 5, finishing up at 2 am.  Now I'm hooked!

I just realized it's Lost night and The Biggest Loser night!  

Lost is starting to piss John off.  He says they're supposed to be answering questions but all they're doing is giving him more questions.  I think they are answering questions... just not as clearly as he'd like them answered.

I'm still mega behind on my blog reading.  It's all your fault!  If so many of you didn't have such great blogs, I wouldn't be following so many! 

John and I saw Alice In Wonderland on Saturday night.  The more I think about it, the less I liked it.  Anyone else see it? 

I think that's it for Random!  Now go visit Keely, grab the RTT button , link up to her blog and do some randomness too!


slommler said...

Oh I love Glee!! My daughter-in-law introduced me to it and have been hooked since then.
I have so been wanting to watch Alice...I hope I will love it. Now you have me concerned. Darn! LOL! Well how can it be so bad with Johnny Depp in it?? Sigh!

RecoveringActor said...

We're seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight. It hasn't been getting very good reviews, but I'm still excited. You know how much I LURVE AIW. I've only watched AN episode of Glee.

And LOST is giving us answers. They are just in a LOSTly way, and not "SEE? THIS IS WHAT THIS MEANS." They answered what the numbers mean. That's a BFD.

mo.stoneskin said...

Great news on John.

So, if you drive 550 miles a day you should be able to get a good night's sleep every single night!

Matty said...

I remember those days of driving back and forth for college kids. Too long.

Joanne said...

Ohh I am so glad you are an official Gleek!!!

I was thinking I want to avoid Alice - this clinches it. Thanks.

And YAY YIPPEE and YAHOO for John's PET scan!!!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I'm with John; I mean, there's not much time left and so many questions. Get on with it already!
I love Glee; it's amazing.

But the best news of all is John's scan!! YAY!!! XOXO

The Retired One said...

We LOVED Alice in Wonderland! But we love what Tim Burton does, he is always a little quirky and dark, but original..and Johnny Depp???? SIGH!
What didn't you like about it?

linlah said...

Yeah for John's good results but I'm with him on Lost. They are answering questions, but they also didn't put much excitement in this final season.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I loved watching Glee tonight!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Great, great news about John. YEAH!!! That's so good to hear.

Nine hours of driving in one day is the trick to a decent night's sleep, huh? I might have to try it ;-)

Hope the rest of your week is a good one.