Monday, May 17, 2010

Luck O'The Irish

My oldest daughter, Gina left last Sunday, May 9 for a trip to Ireland to visit her college roommate, who is attending graduate school in County Kildare.  They've had a grand time, touring the Guinness Brewery, touring Dublin and other fun stuff.  I asked her to kiss the Blarney Stone for me if she gets the chance.  Apparently, they weren't anywhere near the Blarney Stone, and besides, the Irish piss on it (her words, not mine)  Just a word of warning if anyone of you plan to visit the Emerald Isle and fancy kissing the Blarney Stone for luck... or should I say yuck?  You might want to pass on that.

Gina was scheduled to fly home on Sunday, May 16.  We get an email in the middle of the night (Saturday, going into Sunday) that her flight has been cancelled, due to "weather".  Then 3 hours later one that reads success!  She had a flight leaving Monday. 

Several hours after that, Gina's boyfriend calls me with the news that basically Ireland is closed until further notice.  That unpronunceable volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajokull) is spewing forth lots and lots of ash again and the ash has virtually covered the entire British Isles.  Nothing going in, nothing coming out.  

Gina has a flight scheduled for Wednesday morning... maybe.  If they're letting planes fly she'll be home.  If not, then she's stuck there until the sky clears and they can fly again.

This is her latest Facebook status message (the only way we can communicate right now):

"gets to spend a few more days in the Emerald Isle with Galla-her... my second flight is cancelled, and now I'm supposedly coming home on Wednesday. We'll see!!! hahahaha"

 Do you think she's upset by this problem?  Yeah, me either.


Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I know of so many people being inconvenienced by this second round of volcano ash. At least she's on the fun side of the pond if she had to get stuck, right?

Alix said...

As long as the beer holds out, I think she'll be fine. Lucky girl!

slommler said...

Oh how tragic....I can tell she is heartbroken!! HA! What a terrible ordeal to be "stuck" in Ireland!!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Yeah but airport sitting must suck!

Joanie M said...

She's not airport sitting. She's been staying at her friend's apartment, nice and cozy!

Heather said...

Yeah I don't think she is all broken up about it! LOL! Sure hope she manages to get home.