Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Down, One To Go!

This was quite an interesting weekend!  My son, Tim Graduated from East Stroudsburg University!  It was a very nice and not long ceremony.  The trip to the college took longer than the actual graduation.  This is Tim processing back up the aisle, after graduation.

The other thing that happened that day was I got to meet the woman who stole my husband and freed me to meet the love of my life!  I was surprised how calm I was all day.  I thought I'd be a wreck (I hope she was!), but I wasn't!  Actually, a few days before I considered taking Ativan, just in case, but forgot to pack it.  

John and I got to the college, went into the Fieldhouse and found seats.  A few minutes later, I was looking for Tim's girlfriend, Casey because she was going to sit with us.  I turned around and here comes my ex (aka Greg), and he was alone!  I thought Maleficent had chickened out.  To be honest, for a few seconds, I was hoping that was the case.  Then I realized they had gotten there before us and were seated about 20 rows in front of us.  Greg didn't see us, so I was able to get a look at where they were sitting.  Then, Maleficent got up to go to the bathroom.  My daughter has it all wrong.  This bitch is SKINNY!!! Gina says she's pear-shaped, that for her size, she has a fat ass.  sigh.  She can't be more than 110 pounds.  dammit!!!  I wanted her to have a pedunkadunk!!  Some major junk in the trunk!  Maybe her dress hid it well.  

OK, are you all sitting down?  I was nice.  I shook Maleficent's hand.  I hugged her.  I hugged Daddy Dearest (first time in 3 years  he touched me.  whenever he tries to give me a hug, I step away.. clear message.. hands off.)   I came to the realization at that moment that I didn't care!!  Their marriage didn't bother me. I'm very very happy without him and she's welcome to him.  That was huge!!!  Huge huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  Maybe now my Karma will improve.  I doubt I can ever forgive them, but I can tolerant their existence.  I can even be in their company for a time.  My therapist would be so proud of me!

I do have a picture of Maleficent and Daddy Dearest with Tim and Casey.  Now, maybe I'm over-analyzing (who?? ME????)  You tell me.  This is what I see.  Going right to left (I know, backwards but bear with me)  Here are Casey and Tim, arms around each other, all snuggly.  Beside them, bodies touching is Daddy Dearest with his arm around Tim.  Then there's a gap and Maleficent is standing there, slightly away from the others, as if to say "I'm not part of this family."  See for yourself and tell me what you think. (by the way, and I know I'm being picky, but hey!  this is my blog, my ex husband and I can say whatever I want!)  Maleficent has MAJOR bags under her eyes!!  I wish I could get the picture clear enough so you can see them, but I was surprised how large the bags were.  I also took some pictures of the back of Greg's bald head but they turned out too dark.  For someone who's fighting so hard to stay young, he sure is getting gray  and bald!

 Maleficent, Daddy Dearest (check out the belly), Tim and Casey

Here are a few more pictures.  

 John and I clean up pretty good, huh!(speaking of bellies.. holy shit! look at mine!)

Proud Mama with her grown-up boy.

Tim and Casey.

Anyway, after graduation, John and I took Tim and Casey to dinner.  There was a Hibachi restaurant that Tim always wanted to go to, so we went.  It was really good! The name of the place is Desaki  in Swiftwater, PA  I forgot to bring my camera inside, so there are no pictures from dinner.  Here is the Menu.  Tim was so cute!  This place is not inexpensive.  Tim opened the menu, saw the price list and said, "I'm sorry, Mom!"  I told him not to worry about it.  It was more than I expected to pay but it was very good and so, worth it in the end.  And besides, my son only gets his degree once in a lifetime.  John and I shared the filet mignon for 2, which turned out to cost less than if we had ordered separate meals.  Tim got the salmon and Casey, who is a vegetarian (but she eats some seafood sometimes) got the vegetable hibachi.

I wanted to pick up the sugar-free cheesecake at the Pocono Cheesecake Factory (this is not a restaurant but a bakery)  When we stopped by, it was already closed for the evening.  Tim is supposed to bring one home for me when he comes home this weekend with his stuff.

The evening of Tim's graduation, I put a status message up on Facebook that read:
I'm astounded! I hugged Maleficent! Hell will now freeze over! 

My brother-in-law commented the next morning:  
Weather Advisory from Hell - temperatures dropped into the low 20s last night setting a record, that none of the "global warming" experts in residence down here can explain! ;-)


Captain Dumbass said...

I thought I noticed a chill in the air...

Matty said...

Congratulations to your son for a job well done. ESU is my alma mater, and even though it's been many years, I still recognize some of the buildings. And now it's nice for you to have the official meeting behind you.

Sueann said...

Congrats to Tim!! Great accomplishment!! And congrats to you for feeling so free!! What a wonderful feeling to realize you really don't care anymore.
You and John look terrific! And yes, I did notice his belly!
Tim and Casey look wonderful!!
The good news is that this day is over!! Whew!

Boozy Tooth said...

Great Facebooking! Ha!

Listen missy... you look fabulous in your photos with John and Tim. So happy and young and va-va-voom sexy. That's one hell of a dress.

Although I'm disappointed that Maleficent's abnormally fat ass is a myth, I love that you had no meltdowns and was instead gracious and affectionate. You might not think you will ever forgive them, but honey, I think you already have. By not "caring" you pretty much have crossed the threshold into forgiveness. And I'm proud of you. And you rock.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful occasion with us. And congratulations to Tim! What an accomplishment. I know you are BOTH very proud.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I think you've made a huge step forward and I think you said it best early on in your post- she's the woman who is the reason why you have the happier life you now have.

Writing Without Periods! said...

Ah, what great photos. Congrats to the grad. And you look fab.
Nice post.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, talk about drama! YOu're funny !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, congrats on your son graduating, no matter who was in attendance! And thanks for your visit recently.

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

Good for you for rising above the petty Ex fies crap! She may be skinny but you're adorable.
And you must be so proud of your boy!

linlah said...

Look at you all above the nonsense and moving on. Way to go.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hey Joanie-- You and John look fantastic and Tim is gorgeous!

As for the newbe and your Ex-- Trust me-- You don't want to get in the habit of hugging them. Once is definitely enough-- trust me on that.

Big butt, big bags-- I'd say you broke even on that one ;-) I say she looks pretty uncomfortable in that group pic. And I'm guessing she's talking about how very happy you and John looked!

High Five!

bernthis said...


where do I begin to say taht you are a better woman than I. I have never met the ex's GF. They've been together for 4 plus years and everone I know says she DOES have a ton of junk in her trunk.

As Phoebe gets older, I know that this is a situation I am going to have to deal with and I am dreading it.
I hope to find the true love that you have found b4 i have to encounter her. Your husband's GF honestly seems like she is cold as ice. that is the impression I get from the photo and I agree with you. Her pose says she is not part of "that" family.

Please send my congrats to your son. Mazel tov

Heather said...

I think you have jumped a huge hurdle in your journey of moving on. I'm very happy for you!

Congrats to Tim!