Saturday, October 2, 2010

OCMD Vacation Day 6

Friday, September 24, 2010
Sunny, humid, 88 degrees

We decided today was a good day to go to Sunfest!  It's Ocean City's Annual Arts and Crafts Fair on the boardwalk inlet.  We knew parking was going to be next to impossible.  Luckily, Ocean City offers a shuttle that runs continuously all day and all night, from West Ocean City to the Inlet.  Parking at the Park and Ride was free and the shuttle only costs $1.  They give you a transfer that's good all day long.  So you can leave, go home and go back again without paying any extra!  Cool deal!  I'll remember that for future trips to OC.

It was very hot and humid on this day.  It wasn't long before we were looking for someplace cool to sits down and cool off before checking out all the stuff in the Sunfest tents.  For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the place where we popped into and bought burgers and sodas.  

There was probably every kind of arts and crafts you could possibly ask for at Sunfest.  Seasonal decorations, tables, blankets, glass, earthenware... a lotta stuff!  I'm not big on buying that kind of stuff, but it was fun to look.

There was a food tent.  You could buy all kinds of foods, most of them fried (you could smell the fat frying as soon as you stepped through the entrance).  You could buy steak sandwiches, funnel cake, crab soup (well, it IS Maryland after all!  You have to have crab!), crab fluff (breaded and deep-fried crab)  I bought a single crab fluff to try it.  Glad I only bought one.  It was like fried crab-flavored bread.  I did buy a 4 oz. serving of cream of crab soup, which was pretty good!

The main reason I wanted to go to Sunfest was for the kite flying!  There is a store that sponsors this event, and it's called appropriately enough, The Kite Loft!  If you are looking for unusual kites to fly and have some money to spend, The Kite Loft is the place for you!!!  John very nearly succumbed and bought a Pterodactyl kite on sale for the low, low price of $170!  Fortunately, they didn't have more in stock, other than the display one.  Here are some of the fabulous kites they (and some other kite flyers) were flying on the beach.

Click on the pictures to see them better!

 I can't tell if the kitty is chasing the soccer ball or the mouse! 

 I love the whale kite!

Do you see the scuba diver, just to the left of the light pole?

Some of these photos were taken from the tram car.  Yes, we're old.  We always take a ride on the tram car!  It's a great way to see all the stores on the boardwalk without having to walk the entire length!  It's also a great way to kill 45 minutes!

We stopped into an arcade to place some pinball.  It was cool inside and we were out of the sun.

 John did pretty well!

I didn't fare as well.  What happened to my ball?

I did end up buying a hat and these stickers thingys to put on the windows beside my front door.  It makes them look like stained glass and it helps prevents people from seeing in the windows easily.  Once I get them up, I'll take pictures and post them.

John pointed out to me that I neglected to mention the Bonsai tree he purchased.  It's a Japanese juniper.  He's been taking good care of it.  so far it's lasted more than 2 weeks!  I"ll try to get a picture of it and post it.

As it got dark, we headed on home to have a dinner of left-overs. 

What's on the agenda for tomorrow?  A day at the beach on Assateague and dinner with Fran and John (and I forgot to bring my camera to dinner!   aarrgghh!!)!   


slommler said...

Oh what a fun time. I have always wanted to visit Ocean City. And those kites were amazing! That whale kite...oh my!! That thing is huge!!!!
Lovely photos!
Your forgot your camera at dinner?? For shame!!! Ha!!

Rose said...

it all looked great. i love to see kites in the air. great photos. rose

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

The kites look awesome BUT not $170-awesome. That's a lot of jing.

Heather said...

Those kites were awesome! Love that kitty!

So cool, I never knew there was a NASCAR pinball! Hubby says..I got to get me one of those! I say.. Yeah, right! Still that was pretty neat.

So glad you had such a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

What pretty kites. I think the seahorse is my fav:)
It looks so enchanting...I'd love to lay on the beach and look up at them all flapping away overhead.

Adrian said...

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