Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Sweet Celebration


I keep seeing this meme, One Word Wednesday, hosted by Jillsy Girl and I really like it.  So today I've done 2 blog posts.

This week's One Word is SWEET.

After checking out other entries, to get an idea of what photo to choose, I came up with this one.  This photo was taken one year ago, at my niece's wedding.  Of course, my niece's wedding was a sweet celebration, but the subject here is John, boogying with my daughter, Gina like there's no tomorrow!!  This photo was taken less than 2 months after he underwent a stem cell transplant to get rid of his Lymphoma (cancer of his immune system) once and for all!  Doesn't he look like Daddy Warbucks?

I posted a riddle just below this post!!!  Go ahead!  Try to solve it!


Jillsy said...

Hi Joanie ~ Thanks for joining in and so nice to meet you! Frozen moments in time can be the sweetest memories for a lifetime! That's the reason I love photography so much. Great shot and wonderful to hear all is well. (stem cell research is a life saver!)

linlah said...

I followed you through that and was amazed by his progress. Great photo.

Joanie M said...

John had what is called an autologous stem cell transplant, meaning they used his own stem cells for the transplant. Fortunately, his bone marrow was good and they could use his own stem cells and not have to worry about finding a donor. This meant no worries about rejection and no anti-rejection drugs.

Brian Miller said...

ha. that is sweet...and what a reason or reasons to celebrate!

Sally G. said...

You are much braver than me - if I looked at the other entries before submitting mine, I'd talk myself out of participating quickly.

I love your SWEET picture. So grateful for how things have turned out.

I also enjoyed scrolling through your 49 Books Read in 2010 list. I'm a reader too, and have not read ONE of the books you've listed. Though I almost started "The Lost Symbol" a bit ago.

Glad you entered!

Matty said...

Dancing after all that, is most certainly sweet.

slommler said...

That is definitely a sweet sweet photo! And John looks so wonderful and your daughter is beautiful!!

rayfamily said...

Beautiful! He looks like he's having a wonderful time! A sweet moment after a long road! xo

Heather said...

What a fun photo! He looks great!

Adrian said...

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