Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RTT: This and that

My daughter, Dani came come from school overnight because she had an orthodontist appointment early on Monday morning.  About an hour after said appointment, she came running into the house because her braces had been removed!  She got her braces a week before her 18th birthday and now, 22 months later, they were gone!!  She was so excited!

Dani, with braces

Dani, without braces

Oh, and her hair is pink and purple now.  

I just realized I'm now old enough to move into a 55 and over community.  Not a nursing home or assisted living facility, silly!  A neighborhood that's kind of like a clubhouse with NO KIDS ALLOWED!

So, who wants to buy my house?

I like this song a lot.  It's Secrets by One Republic.   I'm not even sure of the lyrics.  I like it because I love the cello in the beginning.  I have to give special thanks to my daughter, Gina and to Joe Alan, the afternoon DJ at WSTW, 93.7 FM in Wilmington, DE (Gina also works there) for telling me the name of the song, because he knew what the hell I was talking about!

Tim's cat, Tucker knocks on the doors when he wants in or out.  It's cute, but it gets annoying when he does it constantly.  I feel like we're living with a 5 year old.  Oh and he figured out how to open the door!

Mason, my black cat, just meows until you get up and let him in or out.  

I really need a cat door.

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Corinne said...

Your daughter is beautiful. Congrats to her on getting her braces off. How long does she have to wear a retainer?? If she is wearing one.

Matty said...

My youngest daughter went through the braces phase too. My step-daughter is now wearing them.

I'm almost eligible for that community too.

Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

I DISTINCTLY remember the day I got my braces off after three LONG years, it was WONDERFUL!! I couldn't stop running my tongue over my smooth, straight teeth!! Your daughter looks terrific! Congrats to you BOTH!!

That community sounds TERRIFIC!! I'll meet you there in just a few years!!

bernthis said...

tell her she should be happy she didn't have to deal with rubber bands or a head gear. Oh the memories...cough cough

Rose said...

your daughter is beautiful with hair and all. cats can be fun. take care. rose

Joanie M said...

Corinne, she has to wear the retainer for a year. You can't even tell she's wearing it!

Jessica, she did have rubber bands for a while. No head gear though.

Tess said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Little Dani?? I have no words, she is beautiful! Love the hair too. OMG Jo, weren't KT and Dani just running around in diapers at your house like...I dunno, just last week??

Joanie M said...

It sure seems like it, Tee! In 2 months, I will have no teens! Seems like only yesterday I was sending Gina off to Kindergarten. In 9 short months, she'll be getting married!

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

your daughter is really pretty!!!

kids grow too fast

Brian Miller said...

omg...i thought my idiot cat was the only one that did that...seriously...nice job on the braces...i kinda like the har...smiles. good luck on the house

slommler said...

Your daughter is awesome. And that smile is the hair!!
Selling your house huh? Ha! Wish you much luck with that!!!
Gee, I don't have a cat...and now I see all I am missing out on! NOT!!

linlah said...

I'd like the clubhouse but not the crowd and that's a beautiful smile.

gayle said...

If I ever move again I want to move to a 55 and older neighborhood!! Gret picture of you daughter!!

Amy said...

Love Dani's hair! Would that look weird on a 40yo? And do they allow cats in the no-kids clubhouse?

Adrian said...

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jhonblack said...

Looks like everybody is getting in the most fun they can before the weather turns. Once again lovely photos. Hope you get to go again and get the fall colors in all their glory.

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