Sunday, October 3, 2010

OCMD Vacation Day 7

Saturday, September 25, 2010
Sunny, hot, 90 degrees

We decided to hit the beach again, one last time before heading for home tomorrow.  On this day, we went to TC's for breakfast.  I like this place for breakfast.  We try to go here every year also.  John had an omelet, I had eggs and scrapple and home fries.  John ordered corned beef hash and I had a bit of that.  Pretty good stuff!   I wish I had brought my camera inside.   I was hoping they'd have a website, so I could include a picture of the building.

We  packed another picnic lunch, more of the same stuff we'd been eating all week.  We're nothing, if not predictable!  Haha!!  

I'm amazed how breezy it is on the beach, even when it's so hot outside.  

Today there were people swimming in the ocean, even though there were no lifeguards.  I guess the riptides have moved on or dissipated.  I did a little people watching as I sat in my chair, enjoying the breezes.  Here is some of what I spotted!

These 2 little girls were so funny!  They had this bed sheet, and they were trying to put it down to lay on it.  It as so windy that every time they got it down, it would blow away before they could anchor it with some weight.   By the time I got the shot, they were UNDER the sheet!  

I spied this Muslim woman, completely covered in a burka, in the ocean!  She looked like a ghost, wandering the surf.  I wonder if she was wearing a swimsuit underneath?

She just looked spooky to me!

After a while, we packed up and headed home to rest before meeting Fran and John for dinner.

Fran suggested we go to a new place that she knew about called Marina Deck in Ocean Pines.  This place is not to be confused with Marina Deck in Ocean City, although checking out the 2 websites, it might be the same owners.  The menus are very similar. It was owned by a woman in Fran's business group, and she wanted to try it out.  I'm so glad she did!  Our meals were wonderful! 

Fran and I started off with Margaritas (cranberry for her, frozen raspberry for me)  The fellows had sodas.

They offer this lovely basket of breads and muffins so start.  I had a blueberry muffin (ok, I had 2), Fran had the raisin bread with icing, and John and John each had muffins also.  Oh so good!!!  I tried to convince the young man who brought the basket around to just leave it on the table, but he wasn't allowed.

John Smith was VERY happy because they offered Liver and Onions as an entree!  He ordered the liver and onions with French fries and beets!  A true diner meal if I ever saw one!  He was one happy man!

John Russo, a shrimp-aholic, had the BBQ Shrimp with rice pilaf and applesauce.  He also had a tropical salad (shrimp, mandarin oranges, pineapple, cucumbers, tomatoes on greens with honey mustard dressing)  to start.

Fran had a Crabcake with Potatoes Romanoff  (similar to au gratins) and a Caesar salad.

I had Crab Imperial with Potatoes Romanoff and a Caesar salad.

We finished up our meal with coffee and dessert.  Fran and I had the  homemade bread pudding (it tasted JUST like the one my mom used to make!) .  John Russo had ice cream.  John Smith (the only slender on at the table), skipped dessert and just had coffee... the brat.  

We went back to Fran and John's house for awhile to visit.  It was such a nice night!  I always enjoy seeing them!

The nice thing about going down and renting their Housita is they aren't required to entertain us and we don't ask them to.  We do try to get together and go out one night while we're there.  When we rented in the summer and the pool was open, we'd occasionally run into them there and we'd hang out, but we never made plans to do that.  

Sunday, September 26 was our last day in Ocean City.  We were the last renters for the season, so we were able to stay all day.  It was Nascar weekend at Dover Speedway in Dover, DE.  We wanted to leave late to avoid some of that traffic.  I'll tell you about that wen I get home from John's and work on Monday night (unless I find down time and can get online over the weekend)


slommler said...

What a wonderful vacation you guys had! Dinner sounds fab!!!!

unmitigated me said...

The girls with the sheet? That's an Abbott & Costello scene!

Heather said...

You had a vacation that I will be thinking about for a long time. Thanks for sharing such a wonder time with us!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Joanie, sorry I'm so late in welcoming you home! I just finished all your vacation posts and have to say-- You and John really know how to vacation!!!! It sounds like your trip was absolutely fantastic.

Thanks for all the pics-- the kites, John as an astronaut, the burka lady, the fantastic parasailing and OMG-- The strawberry crepes!

You new header photo is my all time blogger favorite!

xo jj

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Sorry the vacation is over. :-(

Anonymous said...

Oooo the burka clad lady in the sea was very cool. She did look ghostly~a wandering shade at the coast. I love that.

Um, the breadbasket? Nomnomnomnom get in my belly!

Adrian said...

It was windy here today...but nice otherwise. I love the fall weather and the changing trees!company logo design