Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm baaacccckkkk!!!!!

I managed to make a little more money today at work ($44) and I remembered that I had $40 in my wallet (this is part of the money I'm supposed to use to put a deposit on Dani's dorm room at school next year. (Relax, I'll send the school a check as soon as my support check arrives.). They I cashed in all the change in my change basket in my bedroom (22.78) and my big whopping $25 paycheck and the $20 I use as a bank in my work apron. I added that to the $17 I started out with and I had enough to pay my cable bill! When I added it all up, it came to $173 and change, so I was golden! So now I won't have to go to Burger King tomorrow for breakfast! Good thing because I don't have a nickel on me now!

Now if I could only work that kind of magic to come up with $364 to pay my cell phone bill.


Unknown said...

Damn, girl. What kind of talking are you doing on that cell phone?!?

I love change jar magic!!!

Joanie said...

Well, we have 4 phones on the plan, with 700 minutes shared (we rarely go over the minutes) but since it's Verizon, most of our calls are free. We also have unlimited texting on all 4 since that's what we do more than talk. Oh, that bill is for 2 months... I didn't pay last month because my $1000 car insurance bill was due (I have a 20 year old boy and 17, now 18 year old girl on my insurance and they both drive 20 year old cars!) and sometimes my ex will pay for half of their share of the insurance.
I really need to win the lottery.

Queen Bee said...

It's always nice when money comes to you when you really need it. Everything will work out.

Lilly said...

Thank goodness. And good luck on the lottery. I now grow my own veges I figure I will live off the land if I have to. Take Care.

♥ Braja said...

About time you popped up again, Missy :)