Sunday, February 8, 2009

Why I Can't Sell My House

My ex wants me to get the house sold. I do too. We actually had the house on the market for over a year, but had no real buyers. I'd love to get the house sold and move to a smaller house. I really don't need to be living in a 2500SF home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It's me and Dani here, and in August, when Dani goes to college, it will be just me.

I told my ex that aside from the fact that the bottom has dropped out of the housing market, and we'll NEVER get what we owe for the house at this point. I told him that we really can't put it back on the market until AFTER Dani leaves for college and I'll show you why shortly.

The reason we can't get what we owe for the house is because we re-financed the house about 4 times during the nearly 20 years I've lived here (16 for him). It was always a good idea at the time. Now I soooo regret it! If we had not done any refinancing, we would have the house paid in full by August of this year. The last time we did a re-finance, it was after Greg left and was living with the slut woman he left me for. He needed money to live on. I don't see why. She had a perfectly good condo that she was paying for. All he really needed was spending money and I was perfectly willing to continue to give him $300 every other week like I did for years. Anyway, as usual, he got his way and we did a final re-finance. And it was an INTEREST ONLY LOAN!! So today I owe exactly what I owed 4 years ago when we did this asinine thing.

So we can't sell the house because with the economy, it's worth less than we owe and there is no money to pay for the difference. The other reason I can't put the house on the market right now is I have to wait until Dani leaves for college. The child is a slob like you cannot believe! I have given up. I can't keep the house clean for longer than maybe a day, most likely less than that. And when I go to John's overnight it's worse. I honestly believe she's punishing me for the divorce, for having a boyfriend who she despises, for her father marrying that slut woman. Once she's gone, I can keep the house neat and clean all the time!

I took pictures of her bathroom, her bedroom and the spare room she supposedly used for a sewing room. I'm not even sure you can see the sewing machine in that room! Actually, except for the kitchen table and some stuff in the sink, the kitchen isn't too bad right now.

It does no good to punish her. She comes and goes as she pleases. I'm too tired to fight with her any more. I just don't know what to do until she leaves. So here they are:

I ran out of memory on my camera because Dani helped herself to my memory card and my camera holds maybe 5 pictures. So I wasn't able to do "justice" to her bedroom. The last picture is her bedroom.


Eternal Lizdom said...

I think she must be related to my husband.

Someday, I'll maybe post some pictures of Jeff's spaces that are absolute disasters. And you can show her what she will become if she doesn't start caring for her things now. It's scary.

Garret said...

I'd take her shit and dump it in the tub. Including the shit in her room. She'll have to empty it each time. OR put it all on her bed.

That's nasty. I wouldn't let her get away with shit. She's a brat! You work hard for your money.

All of that is so uncool, it angers me.


Queen Bee said...

I'm not sure if I believe this is her room. It looks like you broke into my house and took pictures of my sister's room.

That's right...I'm onto you!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I would have a heart attack if any room in my house looked like that. GOd Bless you for not killing her.

Btw, thanks for voting for your favorite wiener. Singing the Blues won!


♥ Braja said...

Burn it. She'll learn :)

Unknown said...

We used to play this game in college in the Bakery called "When is Bridget going to do the dishes." We never won that game. But one day Caitlin (one of my roommates, for those not my mom) took all of Bridgets dishes, took a towel, and placed the dishes on the towel...on Bridget's bed. Bridget did her dishes after that.

Joanie said...

Gina, do you seriously think that Danielle will pick up her shit if I put it all on her bed? LOL LOL LOL!!!! The bed would collapse!
Remember when I threw all your crap out the window?

Captain Dumbass said...

Snow shovel, window.

PS. As to your question on my page, I was on a back packing/beer quest across Europe.

Joanie said...

That sounds like fun, Chad!

Amy W said...

WOW! My son with ADHD manages to make his room look like this in just a couple days.... but since he's only 6 there is significantly less layering of stuff than your daughter's. He'll get there, though. I'm sure of it. Sigh.

Geoff Anderson said...

Be careful when you bring potential buyers to your house, Joanie. Clean all that up first before you start the tour. Buying a house is like adopting a child, so expect them to be really meticulous and critical. Last year, when I was selling my house in Miami, I encountered perhaps the most scrupulous buyer ever. Of course, the deal didn't happen, so I just sold the house to a buying company.