Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank Goodness For Burger King!


So, I'm at Burger King for breakfast this morning and there's a pretty good chance I"ll be at BK for breakfast tomorrow morning too. Why? you ask? Because Joanie didn't pay her comcast bill and her Internet, phone and cable has been suspended.

** Hahahaha!!! After reading Alix's comment, I realize that I didn't say WHY I was at Burger King! I'm here for the free Internet access!!! I was going through Blogspot withdraw!! LOL!!! ahem! Now that THAT is cleared up, please continue with my rant.**

The phone doesn't matter because my teenage daughter has lost most of the cordless phones and they don't work any more and as soon as my contract is up next month, I'll no longer have a land line anyway. (why keep one if we all use cell phones now?) My regular cable TVs work but my digital high def TV does not. As of today, I have $17 towards my cable bill and I owe $155. I'm hoping by the weekend I'll have made enough money to pay this bill. Then I'm going to cancel my phone, cancel digital cable and get regular cable since I rarely use all those hundreds of other channels anyway. Dani won't like it, but tough shit kiddo!

I hate being divorced and having to still pay the same bills I had when we had a 6 figure income when I was married. I wish I could figure out a way to lower my cell phone bill. I have 4 phones on my plan and John is the only one who gives me money on a regular basis for his phone. I pay for the kids. Chances are those phones are all going to be turned off soon if I don't send them money too. I should be getting a support check soon, hopefully this weekend and I can catch up on my bills. And my son brought me his last W2 form, so I can now do our taxes and the 2 kids' FAFSA reports for college next year. Once I get my tax refund I can catch up even more!

Once Danielle graduates from high school, I won't have tuition worries any more.


Michelle said...

I freakin' hate bills!
We ended up canceling our land line too. No one ever used it and it would go weeks without ringing. We all just have cell phones too. Works much better that way.

Boozy Tooth said...

It sucks to work your ass off and still not have enough to cover all the bills. I remember those days and am sending you sincere empathy and lots of cyber hugs. Sometimes we get reminders about what's important by way of strain in our pocketbooks. I had my cable cut off when I was a young single mom and figured it was a luxury I could live without. But it's still hard. And as for cell phones... what was once a luxury is now a necessity! Society evolves and with it so do our needs. Joanie... I hope your support check comes in time to give you some relief. I know every little bit helps. And you could do worse than Burger King.

By the way... if anything ever happened to Larry and I had to get my butt back to work, I'd be in deep shit because I have never earned close to what he earns. I thank God every day for him and for having whatever financial security we still do have. But these are crazy times and no one is immune from the hammer falling. So just hang in there and know that you are in good company. Love you!

Pseudo said...

Hate the fact that you don't get more support from the ex. We stopped the land line a year or so ago too.

will think good thoughts for you.

Joanie said...

Pseudo, Oh I get a really good support check, but unfortunately, my ex doesn't think he should pay my mortrgage AND give me 1/2 of his paycyheck. I do probably get nearly 25% of it though. :) Still isn't enough.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Hang in there... I wish there was a good, fast answer or solution.

One thing that can make you feel better... since you're at BK anyway... sink $2 into a Mocha Joe. Have them go light on the ice so you really get your moeny's worth. It's a cup of heaven.

Garret said...

Joanie, a cyber-hug to ya! I just know a hug will make everything better.... well, if we were in some sort of Disney movie maybe. Another feel better thing is to wear a Burger King paper crown. Go on, get one and wear it. See here:

Anyways, I'm glad that you're getting caught up.



Anonymous said...

Hope your support check comes soon and your tips improve. We cut our landline last month and it's helped. That's a good choice on your part.

Queen Bee said...

My mom got rid of our land line about a year ago and it definitely helped. I hear you with the phone bill though, we have to let ours go too because we'd rather have heat than phones! Haha

Hopefully things shape up soon with this recession.

Joanie said...

I managed to scrape enough together to pay my cable/internet bill. now to work on the cell hpone bill.

Cajoh said...

Oh, Burger King… reminds me of the new BK smell that I posted on recently: