Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shopping while hungry

I needed to run to the grocery store to get stuff to make Chicken Caesar Salads for dinner. I'm kinda short on cash because I'm getting $$ together to get our phones turned back on (found out we can receive calls! just can't make them or send and receive texts).

It was 4 pm, and I hadn't eaten since breakfast (yogurt and toast and coffee). My plan was to get Purdue already cooked chicken and romaine lettuce. I bought:

Purdue Chicken Shortcuts (because I'm lazy)
Romaine lettuce (bagged because I'm lazy)
Seasoned Croutons (because well, you know)
12 pack of Diet Coke with Lime (for me)
Hawaiian Punch (gallon) (for Dani)
6 pack of Deer Park water (for Dani's lunch)
Rye bread (for toast)
pound of Land O Lakes butter (for the rye bread, toasted)
southwest ranch dip (because yum!)
mini pretzels (to dip in the SW ranch dip)
M &Ms Premium Raspberry Almond candies (they're so-so, very not worth $3.99)

My bill? $37.58. My plan was to spend $10, tops. Sigh. Never go shopping when you're hungry.
At this rate, we'll NEVER get our phones turned back on!

OH! and the grocery stores are SOOOOOO mean!!! As soon as you walk in the store..... EASTER CANDY GALORE!!!! and the aisle directly ahead of it... VALENTINE'S DAY CANDY!!
I half expected to go around another corner and find Halloween candy.


Lilly said...

Oh you ae so right about that Joanie - Valentines is not over then its Easter eggs everywhere. I shop online and then go to the markets to do my fresh food shopping. If I run out of anything I would prefer to go to the local shops which are small. I truly detest supermarkets. My dream is to be self sufficient on the whole food front. I just have to give up sugar. Not so easy.

♥ Braja said...

I am SO glad I live in a village...

Garret said...

Bad Joanie, bad. All that extra crap you bought! Sigh.


Joanie said...

do i get points for the diet coke?

Garret said...

Yes, you do! Oh, and if you're not claiming your coke codes, and you're bored, feel free to email us the codes. :-)

Bella@That damn expat said...

Haha I love hungry shopping, I always end up with more junk food than I need. Then I throw a party!

Captain Dumbass said...

I should not be allowed in a grocery store when I'm hungry. Ever.

PS. Pride and Prejudice is a good movie. There are a lot of versions, but the one with Colin Firth is pretty good.