Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh boy

Well, I had my doctor's appointment. I was in there for a while! She had a lot to talk about to me.

First of all, I do, indeed have diabetes. I am now on Metformin. I have to check my blood 3X a day (morning, 2 hours after my main meal and bedtime).

My cholesterol is high (216 but it's lower than it was 4 years ago). So now I'm on Lipitor, but I'm going to have her change that because it's $40 a month and I can get a different one for $4.

My blood pressure was 140-something /100. So guess what? I'll be taking Lisinopril.

Fortunately, I can get the metformin, lisinopril and once she changes it, pravastatin for $4 each. Here is the link for Walmart's $4 Rx program.

Apparently, when I had the blood and urine work done, they discovered I had a UTI but that's going away because of the antibiotic I'm on for the bronchitis. I can usually tell when I have a UTI but not this time.

The one thing that scares me is my white blood cell count is low. Could be because I've been sick with bronchitis (and the UTI). I hope that's what it is. If not, I have to see a hematologist. I don't even want to THINK about the C word.

She wants me to get a colonoscopy (I'm over 50 and my dad had colon rectal cancer) and an echo-cardiogram (apparently I also have a heart murmur) And in my spare time, get a gyn appointment and a mammogram. Oh! And get my eyes checked by an opthamologist too.

I guess I'm going to see just how much my insurance will cover. Hell, I might have to marry John just for his health insurance! Actually, the only reason we aren't getting married is because I'll most likely lose my spousal support.

I saw a post here recently about a girl who had a website for people to help pay for her wedding. I was thinking about throwing a beef and beer to cover all these damned tests!!! Whatya think??


mo.stoneskin said...

Crumbs I'm just amazed you've posted and kept your sense of humour. I am a terrible worrier. Really hope that the checks are positive.

So, are you paying for the beef and beer? ;)

Lilly said...

Hey Joanie, CONGRATULATIONS for taking care of you!!! You are not going to know yourself before too long and will now be sure you know exactly what is going on with you. I am due to have some of those tests too and thanks for giving me the oomph to get off my backside and have them. The thing is rather than worry about the tests think of it as a great stress reliever because you are going to get all the right treatment to feel great again. And yes beef and beer is good - not sure the doctors would agree - better make it a carrot stick and water! Take Care!

Michelle said...

Holy shit Joanie. What a mess.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Thinking only good thoughts for you over here. Take care of yourself Joanie.

Sally's World said...

gosh, i'm glad you went and got it sorted, make sure you take some time for you...its amazing you have kept your sense of humour. xxx

Joanie M said...

@ Mo, well, if I didn't keep my sense of humor, I'd probably shoot myself. Yup, I'll buy the beer and the roast beef sandwich stuff, charge $20 a head and make some money!

@Lilly, oh everyone who pays gets to have the beef and beer! No more red meat OR alcohol for me!

@Michelle, yeah it's a mess but hopefully a somewhat reversible mess.

@Pseudo, thanks! good thoughts are always welcome!

@Sally, wow! you're up early! yes everything is sorted out. now it's up to me to get myself healthy again.

Amy said...

Hey Joanie -- your drug cocktail sounds a lot like mine, except I'm younger than you are, so I win the pathetic contest. Gotta love Michelle's comment above!

The Retired One said...

Thank goodness you got yourself in to be checked. I know it is overwhelming for you right now because you have to get even more tests, but once you get a handle on what is going on, you will feel in control again and get your body to cooperate. And that will be all worth it.
You are in my thoughts! The Retirement Chronicles

Jim and Garret said...

Oh my! You're falling apart! See if you can trade yourself in on a newer model. Maybe larger headlights too?


Kat said...

My husband had to have his first colonoscopy this year and has to have on every 5 years because his mother died of colon cancer. He is not a fan of the procedure but it is better than the alternative.

Joanie M said...

Garret, my headlights are just fine, thank you very much! I may be short but I made up for it with my mammaries!

Jim and Garret said...



Heather said...

Ah man....I was thinking about going and getting "those" tests done I'm a little scared to do so!!! Yickes!!!
I just recently had to give up my spousal support...which sucked ass!!! Because he really deserves to pay me until the day he dies!!!:)