Monday, April 20, 2009

Prom Meeting

Oh joy! Oh Rapture! In one short hour, I get to attend the "Mandatory Prom Meeting" at Danielle's high school (stop laughing Gina!)

This is probably the 4th or 5th (and thankfully the LAST) prom meeting I've attended in the past 8 years. I could run this meeting.

Each year at prom time, all students attending the Junior/Senior prom must attend this meeting with a parent or guardian.

It's the same thing every year.

There's a cop in attendance to scare the crap out of these kids, so they don't drink and drive before, during or after the prom.

There is the principal trying to scare the kids with expulsion, just weeks before graduation if they get caught drinking before, during or after the prom.

There is a nun or priest (Catholic school) talking to the kids about not having sex before, during or after the prom.

And what is it with these kids thinking prom night is a good night to lose your virginity? A rite of passage? How stupid is that??

I think the principal or some personin authority is telling the kids if they are dressed inappropriately (too revealing) they won't be allowed in. Uh... don't you think THAT part of the meeting should have happened a few months ago, when the girls were spending hundreds of dollars on their dresses?

OK, this part is a rant.

I went to school this morning and paid the last 2 payments ($972) on Dani's tuition, then wrote a check for $90 for her prom ticket (she's going solo). Of course, I can't pay any more bills for the next several weeks now. My ex and I split the tuition book at the beginning of the year, each taking every other month. He also paid the activity fee, graduation fee, yearbook and class ring. I paid for senior protraits. I was told I had a balance of $990! WHAT???? These are the last 2 coupons I have! We're paid in full! Aparently I didn't put enough money in the collection basket at church this past year (ok, I didn't even go to church last year and didn't put any money in the collection basket) But I don't recall ever getting a notice that my tuition would be $1000 higher this year! Had I known that, I'd have been trying to send extra money all throughout the year! So, tomorrow I have to call the finance secretary and hope she let's Dani go to the prom and allow me to pay that extra money over the course of the next 6 weeks (OH SHIT! 6 WEEKS), so she can graduate
. I'm screwed.

UPDATE: No cop this year but this morning, at school, there was an assembly with a 22 year old guy from Bryn Mawr (brin maur) Rehab Center to talk to the kids. He was a pedestrian and had been hit by a drunk driver who was travelling 60 MPH and threw him 75 feet. He's all kinds of messed up!

Tonight, in lieu of the cop, there was a woman from the District Attorney's Office to tell the kids just what the fines and jail sentences were for getting caught drinking, with drugs, drug paraphinalia (sp?), DUI, if anyone got hurt or killed while you were DUI. No pun intended but it was very sobering. I hope some of it got through to the kids.


Vodka Mom said...

oh my Lord. It's ALWAYS someone who wants money. dammit.

darsden said...

that is awesome they go to such extremes to make prom safe...never heard of that around here...esp. parents showing up (huh?)

you go right ahead and rant...that is just crazy how much I will loan you my soap box to stand on ;-)

Ann's Rants said...

Oh Joy, Oh Rapture...Oh hilarious! I love that kids forget the whole dance date thing nowadays-very empowering.

Plus, I'm thinkin' if you buy yourself a flower you won't end up with a christmas tree on your boob.

Anonymous said...

Better double check with the ex to make sure he's doing his part.

Prom is one thing I'm not looking forward to. Good luck.

Joanie M said...

I have the print out from the office at school. My ex NEVER pays bills late. He's perfect and always right... just ask him. He'll tell you.

Kat said...

That sounds like the talk we got from the Brit Cop at the driving class on base when we first got here. Here if you drink and put your keys anywhere near your car, you can be arrested for attempted drink driving (yes it is called drink driving here).

Alix said...

Prom protocols are getting stricter across the board, Joanie. My daughter told me that if the kids at her school even THINK about grinding (dirty dancing) the lights are coming up and there will be an unplanned intermission. Also - the kids are going to Universal Studios on Friday for their Grad Bash and Adrian said everyone MUST ride on the charter coaches and everyone will also be subject to a pat down or body search.

Good, but damn.