Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'll probably do more than one post this evening. I just wanted to do a brief update about John.

Last time I posted was Sunday and what a difference a day makes! On Sunday, John was extremely fatigued, no appetite, no energy whatsoever. We basically did nothing more than lay around, eat a bit, watch some TV. John got lots and lots of rest.

I had no choice but to go home on Sunday night because I had to work on Monday. John had an appointment at UPenn Hospital for his Nulasta shot Monday evening at 6:20 pm. He thought he'd be able to work on Monday but that didn't happen. He was just too weak. So I just sent him text messages throughout the day asking how he was, asking if he ate, took his meds, got dressed, etc. (sometimes he's like a little kid..... you need to remind him to do things, especially when he's sick)

I got to his place around 3:30 and he was wiped out!! He spent too much time on his ass and just zoning out. I know he's wiped out but he needs to fight it, at least a little. So we get in the car and drive to Philly and he seemed to perk up quite a bit! Just getting out of the house and moving around was helping! We were able to park near the elevator at the garage and we went in and he got his Nulasta shot (builds up his red blood cells) and they drew his blood for his twice weekly tests. He was like a different person!!! Awake, alert.

On the way home, we stopped in Roxborough (a section of Philly) at Chubby's Sandwich Shop and got really good steak sandwiches (might be the last time for a while... once he goes neutropenic, no more eating meals out). Picked up a Rx for him, drove around a bit, then went home. He stayed up until after 11, watching TV and suddenly he was HUNGRY!!! John had a healthy snack or two, some cheese and mandarin oranges and a few crackers.

I think he slept pretty well last night. This morning, I had to leave again, for work. He sort of forgot to call work and tell them he wouldn't be in today. I hope his boss isn't mad at him! John does plan to go to work tomorrow. I think he needs to go to work!

Anyway, when I left, around 9:30 am, he said he wanted to sleep a little more. so when I got to work around 11am, I sent him this message:

OK Pal! It's after 11. Get your ass out of bed! Teeth, pits, food, meds, insulin, open your windows and get fresh air! nag nag nag! oh, and i love you! MUAH!!! xxoxoxoxoxox

He got the message. :) I know he took a nap this afternoon, but he did eat a few times.

He's afraid to get this PICC line wet, so he's sort of bathing in the sink. I'll help him when I get there tomorrow (kind of fun when I do it anyway! hehehehe) Once he gets used to it being there, he'll be fine about it, I'm sure... unless, of course, he LIKES me bathing him.

So the plan is for John to return to work tomorrow. I'll be there when he gets home . I'm off tomorrow and I plan to sleep as late as I possibly can, and my ex better not text me at 7:30 like he did yesterday! the ass. Not everyone in the world is up at 7:30 am. I think I need to return the favor around 11 one night. I know he goes to bed around 10.


Ann's Rants said...

So glad he's eating, and it'd be wonderful it he can return to work.

Wishing you some zzzzzzs!

Pastor Sharon said...

Joanie, you are a great motivator! I need to get my a. . . outa bed sooner these days. Since I'm off for the summer months with seminary, I find that sleeping in, is entirely too appealing! And as for that X, wait until 1am then call.

Pastor Sharon said...

It is great to hear John was hungry! That must have relieved you some! Give him a hug and let him know this family and blogger is saying prayers for him.

Joanie M said...

I spoke to John tonight. He sure sounds like his old self again! I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

We get to have this kind of fun again in mid-July!

I hope to get a more definite time-line for the transplant when we go to UPenn next Wednesday for his check-up.

He should be losing his hair any time now too. I'll take pics. :)

Daria said...

For showering with a PICC line ... I take a Glad bag and cut a hole in the end, stick my arm through, use medical tape around the top part of my arm to secure the top part of the Glad bag and an elastic at the bottom ... works pretty good.

lisa said...

Glad he had a good few days. Sleep tight!!

Joanie M said...

Thanks for the great suggestion, Daria!

Eternal Lizdom said...

For a quick clean up with minimum water... baby wipes!! I lived on baby wipe bathing when I had my first baby...

Joanie M said...

Not for John! We have discovered that when his cancer is active, he emits an oniony odor. So he has Dial soap and a washcloth. They say every disease has it's own odor.

Maureen at IslandRoar said...

Glad he had a decent day. Such a roller coaster.
I'll bet he opts for you helping him with a bath; he's not dumb.

Amy said...

joanie -- Thanks for the update. Sorry I havne't been on to read more often. John is in my prayers. He's sure lucky to have you!