Saturday, April 10, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My son graduates Summa Cum Laude!

Oh my God!  I was so excited when I opened the mail yesterday and saw the notice from Tim's college that he'll be graduating Summa Cum Laude because his GPA is higher than 3.8!  I knew this kid was smart, but he was always so laid back about school and grades.  If he got Honors in grade school or high school that was cool, but if he didn't... no big deal!  He once told me, when he was in 5th grade, and he came home with a 100 on his Science test, "Ya know, Mom?  If you study before a test, you get better grades!"  DUH!!!  I didn't know whether to hug him or smack him!  

I suppose making your kids pay their own way through college does something to them (at least to my kids).  They all did so much better in college than they ever did in high school!

Gina graduated Cum Laude and also earned an award for highest GPA in her Department!   Dani also is doing very well!  Her first semester in college, she earned a 3.82 GPA.  These kids are blowing my mind!!!

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Eternal Lizdom said...

That is awesome!!!

I did vastly better in college than in high school... and I really wish I could go back now because I'd pay a lot more attention and learn a lot more now than I did then. I would love to take a chemistry or biology class now...

You've done good, girl!!

Unknown said...

I'm certainly glad you've donated some good to the gene pool.

Sueann said...

Such wonderful news to receive...glad your kids are doing so well!! Kudos to them and to you!! I too did much better in college than high school. I think the paying your own way has a lot to do with it.

Anonymous said...

You mean I have 4 more years of yelling at my kids too study before it finally sinks in?

Your children have bright futures ahead of them. Congrats.

Amy said...

You've done something right! Maybe you should publish a book of Joanie's Not So Random Parenting Tips?

Dianne said...

congratulations to your son
and to your entire family

Ron Cooper said...

Congrats to your son's awesome accomplishment!

For a blog to give your spirit a lift in the morning, check mine out.
It’s called “Inspire!” You are welcome any time!

Nina said...

Congratulations!! A little hard work never hurt anyone is what I was taught. You reap what you sow, and you have to get your work done before you can play. You have every right to pat yourself on the back and be proud! Again Congratulations to all your children and hats off to you! Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

Heather said...

What a great "Proud Momma" moment!

Congrats to you and them!

Call Me Cate said...

Congratulations! That's really great.

Thanks for playing 6WS!