Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spin Cycle: Appearances

This week's Spin Cycle is all about appearance.  I'm going with hair.  

Once upon a time, my hair was black.  Not brown.. black.  Then, at about 16 years of age, I saw.... a white hair!  What's this???  White hair (not gray, mind you, WHITE!)  This can't be!!  I'm too young to turn into my mother!  But, sadly, it was true.  Little by little, over the years, the white hairs replaced the black ones.

When I was 34, we had just moved to the house I'm in now and we decided that I'd go back to work part-time as a hair dresser.  I landed a job with no trouble.  All of the other stylists were 20, 21... young, hip chicks.  They wanted to know if the boss (at the ripe old age of 24) was going to hire "the older woman".

While I worked there, I let one of the girls color my hair and get rid of those pesky white ones.  Then, 2 months into my new job, I got pregnant.  Those girls were HORRIFIED that a woman of my great age was still having sex (GASP!!!), and got pregnant!!!! **I saw one of those 21 year old girls a couple of years ago... she was in her 40s by then.  I told her the story and she laughed her ass off!

 Sea Isle city, NJ  July 1991
Gina, 6, Dani 7 months, Me, 35 and Tim 3
See how OLD and decrepit I am!

I colored my hair on my own for years after that, until I had knee surgery and couldn't kneel in the bath tub to wash it out.  So I let the color grow out again.  And there was quite a bit more white hair!!!  

 Me, 46, Gina 17, Dani 12
Gina's High School Graduation
June 2002
I had that natural hair until 2003, when I needed to find a job because we closed our restaurant.  It wasn't like I was trying to look younger.  I didn't want to look older!  So I started coloring it again, and landed the job at TGI Fridays. 
Sometime in 2009
Ashley and me (and Melissa's back) at TGI Fridays
When the economy took a turn I had to make some changes... concessions, if you will.  Some of those concessions were no more massages, and no more letting the hair stylist color and highlight my hair.  So I started to do it at home again.   Every time I would get ready to color my hair, I'd wonder what my natural hair looked like now.  Was it all white?  How much of my beautiful black hair was left? 

Finally about 6 months ago, I made the decision to stop coloring it again and see what I had.  Because I wear my hair short,  it only took about 3 or 4 haircuts to get rid of the brown colored hair.  John and I would joke that we could get Senior rates at the movie theater now!   I discovered that quite a bit of my hair was white now and I had a black streak or two running through it.

 Me, 54 at mini class reunion
a few months ago

One day, about 6 weeks ago, I looked in the mirror and wondered who was that old woman staring back at me???  I quickly called my stylist and yelled UNCLE!! and she squeezed me in before I could change my mind.  (she's no dummy.. higher check average, bigger tip) 
 at a get together a few weeks ago
Patty, Margie, Me and Denise

So, now I'm back to having darkish brown hair and some blonde highlights in the front.  My stylist says I look 15 years younger, and I feel a whole lot better about myself!

Now, go visit Jen at Sprite's Keeper and see who else posted an old-time favorite!  You can join in and post one of yours as well!


Heather said...

I think either way you look great, but that's not important. What is important is that you are happy with yourself. Black, gray or look great!

Amy said...

Joanie - You look beautiful with the gray hair, but I hear you on feeling better about yourself. I am debating the "to color or not to color" dilemma right now. I don't mind the bits of gray on the top of my head. It's the all white around my ears that is problematic for me.

slommler said...

I think the new hair color is fabulous!! And you look marvelous darling!!!
I color mine too...I don't want to be that old woman who is looking at me from the mirror. Mine is red streaked on top and dark down the rest of the way. I love it! And so do my granddaughters. LOL!
I have to say you do look younger with your hair colored and your face seems brighter!! Makes your complexion sing!!

Alix said...

You're a bombshell either way, because you have such a beautiful youthful happy face and spirit.

But don't kid yourself... the gray doesn't age you, it's just a different look. Remember... even Marilyn Monroe was platinum!

Rock on with your pretty hair, sister. You look hot!

PS: I love my word verification for some reason: "doysi"

WeaselMomma said...

Oh, I get it. I'm way too gray for my age, but am lazy about coloring. I always look 10 years younger when I color, though.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I won't lie, I like the colored version better.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm loving the color, but I like the white too! I always find gray/white hair striking. But the color does highlight your face and that gorgeous smile. You're linked!

Denise R. said...

I love it!! Your hair stylist did a great job.. Im going through changes as well.. About every 6 months I look in the mirror and I want a change.. I dont know if my hair can take the drastic changes anymore with falling out. lol I wonder if Im ever going to be satisfied with a "look". Anyhow have a wonderful day and enjoy the good weather.. Its nice in NYC today but Im stuck in the office ugh :(

Keep Smiling..
SimplyDenisi <3

VandyJ said...

Hey as long as you like the person in the mirror, color away!

Maureen@IslandRoar said...

I think you look good both ways, but yes, definitely younger with the brown! You have nice hair, btw.

Joanna Jenkins said...

You look great either way Joanie, but it's about feeling as good as you look!

Hope your week is going good.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

This was fun Joanie. Loved seeing the you's through hair. I've had many styles and many colors through the years myself (including bald!).

Captain Dumbass said...

You look fantastic. But it's more important that you feel good about it.

Debbie said...

You look great in all those photos but you do look younger with the darker hair. I color mine myself. I'm way too cheap to pay!

CaJoh said...

I love the back and forth of the Grey. My mother dyed her hair for many years and only lately has she decided not to.

Excellent spin,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I like your hair either way. I am debating whether to color mine or let the grey come as it may. Right now, it's the wild wiry thing that srpout up around the front. I've been plucking them but soon I'll be bald it I keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I understand the back and forth. I did the same thing for a few years and finally gave up fighting it. I have this Cruella DeVille Streak in the front and my hair grows so fast I have to color it like every 4 weeks and I'm too cheap and lazy to keep up with it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Adrian said...

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