Friday, May 7, 2010

Gone Fishing, or something like that

Actually, the only fishing I've ever done was fishing for compliments.

I'm probably not going to be anywhere near a computer all weekend, unless I count my Blackberry.  I'm heading to John's for the weekend, and he's very 20th Century... no cable, no internet.  He does have running water and electricity though.  

Tomorrow morning, we're heading East Stroudsburg University to attend my son's graduation (did I mention he's graduating Summa Cum Laude?  yeah, I'm bragging again)   Maleficent WILL be there (oh joy!  I get to meet the trophy wife), and I promise to try to get a picture of her abnormally fat ass so I can put it on my blog.  Maybe even a shot or two of John and me all cleaned up!

On Sunday morning, we'll be driving to Wilmington, DE to take Gina, my oldest child, to the Newark, NJ airport, so she can fly off (without me!  hmph!) to Ireland to visit her best friend, Colleen who is going to grad school there.  Know what a terrific mom I am?  (feel free to jump in and verify, Gina)  Gina lives about an hour or so from me, and the airport is 2 hours from her!  Well, I like to drive and Daddy Dearest (who lives a LOT closer to Newark than either of us) has to go visit his Monster-in-law (who lives even closer to the Newark airport!) And why Newark airport instead of Philadelphia?  Gina is saving several hundred dollars on her plane ticket, so it's well worth the extra time!

Then it's back to John's for the night and I leave on Monday for work.  Man, I'm tired just thinking about that!

So have a terrific weekend, everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there!


Corinne said...

Have a good weekend. And congrats to your son!

Sueann said...

Sounds like you will have one busy weekend. Busy but filled with happy times! Congrats to you son! And I would love to see pics of you and John all cleaned up...or even messy would do!
Happy Mothers' Day to you too!

Unknown said...

You are indeed the best mom in the whole world. And I never forget that.

Gzilla is a little more than livid at Daddy Dearest for his "Oh, I can't take you to the airport, whoops" two weeks ago.

Unknown said...

Yes, yes, plenty o' photos! We'll be waiting!

Matty said...

My alma mater....ESU. Enjoy the time off.

Joanne said...

Big congrats to your son - YAY!!!

Sounds like an interesting weekend - just enjoy - drive safe and see you next week.

Boozy Tooth said...

I'll be waiting on pins and needles for documentation of the AFA. Poor Maleficent... if she only knew.

So thrilled about your son - graduating is such and accomplishment, but summa cum laude? Seriously? Obviously geniuses run in your family, Joanie.

Enjoy your weekend. Enjoy the celebration. Focus on Tim and let Maleficent be the one sweating.

See you Monday!

Mike said...

I used to live in Stroudsburg!

I loved the downtown there!

Congrats to him on the graduation! He sounds like a super smart boy!

Peggy said...

I'm waiting for the "fat ass" picture sometim next week.
Haveafe trip, you are amazing!

linlah said...

I'd brag about that boy too. Way to go.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Congratulations to your very smart son and his brilliant Mom!

Enjoy the weekend, have fun and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.