Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I"ll be lost without LOST!

So my OnDemand hasn't worked in nearly a year which really sucks because I gave up all my premium channels trying to lower my cable bill.  And then I found out I have to work Tuesday day and night, Wednesday day (my day off) and Thursday day and night.  Training new servers, so it's extra money and that's a good thing.

BUT I'm going to miss the season premiere of LOST because for some reason they put it on Tuesday instead of Wednesday like they have for the previous seasons!!!  

So today, I finally stopped procrastinating and called Comcast.  I got my bill lowered by about $30, got my premium channels back for at least the next 6 months, ordered a DVR and have the cable guy coming this Saturday to install it and I have John to sit here waiting for him while I work!

I'm pretty sure my OnDemand isn't working because I don't have my cable box hooked up correctly.  I miss OnDemand.  I like watching movies for free.  I did find out the cable guy comes here to do the install for $17 instead of the $50 or more I thought it would be.

My kids will be happy when they come home on college break because I have HBO, Showtime and Starz back and they can watch Dexter and Weeds and the other shows they enjoy.  

So, my problem is solved!  I'll have my DVR set up, ready to go.  I have a few days to figure out how it works.  I'll set it to record LOST each week (then I can watch The Biggest Loser... no having to decided what to see and what to miss!).  This way John can go to the Hobby Shop like he likes to do on Tuesdays and watch LOST on Fridays here at my house!

This is such a win win situation!  The only thing better is if I can get someone else to pay my cable/internet bill!

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RecoveringActor said...

There's a show that's on Showtime that you'd really like. It's called United States of Tara. Toni Collette is in it.. she plays a woman with Disassociation Identity Disorder (formerly known as multiple personality disorder). It's FANTASTIC.

The Retired One said...

I love LOST! But I am all screwed up on the series, now....the SciFi channel ran it for a while and then just abruptly STOPPED...mid season with no explanation. I was so P.O.'d!!! So now, I think I will just rent them season by season and start all over again. Dang.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I am so excited for LOST to start!! Sad that it's the final season, though. You have perfect timing for getting the issue fixed!

You know... we also have ComCast and our OnDemand hasn't worked in a long time. We call and call and they've sent a guy out tiwce and switched our box out and reset us countless times... and it still doesn't work. just freezes up. I'll have to ask Jeff if he thinks any of our very complicated set up could be an issue...

LostFan said...

If you don't mind waiting for it to get posted, try Lost should be on there.

Mellodee said...

Good luck!! For me, tho, this kind of thing is part of the reason I don't watch TV anymore! By the time I figure out how to connect, record, find, pay for, and get the right color, I have forgotten what it was I wanted to see!! My technical expertise ran out about 8 years ago! :)

lisleman said...

I don't think I would ever get on-demand and pay extra for movie channels. We get extended basic I believe it's called.
The few good shows that are on those channels (Curb Your Enthusiasm) I can wait until the season is on DVD.
But if your family is enjoying it then that's good.
(oh I've seen a little bit of older seasons of Dexter - too violent/weird for my taste)

bernthis said...

I cannot live without The Biggest Loser or The Closer. I thank God everyday(ish) for my DVR

Heather said...

We got so lost watching Lost, we had to quit.

Glad you got your cable figured out and your not going to miss your shows.

My hubby really wants a DVR!

linlah said...

Love Lost and glad you don't have figured out a way to stay current.