Saturday, November 7, 2009

Facebook Quiz

Laura at Under The Sheets~shhh  had this fun little quiz on her blog.  I decided to play along.  You can too, if you'd like!   
Do you take Facebook quizzes, surveys and accept gifts from your Facebook friends? I usually don't, but was recently sent this quiz and thought it would be a fun way for us to get to know each other better. Be sure to play along and link back.
Are you ready for this creative and in-depth interview...

Facebook Fun

1. What is your favorite color?
Green.  Emerald and Kelly green

2. When is your birthday?
September 21

3. The book on your nightstand now?
The Vendetta Defense by Lisa Scottoline

4. Favorite pizza?
Hawaiian (ham and pineapple)

5. Top hobby?

6. One thing that scares you?

7. What drives you?

8. Pet peeves?
loading the dishwasher wrong.  more but my mind is blank right now

9. Last movie you saw in the theater?
Law Abiding Citizen

10. Morning person or late night owl?
Night person because I don't have to be at work until 11 am.

11. What are you wearing right NOW?
brown slacks, blue top, brown clogs

12. One outrageous thing you did in the last week?
can't think... I'm boring!

13. Cats or dogs?
Cats.  I have 2, Cameron (gray striped tabby/siamese) and Mason (black short-haired domestic)

14. Favorite fragrance?
Estee Lauder Intuition

15. Camping or Luxurious Spa?

16. Favorite tea?
Green tea, no sugar or cream

17. One person who can ALWAYS make you laugh?
My friend, Tina.  She once made me wet my pants!

18. Favorite time of the day?
If John's here, the mornings.  Alone, the evenings

19. One thing you look forward to?
When John and I can move in together

20. One place you wanna visit soon?

Now its your turn to take this Facebook quiz and be sure to link back to Under The Sheets~shhh. If you let me know about your interview/post, I promise to link back. Isn't this a fun weekend post? Were you surprised by any of my answers?


Alix said...


I love your FB quiz answers. Two comments though...

Hawaiian pizza? Really?

And - I go mental when the dishwasher isn't loaded right. Call me OCD, but I will rearrange dirty dishes just to get them right. Silverware too. Sorry, it's just gotta be right or I won't push the button.

linlah said...

I was surprised by #14, you strike me a no fragrance kind of person. I'd join the fun but I recently did a post that is almost the same.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Nah, she's definitely a fragrance kind of person!

A beautiful, subtle fragrance woman that works her butt off and makes people laugh and has a heart FULL of love!

Love your answers, Joanei!!

bernthis said...

fear of heights as well. Driving force: yup. there with you.

However, I am a dog person 100 percent

Joanie M said...

Funny, I used to wear cologne all the time. then I started getting sinus headaches and fragrance makes them really bad. So I stopped. I do still wear it occasionally.

Laura said...

Joanie I love your answers and thanx for playing along. Please send me a postcard from Alaska =)
Under the Sheets~shhh

Alix said...

Joanie, my Queen...

Please swing by Casa Hice when you have a minute and pick up the award I left for you...

Laura said...

Hi sweetie, stop by today to see I linked back for all the Facebook fun. Thanx so much for your sweet words and have a great weekend!