Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've learned....

I've learned....

~ that I don't mind getting older. 

~ that caffeine is my friend.  I really enjoy my morning coffee!  

~ that I hate working outdoors and was very very happy that my neighbor insisted on doing my yard work all summer.

~ that I'm basically lazy.  

~ that I really don't like the cold weather any more.  I don't like paying for heating oil, or shoveling snow.

~ that I enjoy living by myself.  It's the first time in 29 years that I'm living alone and I'm enjoying it! 

~ that I enjoy having John here on the weekends. (I didn't say I wanted to be alone all the time!)

~ that I shouldn't have bought so much Halloween candy.

~  that I forgot how much I like Captain Morgan Spiced Rum!

~ that I really need to start cooking for myself more often and eat healthier.

~ that I've procrastinated long enough and I need to get this ass in gear and get some stuff done around here! 

OK, so I did 11.  Sue me.


otin said...

Wow! Except for living alone and are ok with getting older, you could be me! lol

The Retired One said...

I have learned that I love your blog and many others and they make the cold weather easier to sit inside and read them. ha

Joanne said...

Great list - I could have written a few of them - except the caffeine and rum realization.

Matty said...

AH, I share some of your list. Not a coffee drinker though or a fan of rum.

linlah said...

11 could be the and one to grow on.