Thursday, January 13, 2011

Germs, they're everywhere!

I read something yesterday and it got me thinking. Yeah, that happens to me every now and then.  I was thinking how germaphobic people are getting any more.

I work in a restaurant.  We have public bathrooms, that get cleaned, with sanitizer, several time a day, and again overnight by the cleaning crew.  The health department in our county inspects us on a regular basis, and by regular, I mean monthly. And if we have any violations, they're here weekly.  We try our damnedest to keep it monthly.  

All of our cooks wear disposable gloves all the time when they are cooking.  Our dish machine sanitizes everything it washes with a soap product, a bleach product and a rinse product.  The servers and bus people wear gloves to wrap the silverwear in the napkins.  Everything, and I do mean everything, that is opened and is perishable is date and time labeled and changed within the time period indicated (i.e. iced tea every 4 hours, milk 2 days, cut lemons every 5 hours, sanitizer in buckets every 4 hours, etc.)  

Sorry, going off on most likely not the only tangent of this post.

I can bet you at least once a week, one of these germaphobic people who are so afraid to sit on a toilet seat, will squat over the bowl to do their business.  Now ladies, squat if you want.  Hold your kids over the toilet to pee if you want.  But when you pee all over the seat, CLEAN IT UP!!!!  It's YOUR pee!!  Guess what?  Urine is sterile when it leaves your body!  It's more sanitary than you are!  Look here, I checked.  And guess who gets to clean up your piss that are too good to clean up?  Most likely, me, because our bus people are too grossed out to do it, even though they are the ones who clean up the bathrooms after you pigs. 

Would it kill you to use the trashcan for your paper towels??  One of these days, I'm going to catch the a toilet pisser  in the ladies room and I'm going to say something to you.  Pig.  

New mothers, usually the early 30s models, are the worst offenders.  They bring their own sanitizer with them and scrub the table, the chairs, the high chairs down like it's a surgical suite.  They bring disposable placemats to stick to the table (even though each table and chair and high chair is cleaned, with sanitizer after each use).  Though you should see the mess these wonder moms and their perfect children leave behind for us to clean up!  Makes me want to go to their house, and pee all over their toilets.

On Tuesday, I had the couple who took it to the next level.  They had me bring several styrofoam cups of water hot enough to brew tea so they could sanitize their precious bundle's eating utensils that they brought from home!!!  Frankly, I'm not sure how they managed to have sex to produce this baby.  Maybe it was done in a  lab. (with no disrespect for anyone who had children via in vitro fertilization)  

I feel sorry for these kids who are brought up by parents who are so afraid of germs that, when those kids go to day care and/or school, they pick up every bug that comes down the pike!  They have no chance to build up immunities to these germs.  And the parents are dumb-founded (good word for them... dumb  hehehe) when their kids are always sick!!!  AND they are most-likely the same ones who send their kids to school SICK!!

People, we had germs growing up.  We survived.  Let your kids get dirty.  It most likely won't kill them.

OK, I gotta go.  I have to wash my hands.



That Janie Girl said...

I'm so glad I inspired you! Really, really, really, I'm not a germaphobe. That one bathroom though....and when you're forced to sit through a looooonnnnggg movie.

Ina in Alaska said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you about these saintly, holier-than-thou bitches! I want to slap them and their bratty kids!

At our law office this week we have had a grandfather come with his 3 very poorly behaved grandchildren, ages 6 and under. He has had several appointments with one of our attorneys. After the first appointment, when the kids were screaming and running amok in the waiting area, he was told NOT to bring them again. He did not clean up after these little "darlings" and brought them for his next appointment!! This time the grandkids were escorted into the lawyer's office with grandpa. What is the matter with these people. Very disruptive.

Your perspective from the restauranteur point of view is very interesting. Also the airport toilets.... people clean up after yourselves. It is indeed disgusting.

slommler said...

Ha! You are so right! People are scrubbing their hands all the time. Go into a bank or a boutique and you will see a huge bottle of hand sanitizer sitting on the counter. It is ridiculous!!
Me, I will take the germs. Been doing it since I was a toddler...I survived!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think about carrying my own silverware...and now my own cup and glass. This is a very small, antiquated town. Every restaurant owner believes the way to save money is to recycle everything...I dread to look in the kitchen and see what happens to the refried beans and chips that remain behind a meal.

Yesterday, we had breakfast at a local diner.

I found a hair in my gravy...then a hair INSIDE my biscuit.

Joe ordered coffee, and there was lipstick on the rim.

I ordered water. Before I took a drink, I noticed that the prior contents in my glass was TEA. How did I know? Because there was a dried "tea line" about one inch up from the bottom of the glass.

Kathy said...

The more we know about the general public, the scarier it gets. I was a Manager at 2 differnet women's stores in Malls. These are high end stores. I have 2 words for you. Fitting rooms. That's it. You wouldn't believe what I have found in the fitting room. People are pigs. You are so right.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Oh, that gave me a great giggle!

Joanne said...

Aren't we supposed to eat a peck of dirt in our lifetime. And all these people that over use antibacterial everything - guess what they are killing the good bacteria that lives on our bodies.

You are correct I feel sorry for those kids that will never be exposed and are constantly sick.

You come up with the best blogs and I wish more people in the world could read this.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I've been trying to comment for hours. My mouse was so slippery from sanitizer I couldn't grip it.

Tammy@beatrice banks said...

This made me laugh! I could envision everything you said. I used to be the only mother in my little group who didn't put the cover on the shopping cart or mats on the table. My kids are far apart in ages. When I had my first, they didn't have all that stuff. She survived so I just figured the rest would too! lol I've mentioned germs in my posts this week too and a lot of people chimed in.
Great post Joanie!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I hate when I follow someone like that in a restroom. Clean up after yourself!! (And I can't get over those parents boiling their own utensils!! YIKES!)

Joanie said...

@Janie, Thanks for inspiring me! I wasn't really talking about you... more about the perfect mommies who come into the restaurant.

@Ina, let it out, girl!!! Don't hold back! LOL that was great!!!

@SueAnn, when I went on a cruise 4 years ago, they had sanitizer stations at the entrance to every restaurant, bar and casino on the ship. Now, that was a confined space and people were getting sick with the flu on other ships. I didn't mind it then.

@Dana, where I work, once something hits the table, even if it hasn't been used, gets tossed or put in dish area to be washed. I tell people to take the wetnaps because we have to throw them out. Sometimes, things like lipstick marks don't get out, but the server should check the cup before using it. Same goes for drink glasses and utensils. As for hair, all of our cooks have to wear hats or hairnets for their entire shift.

@Kathy, Oh I an just imagine the stuff people leave behind (can you say dirty diapers?) and worse!

@Jen, glad you liked it!

@Joanne, that's exactly what's happening! Good hygiene is one thing. Killing all bacteria is crazy!!!

@Garret, LOL!!!! I love you!

@Tammy, I bet some of those mothers thought you were just awful too!! Good on ya, girl!

@Barbara, I am always amazed what messes people leave behind, trying to stay sanitary or sanitized is probably a better word.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm a germ embracer. I fully believe that being around germs is wht helps our bodies learn to fight germs. I don't like antibacterial everything and try to avoid antibacterial soap at all costs, actually (the way I see it, by killing off most of the germs on our hands, we leave the germs that are too strong for the soap, right? So why leave the strongest germs alive? Use warm water and regular soap and rinse off as many germs as possible and let the germs battle it out on your hands after that- there is at least a chance the big germs will get taken down by the smaller germs and then you rinse those away!).

Marie said...

Oh my, this made me laugh because these are exactly some of the same pet peeves I have and you've put it so well! The whole bathroom toilet thing drives me up a wall.

As my kids would tell you I'm not a fanatic about germs. I've become a bit more careful with myself because of immune problems but even then I don't take it very far. And I clean up after my kids no matter where we are -- I would be so embarrassed to leave a mess when we go out!

I had to laugh, when I was first pregnant one of the gifts I received was a binkie sanitizer! I was amazed such a thing even existed -- I exchanged it for more diapers :-)

Tara said...

I came across your blog by clicking the 'next blog' button at the tab and I must say I LOVE IT!! Especially this post. I am a 30 something mother of two and hopefully more and I am all for kids getting dirty and building those immune systems. Horray for cooties!! LOL