Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to be lazy on a Sunday aka how my Sunday went

Stay in bed until around 12:30 pm.

Do whatever it is you do when you stay in bed until this late in the day. (Hey!  Hey!  Hey!  You could be reading or sleeping  or .... well, you know)

Reheat your Wawa coffee from yesterday, so you don't have to make a fresh pot.

Get in the car and drive to your favorite brunch place.  If you have the ability to orb, or teleport, do that instead.  Saves gas. (I really wish I could do this!!)

Get the buffet.  Saves your brain from having to think about what to order.

If your buffet place happens to be inside a grocery store, pick up dinner that's already prepared for later on.  I suggest you do this AFTER you eat the buffet, or you'll spend $100 on junk food.

Drive back home.

Take a nap, but set alarm so you only sleep for a short time so you aren't awake all night long.

Turn on the oven to heat up the already prepared dinner.

Surf on the computer while your better half watches Political Propaganda videos. 

Pretend to listen to the videos. (otherwise you'll be ready for yet another nap)

Eat your dinner, using paper plates and plastic utensils.

Get your jammies on nice and early.

Watch regular Sunday night TV shows.

Go to bed after checking the weather.

Go to sleep or ... whatever...


gayle said...

Sounds like a wonderful Sunday!

linlah said...

So perfect it should be repeated regularly.

lisleman said...

good ideas but I would skip the politics. It causes indigestion. Youtube music videos are more fun.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

LOL. Sounds like a "busy" day of nothingness.