Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday's Music Moves Me: My High School Days

 Lorie at The Shrewbridges of Celebration, FL told me about Monday's Music Moves Me, so here's another cool music blog meme to do

Amanda at Bloggin’ with Amanda hosts Musical Monday – What Move’s You?. You can get the instructions by clicking here.

This week's theme is to take us all back to our high school days.  Wow!  Talk about a blast from the past!!  I decided the best way to choose the songs was to take the songs that were #1 on Billboard's Top songs of the week of my birthday for each year of my high school days.  To tell you the truth, when I saw the songs that were #1 from my Senior year, I wasn't that crazy about them!  LOL!!  Lots of bubblegum music!  

So, with that being said, here are the 5 songs that were #1 on September 21 of each year of high school, and of course, my graduation day! .

First up is Sugar Sugar by The Archies!  It was the #1 song On September 21, 1969, my Freshman year of high school!

On my birthday in my Sophomore year, in1970, the top song was Ain't No Mountain High Enough, sung by Diana Ross and the Supremes!  (I'm not crazy about this remix video but the music is there)

Now, on to 1971, my Junior year of high school. Go Away Little Girl by Donny Osmond was the big hit when I turned 16.  Sigh!!!

Finally, my Senior year!  I turned 17 that year, in 1972.  Didn't we all think we were oh so mature?  LOL!  On my birthday, in 1972, Black And White by Three Dog Night was the big hit!

And to finish up my high school career, on June 8, 1973 I graduated from high school and My Love by Paul McCartney and Wings was the #1 hit!

I bet a lot of you weren't even born yet when some of these songs were popular!  I hope you enjoyed them!  I know I had fun, looking back over my teen years!


Sueann said...

Oh my gosh! Did that music bring back memories!! Thanks for sharing

Run DMT said...

Do I dare mention that I was born in 1971? ;-) Thanks for sharing great picks from your high school days and my infant days. :-)

Stacy Uncorked said...

My hubby really likes your picks! He's a huge 70's music fan. ;)

MMMM: Trifecta

Peggy said...


I was born before these wonderful tunes. Gosh haven't heard Donny/Go Away Little Girl in so long .
All of your picks this week are show stoppers!

Colette S said...

I had no idea that was what #1 song was called!
I used to love reading those comics!

Thank you for sharing your list. Very fun picks!

Enjoy your week!

dtbrents said...

I see you are younger than I am. I enjoyed the videos. Doylene

Bill Lisleman said...

I'm a 71 grad - so these songs are great to listen to - thanks.
Sir McCartney I believe was quoted saying that his last wife (big mistake ?) would hear a song she liked and not know he wrote it. Too big of an age difference

Lorie Shewbridge said...

What a terrific way to pick the songs to post... good thinking. I actually LOVE all these songs even though I was young when they first came out, I am a huge music buff and that is what Bill & I have in common. He graduated in 1960 and I graduated in 1983 and we both like music from all the years from one to the other - if it's rock & roll.
Thanks for playing in such a great way. Can't wait for your next pics.
Have a fantastic week.